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dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server 2.0.51 Devart    

dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server is a powerful transaction log reader tool and .ldf file viewer. With its help, you can view and ... different levels depending on your current needs. Transaction Log's capabilities: * Work with SQL Server 2012, 2014, ... 2017, 2019; * Read .mdf, .ndf, and .ldf files and retrieve DML operations INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE; .... Free download of dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server 2.0.51

Ariston Backgammon 5.06 Michael Rosner MICROGAM    

... in archive, save/load a position in a *.POS file, replay log files ( *.MAT *.GAM *.NG *.SGG ), board designer, .... Free download of Ariston Backgammon 5.06

SIPp 3.6.0 Richard GAYRAUD    

... methods. It can also reads custom XML scenario files describing from very simple to complex call flows. ... on message receive, field injection from external CSV file to emulate live users. SIPp can also ... traffic through RTP echo and RTP / pcap replay. Media can be audio or audio+video. While .... Free download of SIPp 3.6.0

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York Network Trace 1.65 The SZ Development    

... of course also outbound traffic. Features: Log source, destination [fqdn or ip address] and packet ... into promiscuous mode. Save sniffed HTTP and FTP files. Just for fun, pictures are shown in a ... user: You can capture traffic into a pcap file, send a pcap file and replay a pcap .... Free download of York Network Trace 1.65

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