Jawbreakers Return! 2.2 Fingerspoil Games     new

Jawbreakers Return! - the food devastating arcade game! Loads of food packed action including funny weapons and great power-ups! Help the jaw creatures to survive navigating them through the levels passing through different locations in order to collect all the fruits through the seasons. In your food quest collect as many .... Free download of Jawbreakers Return! 2.2

Running Labyrinth 1.3.5 Thall Games     update

... highscore list and play against your friends. Running Labyrinth is playable completly for free and there are no in-app buyable things. For using the online activity and the world wide highscores, a internet connection is required. Please keep in mind that internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. .... Free download of Running Labyrinth 1.3.5

Krkal 2.5.1 Krkal Team     new

Krkal 2 is a puzzle action top-down game. You control one of three characters and try to find your way through a maze, which is full of various traps and obstacles. You will need quick fingers, as well as a sharp mind, since in later levels the game gets hard! Levels .... Free download of Krkal 2.5.1

Last Samurai 1.79 gameforlaptop.com     new

... game. Find all the girls in the every labyrinth and beware of evil Ninjas! Use various bonuses to run faster, to kill your enemies and to add more time for your mission. Don't forget to check up mission time, because you will lose when it is up. The game has .... Free download of Last Samurai 1.79

Arrow PC 1.1 Arrow PC    

... bolt that crisscrosses its way through a tight labyrinth while gathering pieces to add to itself, making it longer. Normally, if the bolt reaches a stopping point anytime the amusement is finished. A standout amongst the most vital components to remember in Arrow is that it's not as essential to .... Free download of Arrow PC 1.1

Math Lines 1.4.3 Novel Games Limited    

Add up to 10 then destroy the balls, and the golden trophy shall be yours! In the game of Math Lines, your target is to remove the marbles by forming pairs that sum up to 10 so as to clear the line. When the game starts, a line of marbles marked .... Free download of Math Lines 1.4.3

A Maze Race II 1.3.3 Novel Games Limited    

May the special power-ups be your aid along the way! In this game you will be racing against the computer in randomly generated mazes, and your goal is to reach the yellow food before the computer does. At each level of the game you will control a red ladybug, while the .... Free download of A Maze Race II 1.3.3

Buzzer Run 1.1.3 Novel Games Limited    

Escape from the traps and avoid harming yourself! Your task in this game is to guide the pinball to reach the exit of the mazes within the time limit without crashing it onto the walls. You can use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to control the pinballs. Starting the .... Free download of Buzzer Run 1.1.3

TombClimber II 1.01 Magic Storm    

TombClimber II is a 3D maze Jump and Run game. The aim of the game is to find the exits of the various mazes in 8 different environments, defend against monsters and collect as many treasures as possible. Includes some mini games and cutscenes, online hiscores and improvements of skill and .... Free download of TombClimber II 1.01

Rail Maze Spooky House Studios UG    

... Global online scoreboards by Scoreloop 4 game modes: LABYRINTH - Puzzle, BUILD RAILROAD - Action, SNAKE - Action, LONGEST RAILROAD - Puzzle Action .... Free download of Rail Maze

PictureEffects for Mac OS X 7.5 Einhugur    

... Order Render: · Clouds, Wood, Marble, Textile, Labyrinth Other: · Blend, Chroma Keying, Custom 3x3 matrix, Channel mixer Low level: · Map .... Free download of PictureEffects for Mac OS X 7.5

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PictureEffects 7.5 Einhugur    

... Order Render: · Clouds, Wood, Marble, Textile, Labyrinth Other: · Blend, Chroma Keying, Custom 3x3 matrix, Channel mixer Low level: · Map .... Free download of PictureEffects 7.5

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FreeSweetGames Rotoroid 2.1.40 FreeSweetGames    

... asteroids. In thickness of an asteroid cut out labyrinths in which establish illumination, gauges and cameras, place ... rotoroid movement. Driving the rotoroid, move on a labyrinth and grasp the found artefacts. The one who the first will grasp all artefacts at level, becomes the winner. The major principle of rotoroid's .... Free download of FreeSweetGames Rotoroid 2.1.40

Free Leona Lewis Screensaver 3.0 Your Own Screensaver    

... copies in two days. Lewis's debut tour, The Labyrinth, started in 2010. .... Free download of Free Leona Lewis Screensaver 3.0

3D Dragon Maze Game 1.33 Gelios Software    

This is an attractive advanced version of classic arcade game. You explore maze leveles, collect bonuses, running and jumping in hot pursuit of the funny dragons. Uniquely designed challenging levels include big scrolled mazes with open and closed doors, traps and different dots which can grow. You need to jump over .... Free download of 3D Dragon Maze Game 1.33

Crazy Atoms 3.5 Josef Stoeckl    

In a labyrinth consiting of unmovable stones you will find some different atoms. In the navigation window you will see the construction plan of a molecule. Try to build the molecule out of these atoms. Take an atom with a mouseclick. Then move the mouse a little bit left, right, .... Free download of Crazy Atoms 3.5

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