FCorp - File & Folder Launcher 2019.7 Fahmy Corporation     update

File/Folder Launcher give you the possibility to cleverly organize and launch any item with the press of a few buttons. Running the application brings up the main window, equipped with all available features. You are able to create lists populated with files and directories of your choice, each being set .... Free download of FCorp - File & Folder Launcher 2019.7

My Startup Delayer 1.80 My Portable Software     update

Improve the loading time of Windows by delaying the startup of programs! Every time you start Windows a lot of programs starts automatically making Windows really unresponsive for minutes. This is noticeable especially on slow PC (like netbooks / nettop with Atom CPU / old pc). With My .... Free download of My Startup Delayer 1.80

QLPrism 4.40 syncore     new

... Live + Prism." This is a web application-style launcher for Quake Live. Rather than loading up your web browser, you can simply double click the QLPrism icon on your desktop to directly launch Quake Live. This package essentially combines Quake Live and a modified version of Mozilla Lab's Prism, which .... Free download of QLPrism 4.40

USBAgent x64 3.9 B2 Matthias Withopf     update

USBAgent x64 can check your USB ports and run a program when plugging in or removing an USB stick. .... Free download of USBAgent x64 3.9 B2

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USBAgent 3.9 B2 Matthias Withopf     update

USBAgent can check your USB ports and run a program when plugging in or removing an USB stick. .... Free download of USBAgent 3.9 B2

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myLauncher 2019.4 Rutanil     update

A portable and easy to use Application Launcher. Launches program, file, folder and website. Stand alone, no installation required. Can be used from flash drive. myLauncher works as the 'Run' command works in windows. User type a word (Command) and an item, just a single item opens. No menus or .... Free download of myLauncher 2019.4

Vdrive 1.5 Horst Schaeffer     update

Vdrive detects removable drives like USB flash drives and memory cards, sets the environment variable VDRIVE, and launches an application. Of course, this will only be useful, if the launched application is aware of environment variables. For example, you may have a backup software or a CMD script that is .... Free download of Vdrive 1.5

Qsel 2.26 Horst Schaeffer     update

Switch to other launcher windows through category index (click on title button), ... and settings can be individually changed for each launcher window and the category index window. Configuration ... -Create any number of categories with individual launcher window settings -Easy configuration of launcher windows using drag&drop -Switch categories: click on category .... Free download of Qsel 2.26

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PopSel 2.57 Horst Schaeffer     update

PopSel offers simple pop-up menus to launch programs, documents, web links, Explorer windows, batch scripts etc.. PopSel loads fast, and does not remain in memory. Unicode support With PopSel you can reduce the number of icons on your Desktop, or make extensions to the Quick Launch Tray. You can offer .... Free download of PopSel 2.57

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RocketDock 1.3.5 Punk Labs     new

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop ... Docklet support * Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y'z Dock skins * Runs great on slower computers * Unicode compliant * Supports many languages and can easily be translated * A .... Free download of RocketDock 1.3.5

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Launchbar 4.5.1 Mertsch     update

... any program with a simple click. This original launcher can be docked to any side of the ... required, no bloat, no extensions, just a simple launcher. .... Free download of Launchbar 4.5.1

Shutter 4.3 Denis Kozlov     update

Shutter is a powerful and flexible multipurpose task-launcher. Shutter is a multifunctional shutdown utility, which has a user friendly and easy-to-use interface and supports many different Events and Actions. Events: Countdown, On Time, Winamp Stops, Low CPU Usage, User Inactive, Battery Low, Window Closes, Process Stops, Ping Stops, File .... Free download of Shutter 4.3

LaunchBar Commander 1.154.01 Mouser     update

... what is commonly referred to as an "Application Launcher"; it is typically docked to the side of your screen and lets you configure buttons and menus which will launch your favorites programs. LaunchBar Commander has a slightly different focus than some other launch bar tools: It's designed for .... Free download of LaunchBar Commander 1.154.01

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FCorp - My Suite 2016.6 Fahmy Corporation     update

Save Some Space on your Desktop and Make your own Application Suite. .... Free download of FCorp - My Suite 2016.6

Keypirinha 2.22.1 Jean-Charles Lefebvre     update

Keypirinha is a fast launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows. It is important to note that the utility permits you to associate keywords with items, an option that can considerably make queries for activities that you frequently perform more convenient and faster. In addition, some items can require or accept .... Free download of Keypirinha 2.22.1

Winstep Nexus Dock 16.6 Winstep Software Technologies     update

The Winstep Nexus Dock is a free Windows dock application that provides fast access to your most frequently used applications, with flexible options allowing it to dock or float anywhere on the screen. Every feature you’d expect from a dock, including widgets, mouse-over effects, skins, drag-and-drop, and even live icon reflections .... Free download of Winstep Nexus Dock 16.6

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Run with Parameters 1.5 4dots Software     new

Run with Parameters is a free utility that allows to run programs with arguments directly from Windows Explorer. There is no need to run a program from the command prompt. This free shell extension, adds a menu item to the right click context menu of Windows Explorer, that if selected opens .... Free download of Run with Parameters 1.5

WinAppLauncher Concevis AG     new

Not happy with the Windows Start Menu? WinAppLauncher makes launching your favorite applications as easy as it can get - one move, one click, and the desired application is up and running. WinAppLauncher is a launch bar application that is designed to make it as easy as possible to launch your .... Free download of WinAppLauncher

GiMeSpace QuickMenu GiMeSpace     update

... much better: the most simple and fastest task launcher&switcher possible! GiMeSpace QuickMenu! Press a custom assigned mouse/keyboard key, the menu pops up at the place of the mouse cursor, move to the desired task, release the key, and that is all! Can not be quicker or easier! In the control .... Free download of GiMeSpace QuickMenu

Java Portable Launcher 4.0 Portableapps     update

Java Portable Launcher allows you to easily run Java JARs from ... to a portable location. The Java Portable Launcher allows you to easily run Java JARs using ... file onto the JavaPortableLauncher.exe file. Java Portable Launcher does not portablize the settings of all your ... the user.home setting and store data there. The launcher configures these to use your portable device for .... Free download of Java Portable Launcher 4.0

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Quick Cliq 2.1.1 Apathy Softworks     update

Quick Cliq is a portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool with features that you wont find anywhere else! Quick Cliq speeds up your daily computer activities by giving you links to folders, files, programs, URLs and command line operations. It also offers window management, extreme clipboard manipulation, and .... Free download of Quick Cliq 2.1.1

Agui Agui Software     new

Agui is a light and extensible launcher for Windows. By using Agui routinely, you can speed up your daily activities by a multifold. Features: - Access anything with concise keystrokes - Get instant search suggestions from Google, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia or Wiktionary - Create dynamic bookmarks - Search files or .... Free download of Agui

Wox 1.3.475 Wox Launcher Team     update

... providing you with multiple relevant features. A full-featured launcher, access programs and web contents as you type. ... item from the list. Wox is a handy launcher tool that enables you to access multiple items on your computer, such as locations, programs or URLs, in a convenient manner. It packs a .... Free download of Wox 1.3.475

AutoRunnerX 2.0.4 Bernhard Fomm     update

AutoRunnerX is an autostart-extension for all Windows systems (32/64bit). This tool can open any programs and files, once as a USB flash or hard disk in the computer is connected. You find the autostart extension in the system control. There you can configure it and after the activation AutoRunnerX will work .... Free download of AutoRunnerX 2.0.4

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AutoRunnerU 2.0.4 Bernhard Fomm     update

AutoRunnerU are autostart-extensions for all Windows systems (32/64bit). These tools can open any programs and files, once as a USB flash or hard disk in the computer is connected. You find the autostart extension in the system control. There you can configure it and after the activation AutoRunnerX/U work completely in .... Free download of AutoRunnerU 2.0.4

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