Lines 1.5 Aleksey Taranov    

Remove the balls of the same color. Make lines of 5 balls and more. The longer line ... Remove the balls of the same color. Make lines of 5 balls and more. The longer line ... Remove the balls of the same color. Make lines of 5 balls and more. The longer line .... Free download of Lines 1.5

iPliable 1.0 Smartphone Pliable    

... you increase your score. Each round of filled lines will drop down, and the game will get a little faster. Dont panic, it wont help you. At the beginning of the game you get some help to aim right, after a few rounds you'll be on your own. This is .... Free download of iPliable 1.0

Magic Lines 4.0 Agentix Software    

Magic Lines is one of those cute little games that ... It is a brilliant variation of the popular Lines game with 3D effects. You have the square ... where you should move multicolored balls to make lines of five or more balls that match in color. They explode and you score. .... Free download of Magic Lines 4.0

1Line for PC Download 1.0 Epic99    

... use whenever you get stuck Unique variations of lines in certain stages, such as one way lines and overlapping lines 1Line is the perfect game to kill your .... Free download of 1Line for PC Download 1.0

1Line by EmulatorPC 1.0 EmulatorPC    

... each time your level increases, the number of lines and dots increases, slowly gets more and more complicated. However, clearing the simple stages is the key. .... Free download of 1Line by EmulatorPC 1.0

Block Puzzle 3.1.0 NY Studio    

... the jewel blocks and match horizontal and vertical lines. - Get higher score. Game Features: - Classic block puzzle with colourful jewels - Refreshment fun games for free! - Play smartly to score more - Train your brain No matter whatever you are doing enjoy this fun games for free! .... Free download of Block Puzzle 3.1.0

Flowers Popper for Android 1.02 SoftAKGames    

Flowers Popper for Android, its newest color-match, grid-based game, where players place a flower to form a row of three or more of the same color to remove them simultaneously. With no game clock, the 1-player game requires that an increasing number of flowers to be placed into field to level .... Free download of Flowers Popper for Android 1.02

Clickris 2.22 SoftAKGames    

... top of them fall down. There are new lines appeare, every some seconds. If any stone touch top of field, than game over. There are 8 different tilesets for any test and 4 sizes of game. .... Free download of Clickris 2.22

JongPuzzle 3.85 SoftAKGames    

... so you can connect them three or less lines. You need only the mouse to play. Move it to aim your launcher, and click to launch your tiles. The game features include: There is no time limit in JongPuzzle, so you can play as quickly or as patiently as you .... Free download of JongPuzzle 3.85

Family Of Fish 3.1 Zebra-Media    

Family of fish is the name of a new thrilling match three puzzle game that offer the excitement and fun one wishes to experience through puzzle games, along with the ability to test the logical reaction ability of players through the perfectly designed structure of the game. The purpose of the .... Free download of Family Of Fish 3.1

Monsters Lines 2.1 Zebra-Media    

Monsters Lines is the name of the new match 3 ... playing it more challenging, enjoyable and amusing. Monsters Lines is an easy way to train for logic ... its players pertaining to logic and reaction. Monsters Lines is a light and fun way to enjoy. You can keep on playing endlessly .... Free download of Monsters Lines 2.1

LineIt 1.67 SoftAKGames    

The aim of LineIt is to earn points, as much as you can. You have to move gem through free cells on the board. When 4 or more gems with same color will be connected in a row (horisontal, vertical or diagonal), these gems will be deleted from the board and .... Free download of LineIt 1.67

Fruit Puzzle 3D 2.0.1 Teddy Games    

... is an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. One of the few games you'll always ... swap them and make matching horizontal and vertical lines of three or more. .... Free download of Fruit Puzzle 3D 2.0.1

Math Lines 1.4.3 Novel Games Limited    

... shall be yours! In the game of Math Lines, your target is to remove the marbles by ... at the end of the path. Between the lines of the maze you will be given a launcher, in which a marble will be placed inside and ready to be shot, while the .... Free download of Math Lines 1.4.3

Super ColorBall Lines 1.0 FlashPeak Inc    

... the entire field is filled up. Super ColorBall Lines offers multiple game levels by varying the number ... length of the streak. If you erase multiple lines at the same time, you will be awarded ... encourage you to erase more balls and more lines in a single shot. Pull off the right .... Free download of Super ColorBall Lines 1.0

Renex 3.0 byzantium    

You play on a field of 10x10 cells by dropping items in the form of beautiful coral fish. From the three cells in the upper left corner you drag the items and drop them on the game field. After a combination of 5 identical items is built on the same line, .... Free download of Renex 3.0

Shape Transformer 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited    

... will be presented with a shape made with lines on a grid. You need to recreate the ... instructions. You create the shape by dragging the lines to the dots on the grid. After you have finished the shape you click the "finished" button to have your answer checked. If you .... Free download of Shape Transformer 1.0.0

Join the Dots 1.1.3 Novel Games Limited    

... sequence of the numbers to join them by lines and reveal the image. The amount of time you have spent will be recorded at the top left corner of the screen, and the faster you complete the task, the higher your score. Play with family and friends to see who .... Free download of Join the Dots 1.1.3

Jigsaw Sudoku 1.3.2 Novel Games Limited    

... be randomly separated into irregular groups by green lines, and the numbers in each of the groups should not be the same. You can click a number on the number pad on the left of the grid to fill in a blank, and if you would like to remove a .... Free download of Jigsaw Sudoku 1.3.2

Killer Sudoku 1.3.2 Novel Games Limited    

... blanks will be separated into groups by red lines which are called cages. In each of the cages you will be given a number, and the sum of the numbers in the cage must be equal to that given number. When you hover your mouse over the given number, the .... Free download of Killer Sudoku 1.3.2

Sudoku X 1.4.2 Novel Games Limited    

... in a darker background such that 2 diagonal lines are formed, and the numbers in a diagonal line should not be the same. You can click a number on the number pad on the left of the grid to fill in a blank, and if you would like to remove .... Free download of Sudoku X 1.4.2

Magic Bubble 2.0 Share-Games    

... the same color into vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. The lines will be removed and your score will be improved. At the same time, the grid below the deleted bubble will be turned. If all .... Free download of Magic Bubble 2.0

3D Blocmania 1.1 TLK Games    

... player must control and aligns blocks to form lines, but he cannot slow down or prevent their ... side displacements. The player must achieve making horizontal lines as quickly as possible otherwise he will face the risk to be buried under the blocks which downpour the screen and to lose the .... Free download of 3D Blocmania 1.1

Verticaline 1.0    

Verticaline is a new-style Lines game. Different from the classic Lines game, it is a game that test your reactivity. The most important thing you need is speed. It is very exciting to challenge the high-point. .... Free download of Verticaline 1.0

BonusBall 1.0    

... is a stylish remake of the classic Color Lines game. It is a free puzzle game for players of all ages that encourages logical thinking. The aim of the game is to prevent the board from filling up by strategically aligning 5 objects of one color into a vertical, horizontal .... Free download of BonusBall 1.0

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