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Metes and Bounds 5.6.1 Sandyknoll Software    

... · Metes & Bounds will calculate if the survey closes or not. Calculate closure errors. · ... If you're missing the final segment of your land plotting data, let our Metes and Bounds land plotting software finish it for you. Have a ... custom X,Y points to mark and label unique land features on the metes and bounds drawing. .... Free download of Metes and Bounds 5.6.1

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Garmin BaseCamp 4.8.8 Garmin Ltd.    

... location information. · Print detailed topographical maps, Public Land Survey (PLS) quads, and multi-page poster maps. · Download and view BirdsEye satellite imagery. · Import and view Garmin Custom Maps. .... Free download of Garmin BaseCamp 4.8.8

Terra Excess 25.1217 Terra Excess Software    

Terra Excess is land surveying and civil engineering CAD software developed to be ... Terra Excess can generate contour lines from topographic survey data in a very simple way. All you ... AND FILL VOLUMES FOR EARTHWORKS: By using volumetric survey data (sets of points with elevation data), Terra ... quality of the data entered; VIEWING AND EDITING SURVEY POINTS: Survey points entered in Terra Excess can .... Free download of Terra Excess 25.1217

Fugawi Global Navigator Northport Systems Inc.    

... planning, GPS programming, and real-time GPS navigation on land, sea and in the air. With Fugawi ... favorite map to explore terrain; view stunning 3D landscapes*; mark your routes; program your GPS; or discover ... New Zealand, Sweden (inc. SWEREF99), Switzerland, UK Ordnance Survey, Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and UTM. · .... Free download of Fugawi Global Navigator

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LAnd Survey Tools 1.1.0-6 Beta Don Church    

LAnd Survey Tools or LAST was created to preserve and ... invested in an old, privately used, DOS based land survey construction and data collection application. This was .... Free download of LAnd Survey Tools 1.1.0-6 Beta

Copan Lite 11.11 Underhill Geomatics Ltd    

Land surveyors & civil engineers: o Calculate surveys & manage points easily o Run Copan on ... distances - Chainage & offsets o Process field survey data: - Calc & adjust traverse & radials, .... Free download of Copan Lite 11.11

Copan Pro 11.11 Underhill Geomatics Ltd    

... geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane land surveying and mapping coordinates, and drafting survey maps and plans. It does numerous coordinate geometry (COGO) calculations, processes and adjusts raw field survey data, computes and adjusts map traverse data, performs ... PC and Mobile versions of Copan. Designed for land surveyors, geodetic/civil engineers, professionals and students, Copan Pro .... Free download of Copan Pro 11.11

iPJC 0.5 Underhill Geomatics Ltd    

... is an easy-to-use record keeping system for the land surveying industry. It allows your staff to securely store, retrieve and cross-reference all of your company's survey database records -- of estimates, plans, jobs and ... list of look-up values for fields such as survey/plan type, contact type, price type, and city name. .... Free download of iPJC 0.5

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