MouseRobot 2.1 AutomationBox    

... other important aspects of daily work. However, complex automation tasks cannot be performed using standard Windows tools. ... you are seeking a comprehensive, reliable and flexible automation software, look no further than MouseRobot! .... Free download of MouseRobot 2.1

Midi Wizard MidiKarval    

... is a VST midi processor made for all keyboardists whose gear is “simply” a midi keyboard and a computer stored with VST instruments. With ... can change the transmitting midi channel of your keyboard and/or transpose it on the fly, simply pressing ... button and a key or using your midi keyboard's knobs/sliders. Open it in your VST host .... Free download of Midi Wizard

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Kill Win Pro 14 Build 171 BK-Soft    

... (execute an action when mouse not moved or keyboard not hit) execute scripts (with editor) start a ... + start an action at a preseted time automation of the timersettings reminder in the timersettings stop the timers over the command-line enable/disable FastShutdown close all instances of Kill Win Pro over the .... Free download of Kill Win Pro 14 Build 171

Mac MurGaa Auto Mouse Click 1.0 MurGaa Softwares    

On a broad level, Mac Auto Mouse Click can be used to create a file which can store Mouse Clicks. The files created by Mac Auto Mouse Click software can be stored to desktop or to any other location using Finder, just like with any other software. Double Click on any .... Free download of Mac MurGaa Auto Mouse Click 1.0

Auto Keyboard 1.1 MurGee Dot Com    

... automate key press and key release. Use Auto Keyboard Software Utility for Windows whenever you need to press and release keyboard keys such as Enter Key, Backspace key, Tab Key etc. The Auto Keyboard will automatically simulate the selected key press and key release on keyboard and will allow you to control the behavior .... Free download of Auto Keyboard 1.1

textBEAST clipboard manager 3.6.2 ASBware, LLC    

... items into textBEAST using mouse clicks, drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts, and textBEAST will keep them ready for ... and easy, textBEAST can be used for document automation. Save all of your carefully worded professional clips in textBEAST and click to paste them to assemble reports, much more effectively than with your .... Free download of textBEAST clipboard manager 3.6.2

Moog Modular V 2 for Mac OS X 2.6.0 ARTURIA    

... · Ability to use NRPN midi messages for automation · better handling of control surfaces while changing ... to 96 kHz · Playable through a MIDI keyboard · 1 stereo delay · 1 chorus · Very accurate reproduction of the legendary Moog 24 dB low-pass filter · 1 Chorus and Delay .... Free download of Moog Modular V 2 for Mac OS X 2.6.0

Visual Graph ActiveX Component 11 TriSun Software Inc.    

... of various industries, such as power, coal, chemical, automation monitor, simulation, graphical modeling, graphical topology analysis, vector ... on. So it is very suitable for industrial automation monitor, simulation, power, coal, chemical trades. Visual Graph ... the running graph can respond many mouse and keyboard events, even each graphic element can respond their .... Free download of Visual Graph ActiveX Component 11

Scanlationshop B Stmated    

... tool that can be handled 100% by only keyboard. * Photoshop typesetting helper o Create an empty ... and makes it possible for a lot of automation. .... Free download of Scanlationshop B

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Auto Clicker Auto Keybot 1.0 Auto Keybot    

... mouse clicks and the ability to send auto keyboard commands to any application running in the Windows ... access.It also features more functions for more intelligent automation of your Windows PC. .... Free download of Auto Clicker Auto Keybot 1.0

Asoftech Auto Typer 1.00 Asoftech    

... can be used to type Text and press Keyboard keys with a configurable Hot Key or Shortcut Key. An example Usage of Auto Typer may be to fill a form which requires some sets of texts. User can set the texts to be inputed, and then set Tab Key to .... Free download of Asoftech Auto Typer 1.00

NetOp Remote Control 10.50 B2011248 Netop    

... as full screen or window, Host control via keyboard and mouse. Remote execution of commands and programs, ... Host while mask off selectible applications. · Simple Automation - Scripting for automation of scheduled tasks, e.g. data transfers or inventory .... Free download of NetOp Remote Control 10.50 B2011248

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Mobile Software Wedge TWedgeCE 2.1.0 TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH    

... acquisition software for mobile devices or handhelds. This keyboard wedge software enables you to capture data from ... applications by simulating keystrokes (keyboard wedge operation). Flexible automation functions are available - e.g. you can select the required input field automatically, activate or start applications on demand, or simulate function keys based .... Free download of Mobile Software Wedge TWedgeCE 2.1.0

Anasoft Helena 1.5.2 Anasoft Studio    

Anasoft Helena is a productivity enhancing tool pack including Anasoft Autowork and Anasoft Scheduler. Autowork is a system level instruction engine, or you can call it an extended macro tool. You can use it to perform streams of user actions and system operations automatically and in a controllable way. Scheduler is .... Free download of Anasoft Helena 1.5.2

Efficient Macro Recorder Standard AutomaticSolution Software    

... programming experience. Features: * Macro program and windows automation software * Unique smart recording technology * Schedule conveniently and flexible trigger * Powerful color detection and windows & controls manager * Automatically record and run excel macros * Does not require any programming knowledge .... Free download of Efficient Macro Recorder Standard

Random Mouse Clicker 1.0 MurGee Dot Com    

... shortcut key combination. A single key press on keyboard can start the clicking and the same key press can be used to stop the mouse cursor clicking. The Software sits in system tray and you can use the hotkey or shortcut key combination to start or stop the mouse clicking. .... Free download of Random Mouse Clicker 1.0

MReverb x644 2.08 MeldaProduction    

... any parameter to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard and control it realtime or record and automate ... optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors. · Full automation. .... Free download of MReverb x644 2.08

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FlexiMusic Kids Composer DEC2010 Tuetron Automation    

... you can see hundred’s of instruments including Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Horns, Percussions and lots more, with which, ... played using the mouse alone and not the keyboard. 9. Using FlexiMusic Kids Composer, in no time, your kids will create amazing music. 10. FlexiMusic Kids Composer song output can be saved to .... Free download of FlexiMusic Kids Composer DEC2010

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