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Smart PC Locker Pro 3.1 NoVirusThanks.org Software    

Smart PC Locker is a lightweight and powerful application designed to lock your computer and all its functions so that ... move away from the PC safely. The program locks the entire system and it disables the task ... possible intruder can not bypass our tool with autorun.inf of CD-ROMs or USBs. There is a .... Free download of Smart PC Locker Pro 3.1

USB Guardian 4.4.0 USB Guardian    

... and control the damages and this means isolating autorun.inf file from the removable dievice and blocking acces ... state, USB Guardian considers the USB resource as locked. Next step is to determine which additional files ... pose a threat for your system and to lock them as well. This is accomplished by parsing .... Free download of USB Guardian 4.4.0

Ntfs Drive Protection 1.4 Sordum    

... the malware will be unable to create its autorun.inf. .... Free download of Ntfs Drive Protection 1.4

InfBlocker PRO 4.0 RCPsoft.net    

... USB flash drive. It has an ability to lock autorun.inf files and its associate executable files in a ... if a suspicious file is detected you can lock it or delete it. Immunize Drives .... Free download of InfBlocker PRO 4.0

No Autorun Qiyi Caitian    

No Autorun is an easy to use application that blocks ... USB disk is inserted, this tool not only locks the autorun.inf file, but also locks all the autorun-related virus. Most software of the same kind just delete autorun.inf and leave the virus file. .... Free download of No Autorun

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