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Sababa Kindergarten Mathematics 1,9 Sababa    

Help your little one ace the basic kid's education subjects with the help of this fun ... for a happy learning app to support your kid's early education, this app is the best pick ... of preschool and kindergarten learning activities and math games for kids, this app offers fun activities to ... fun. The Sababa-math for kids app offers math games for kids and activities from which children can .... Free download of Sababa Kindergarten Mathematics 1,9

Counter-Strike 2D Unreal Software    

It's your choice: Be a counter-terrorist, a member of a special task force, a fighter against terrorism or be a bad guy who takes hostages and plants bombs! Counter-Strike 2D is a two-dimensional conversion of the popular game Counter-Strike by Valve®. You control your character from a top-down aerial perspective. .... Free download of Counter-Strike 2D

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GCompris 0.96 Bruno Coudoin    

... geography: place the country on the map - games: chess, memory, connect 4, oware, sudoku ... - reading: reading practice - other: learn to tell time, puzzle of famous paintings, vector drawing, cartoon making, ... Currently GCompris offers in excess of 100 activities and more are being developed. GCompris .... Free download of GCompris 0.96

Child Control Salfeld Computer    

... shuts down and won’t start up again—something any kid can understand. Our experience has shown that Child ... eventually they will have to put their online games away and get back to their homework. Features: Daily, weekly or monthly limit Block Times (1/4h resolution) Time Limits for programs/websites Extension .... Free download of Child Control

Cross Fire 1122 G4BOX INC.    

Cross Fire is an online military first-person shooter for the PC, developed by SmileGate and published by G4BOX. Players assume the role of either a Black List or Global Risk operative, and then compete in modes including Team Death Match and the exclusive stealth-action GHOST mode. Cross Fire also will include .... Free download of Cross Fire 1122

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kid Key Lock 2.5 100dof    

Kid Key Lock's purpose is to lock specific keyboard keys/combinations and specific mouse functions. Kid Key Lock can be used to prevent accidental ... is ideal to be used with young children games, when you want to let your children play ... want them to mess around with your pc. Kid Key Lock (or Kid-Key-Lock, or KidKeyLock) is ideal .... Free download of kid Key Lock 2.5

Kids Preschool Learn Letters Greysprings Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.    

... to learn letters and English Phonics while playing games. Features: Ten simple & colorful games designed to educate young kids about English Alphabet ... A common playground for randomly playing all the games. Easy and intuitive instructions for the young brains. ... not force timed completion and therefore encourage the kid to learn at her own pace. Kids are .... Free download of Kids Preschool Learn Letters

REFOG Personal Monitor Refog    

... so it is possible to establish if your kid is playing games instead of doing his homework, an employee is wasting time offline (e.g. playing solitaire instead of working). In addition to programs, Refog stores all .... Free download of REFOG Personal Monitor

StaffCop Home Edition 5.7.795 StaffCop    

... of time and spending too much time playing games. The second reason to exercise vigilance with your ... statistics on how much time is spent playing games, running applications, visiting websites, and chatting in IM. ... helps to analyze what is interesting to your kid at the moment. ...and Much More! .... Free download of StaffCop Home Edition 5.7.795

Multiplayer Simon Says 1.1.1 Novel Games Limited    

Can you obey Simon's orders without being faked by the false commands? In this game for 2 to 3 players, your goal is to be the quickest to perform actions according to Simon's commands in all 20 rounds. When the game starts, you can choose to use a boy or girl .... Free download of Multiplayer Simon Says 1.1.1

WebAllow 3.26 Ashkon Technology LLC    

... Internet this tool is for you. If your kid is playing online games on a certain site and you a worried that he might click on an inappropriate add and start browsing questionable material, then this software .... Free download of WebAllow 3.26

Nunanny Parental Controls 16.1.6 Nunanny Inc.    

... objectionable websites. Control the use of software and games. Keep an eye on sites they visit and program they run. Set time limits for computer use on a daily or weekly schedule basis removing distractions for real-life activities. Do it all easily with Nunanny! Protect your children from Internet dangers .... Free download of Nunanny Parental Controls 16.1.6

Father and Son 1.1.1 Novel Games Limited    

No matter you are already a father or not, you will experience the joyful moments and difficulties of raising a child in Father and Son. Throughout this simulation game, you will assume the role of a father, and you will need to make different decisions based on the given scenarios, for .... Free download of Father and Son 1.1.1

Zombie Rescue Time 1.0 Gamekens Games    

... a forest full of the undead. Good thing Kid found you and has setup ground traps all over the places. Your task is make the zombies hit the road literally to kill them with your traps. Bring the human down too and get them to safety. Click on a wooden .... Free download of Zombie Rescue Time 1.0

Simon Says 1.2.0 Novel Games Limited    

Perform actions as "Simon says"! Your task in this game is to execute the commands starting with "Simon says" within the given time limit. When the game begins, your current pose will be shown at the bottom left corner, and a command will appear in the dialogue box at the upper .... Free download of Simon Says 1.2.0

Ear Training Play It By Ear HN 2.12 Happy Music Notes!    

... Treble Clef and Bass Clef HN game. Both games are therefore fully compatible and complementary. .... Free download of Ear Training Play It By Ear HN 2.12

Medium Christmas Sudoku 1.0 Christmas Sudoku    

... same puzzle solving techniques as other Christmas Sudoku games it is different in that you will not ... We know that you are excited as a kid on christmas morning to place a number on ... choose the wrong number! With hundreds of sudoku games available you can play Sudoku Medium Christmas all .... Free download of Medium Christmas Sudoku 1.0

KidDesktop KidDesktop    

... computer settings. KidDesktop lets your child: Visit Kid-Friendly Websites Watch Videos from a Personalized YouTube™ Playlist Play Games on the Computer Transfer Pictures from a Digital Camera View Pictures on the Computer Using KidDesktop™ makes the computer simple and safe for .... Free download of KidDesktop

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Dragon's Blade for Win8 UI 1.285 Nate Monster    

... your Tablet or PC! Inspired by the console games you played as a kid, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, you'll enjoy classic turn-based combat while exploring a rich and colorful 2D world filled with dangerous monsters .... Free download of Dragon's Blade for Win8 UI 1.285

Hauberk Parental Control 1.0.1144.872 Hauberk GMBH    

... in Internet; Monitor how long and when your kid uses the Internet; Know what web resources your ... social networks, thousands of videos, "interesting" dates, online games, scientific knowledge, etc. But how a parent or ... and videos are not pornographic, social networking and games will not cause addiction, and "dates" do not .... Free download of Hauberk Parental Control 1.0.1144.872

Draw Free! for Windows Phone Nikolai Faaland    

... to draw on. It's one of my favorite games. I am six years old." I hope it'll be your kid's favorite too. This is a free app, and is ad-supported. You may remove the ads with a small in-app purchase, and they are .... Free download of Draw Free! for Windows Phone

Draw Free! for Win8 UI Nikolai Faaland    

... to draw on. It's one of my favorite games. I am six years old." I hope it'll be your kid's favorite too. This is a free app, and is ad-supported. You may remove the ads with a small in-app purchase, and they are .... Free download of Draw Free! for Win8 UI

Connect The Dots Ultimate IPV Solutions    

... use the English alphabet or numbers in the games with each letter and number pronounced using real ... preschool, kindergarten, fine motor, alphabet, numbers, counting, child, kid, children, education, learning. Features Over 25 puzzles to solve Teach your kids numbers and letters Fun and colorful images Stimulating sounds and .... Free download of Connect The Dots Ultimate

Kids Learn and Play ProApps    

... your kids from brain numbing and IQ dropping games... "Learning for Kids" by ProApps, is a ... and that way make it competitive for a kid so that she puts in more effort to ... subject categories that could be selected by a kid or a helper. Features Age Group .... Free download of Kids Learn and Play

PacMan Adventures 3D 2.052 Etiumsoft    

... For Speed(50 levels),Pac SokoBan(30 levels).Not like other pacman games, it also supports multiplayer mode,now you can adventure ... play,you may not stop! You can get a kid's version for free if you order a full version, so this non-violent game is entertaining and intriguing for the whole family. .... Free download of PacMan Adventures 3D 2.052

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