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C# HTML to PDF 2021.3.1 Jean Ashberg & The C# HTML to PDF Team     update

... download contains a C# PDF generation and editing library in addition to a full tutorial on how ... using the IronPDF C# pdf generator. C# PDF Library - The source code relies upon IronPDF which is a popular Library for PDF development and editing for the Microsoft ... .Net Examples and Tutorials for: - C# PDF Library setup and installation - Html Strings to PDF .... Free download of C# HTML to PDF 2021.3.1

VB.Net PDF 2021.3.1 Veronica Sillar and the VB.Net PDF Team     update

... Dot Net Pdf Tutorial Contents: 1. VB.Net Pdf library Installation The library used to extend Visual basic.Net to incorporate PDF functionality in this tutorial is IronPDF - Which can be downloaded using the NUGET package manager .... Free download of VB.Net PDF 2021.3.1

HelpNDoc IBE Software     update

... environment, a state-of-the-art template engine, an integrated media library, and you'll begin to imagine how fast and easy it will be for you to create your next help file and how professional it will look like. .... Free download of HelpNDoc

.Net Core for Delphi CrystalNet Technologies LTD     new

The dotNetCore4Delphi is a .Net Core Runtime Library for Delphi which helps Delphi/Pascal developers work with ... - Full access to .Net Core Framework Class Library. - No extra dll is required when deployed. ... can do: - Access .Net Core Framework Class Library (such as Collections, IO, Networking, Security, Cryptography etc).. Free download of .Net Core for Delphi

Advanced Data Generator Upscene Productions    

Comprehensive test data generator tool with data library to generate life like data. Ability to generate complex data for volume testing, demo data for presentations or performance testing. Many Ways to Generate Data: - Random values - Increasing values - Referential values: values from another table - Values based on .... Free download of Advanced Data Generator

MVC to PDF Converter 2021.3.1 MVC to PDF .Net Development Team    

... generation is built upon the IronPDF .NET PDF library. It uses a Chromium HTML to PDF renderer similar to that used for Google Chrome, so providing a rendering engine for C# which converts HTML pages or strings to PDF document reports with full support for Javascript, AJAX, JPG, SVG, PNG, .... Free download of MVC to PDF Converter 2021.3.1

BALKAN OrgChartJS 7.8.03 BALKAN App    

... properties. You can easily integrate this OrgChart JS library in any web app. It supports the data loading in the JSON format, and can be used with any server-side back-end. OrgChart JS supports unlimited number of sub trees in one chart object and two states of a node. .... Free download of BALKAN OrgChartJS 7.8.03

ASP. NET PDF Generator 2021.3.1 ASP.NET PDF Development Team    

Iron PDF is a comprehensive software library for Microsoft ASP.NET developers allowing .NET web applications and MVC applications to create, read, and edit PDF files in a user-friendly API. homepage IronPDF makes PDF generation in ASP.NET is very straightforward. We can render Web Forms and MVC Views directly into PDFs, .... Free download of ASP. NET PDF Generator 2021.3.1

SAM Broadcaster PRO 2020.8.67449 Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC    

... now playing info, let them browse your media library and even request their favorite song! Listener Statistics ... useful reports on your station playback history. Media Library: Organize large music libraries quickly into multiple categories, import information from tags and automatically look up track information via Amazon.com. Dual deck players: Dual .... Free download of SAM Broadcaster PRO 2020.8.67449

SAM Broadcaster Cloud 2020.8.67449 Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC    

... to your station managers and DJs. - Music Library: up to 50GB of storage (or even more) in the Cloud to organize large music libraries quickly into multiple categories. - Web Integration: easily embed your radio station player or included web widgets on your website. - Streaming: every SAM Broadcaster .... Free download of SAM Broadcaster Cloud 2020.8.67449

Tag That Photo 3.0 Tag That Photo Inc.    

... That Photo adds order to your super-sized photo library. Its processor is designed to scan hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of images with speed and accuracy. This is especially important upon the initial scan. Fewer photos take less time, more photos take a bit more. Either way, Tag That Photo .... Free download of Tag That Photo 3.0

VideoPad Masters Edition 10.34 NCH Software    

... Enjoy free use of the NCH sound effect library. * Use with MixPad to edit and mix a complete soundtrack. Store and Share Your Movie in Many Formats: * Burn your movies to DVDs and watch them on your television * Bring your pictures and movies with you on the .... Free download of VideoPad Masters Edition 10.34

DVDFab_abematv_downloader Fengtao Software Inc.    

... and cover. Build and manage your own media library using media servers such as DVDFab Player 6, Plex, or Kodi. .... Free download of DVDFab_abematv_downloader

MixPad Music Mixer Free for Mac 7.15 NCH Software    

... Take stock sounds from the extensive NCH Sound Library. Editing and Effects * Edit your tracks with trim, split, join, or one of the many other editing features. * Enhance sound quality with pitch correction, surround sound setup, and other quality control features. * Customize your sound with interesting effects, .... Free download of MixPad Music Mixer Free for Mac 7.15

MixPad Masters Edition for Mac 7.15 NCH Software    

... additional sounds, pull audio from the NCH Sound Library. Add audio effects including EQ, compression, reverb and more. Make your sounds more interesting by applying fun interesting effect. Create your own midis and beats directly in MixPad. Stay organized and make quick references using Bookmarks. Mix to mp3, burn to .... Free download of MixPad Masters Edition for Mac 7.15

C# PDF 2021.3.1 C# PDF Document Team    

... settings of the IronPDF C# PDF .Net VB Library. IronPDF is the library that makes PDF records in applications written in ... C# PDF: The .Net PDF editing, merging, generating library for C#. Free PDF C# libraries PDFsharp, iTextSharp ... a different approach of these to make a library that is easy to use as well as .... Free download of C# PDF 2021.3.1

C# PDF Viewer 2021.3.1 C# PDF Viewer    

... within an iframe or using the amazing pdf.js Library, which is a free JavaScript library, which adds complete PDF rendering to any web application. There is a way to use IronPDF with a browser to view PDFs. But, generally .... Free download of C# PDF Viewer 2021.3.1

How to use Tesseract OCR in C# 2020.1 Jim Baker and Iron Tesseract OCR Team    

Iron OCR can use the Tesseract 3, Tesseract 4, and Tesseract 5 engine. It provides these on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, and everything you need is installed automatically when you install the Iron OCR NuGet package: homepage Tesseract itself is a command line executable which may not be appropriate .... Free download of How to use Tesseract OCR in C# 2020.1

Doremi Music Downloader for Windows 9.3.1 DoremiZone Tech.    

... afterward. Playlist creation supported Download music to your library first, and then you can add it to playlists created by yourself. Play music in background The built-in music player in Doremi Music Downloader enables you to play music by switching between shuffle play mode and normal play mode. Easy to .... Free download of Doremi Music Downloader for Windows 9.3.1

The .Net PDF Library 2021.3.1 Iron .NET PDF Developers    

... and Windows Forms. Iron PDF is a commercial library. It is not open-source in itself; however, source code for all of our tutorials and many of our use cases can be found on GitHub.com. We are also available on the NuGet Package Manager for Visual Studio: homepage Iron PDF excels .... Free download of The .Net PDF Library 2021.3.1

Happytime Onvif Client 10.3 Happytimesoft    

... Event management services. Written in C, Cross-platform support library, can be easily ported to embedded systems. Can ... Profile S and ONVIF Profile G Cross-platform support library Support H265/H264/MJPEG/MPEG-4 video decoding Support any video window ... Recording search Recording replay Video Analytics Cross-platform support library Onvif client library code is writted by C .... Free download of Happytime Onvif Client 10.3

Install Package IronPdf 2021.3.1 Iron PDF Development Team    

... inside C# and VB Applications. The Iron PDF library makes it simple to create PDF records with an ASP.NET C# PDF library using standard web documents and by not relying ... converts ASPX files to PDF documents. The C# library also allows for conversion of images to PDF ... More info at homepage The Iron PDF C# library converts html to pdf using C#. The C# .... Free download of Install Package IronPdf 2021.3.1

DVDFab_apple_tv_plus_downloader Fengtao Software Inc.    

... easier to create an amazing and well-organized video library. .... Free download of DVDFab_apple_tv_plus_downloader

SentiVeillance SDK Trial 8.0 Neurotechnology    

Real-time biometric facial recognition and pedestrian or vehicle tracking in live video streams. Available as SDK (software developing kit) for technology integration into small and large surveillance systems. The proprietary technology provides automatic operation with multiple face detection, tracking, persons' gender determination, mask wearing detection, enrollment and identification. Vehicle make and .... Free download of SentiVeillance SDK Trial 8.0

Happytime RTSP Client 3.4 Happytimesoft    

... Support RTP multicast, support offline reconnection; RTSP client library supports cross-platform compilation, including windows, linux, mac, ios and embedded platforms; Supports audio backchannels and supports metadata channels, provide SDK interfaces, easy to use; Happytime rtsp client is highly compatible and stable. Support for playing multiple RTSP streams simultaneously Support video .... Free download of Happytime RTSP Client 3.4

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