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Web Cache Illuminator NorthStar Solutions, LLC    

... the ability to filter images and/or other binary files. The Web Cache Illuminator will enhance any investigation ... an attempt to hide their activity, people often delete their browser's history list -- but they will forget (or do not know how) to delete the browser's cached files. With the Web Cache Illuminator, you can look .... Free download of Web Cache Illuminator

SoftAmbulance Free Eraser 1.30 SoftAmbulance data recovery    

... Eraser is a program for completely and irrevocably file erase. I'm sure you know about various undelete ... Please make sure you do not need these files before you erase them. SoftAmbulance Free Eraser erases files, but not directories. After using SoftAmbulance Free Eraser ... the market (even SoftAmbulance Undelete!) will recover only filenames. No other data will be recovered! We advice .... Free download of SoftAmbulance Free Eraser 1.30

Access Administrator 5.104 Ixis Ltd    

Protect your files and restrict other users from being able to start, see, change or delete them. File protection activates automatically according to the current user's ... define a timetable and a list of restricted files for each user individually as you like. Need to keep your children off your files and the Internet? You can define time periods .... Free download of Access Administrator 5.104

File Access Scheduler 5.1292 PC-Safety    

Protect your files from being executed, viewed, changed and deleted with File Access Scheduler. This software will automatically enable a ... only business applications are used by employees or kids during working hours and the games are played .... Free download of File Access Scheduler 5.1292

LockItTight Timeon Technologies LLC    

... to the server. You are able to safely delete files before retrieving them from your lost computer as well. .... Free download of LockItTight

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