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Active@ KillDisk 13.0.11 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

Active@ KillDisk is a secure data removal program that provides ... on any other type of device, then Active@ KillDisk provides the solution that you need. The program ... It operates from its own bootable environment. Active@ KillDisk supports 24 security standards including DoD 5220.22-M. Active@ KillDisk erases all data on HDD and USB disks .... Free download of Active@ KillDisk 13.0.11

KillDisk Industrial 5.0.0 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

KillDisk Industrial Software is a data sanitization solution designed ... and Windows-based servers. To ensure an optimal workflow, KillDisk Industrial provides support for hot-swappable configurations and automated erasure. For example, you can easily set the system up to automatically erase any device as soon as you connect it before printing out .... Free download of KillDisk Industrial 5.0.0

KillDisk Desktop 5.0.0 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

KillDisk Desktop is a highly customizable hard drive eraser hardware that securely erases all the contents stored on hard disks and other storage devices. Powered by Intel Atom, this data destruction appliance is entirely self-contained and designed to operate independently of any other devices connected to your network. It works .... Free download of KillDisk Desktop 5.0.0

Active@ Boot Disk 17.0 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

... File Recovery 18 Active@ Partition Recovery 18 Active@ KillDisk 11.1 Visit homepage for more. .... Free download of Active@ Boot Disk 17.0

Active@ LiveCD 9.0 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

Ultimate Boot Disk Active@ LiveCD combines a number of powerful tools that will enable you recover lost data, reset Windows passwords, make computer system backups and securely erase data. File Systems: Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, BtrFS, F2FS, ReiserFS; Microsoft FAT/exFAT, NTFS; Apple HFS+; IBM JFS; Unix UFS, XFS, ZFS Storages: SATA / eSATA .... Free download of Active@ LiveCD 9.0

Active@ KillDisk Linux Console 10.0.1012 LSoft Technologies Inc.    

Active@ KillDisk for Linux (Console) is a powerful utility that ... an entire hard disk; destroy data permanently. Active@ KillDisk for Linux (Console) wipes unused data residue from file slack space, unused sectors, and unused space in system records or directory records. It supports IDE / ATA / SATA / eSATA .... Free download of Active@ KillDisk Linux Console 10.0.1012

Blue Ridge AppGuard Blue Ridge Networks    

... operations to MBR, thwarting vicious attacks such as KillDisk as well as rootkit-based malware infestations such as Mebroot. AppGuard Prevents Malware Infections when PC Users: * Browse Hacked Websites * Open Malicious Email Attachments * Insert Infected USB Drives * Open Tainted Documents (pdf, xls, doc, etc.) * .... Free download of Blue Ridge AppGuard

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