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JS Auto Form Validator 2 ApPHP CodeMarket    

... the whole form validation process using the ready-to-use JavaScript class. This script allows you to specify certain ... zip code etc. It works on the native JavaScript, meaning page will be loaded much faster - ... in 2 ways: into DIV container or with JavaScript Alert() function. .... Free download of JS Auto Form Validator 2

Generate PDF in C# 2021.3.1 Generate PDF in C#    

... paths and supports style sheets, images, and even JavaScript. How can you generate a PDF from HTML ... faithfully. It fully supports all the image files, JavaScript files and CSS files you use in HTML development. IronPDF can be used to generate a PDF in C# in any .Net application. .... Free download of Generate PDF in C# 2021.3.1

C# Export PDFs and Save to MemoryStream 2021.3.1 C# Export PDFs and Save to MemoryStream    

... page, HTML file or HTML fragment, including image, JavaScript and CSS assets. You may also be within an ASP. Net webforms project, use the ASPX to PDF functionality to render that ASPX page as a PDF instead of HTML, a great time saving convenient for web forms developers. Iron PDF .... Free download of C# Export PDFs and Save to MemoryStream 2021.3.1

ASP.NET Maker 2021.0.3 e.World Technology Limited    

... create summary reports, crosstab reports and dashboards with JavaScript (HTML5) charts (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, multi-series and stacked chart) to summarize and visualize your data. Using ASP.NET Maker, you can instantly create websites that allow users to view, edit, search, add and delete records. ASP.NET Maker is designed .... Free download of ASP.NET Maker 2021.0.3

PHPMaker 2021.0.10 e.World Technology Limited    

... create summary reports, crosstabs reports and dashboards with JavaScript (HTML5) charts (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, multi-series and stacked chart) to summarize and visualize your data. PHPMaker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate PHP applications that best suits your needs.The generated code is clean, .... Free download of PHPMaker 2021.0.10

Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29 iTextSharp Alternative    

... - Html-To-Pdf makes PDF documents from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Images - Url-To-Pdf creates PDFs from existing html pages using only their URL - ASPX-To-Pdf converts ASP.NET pages into downloadable pdfs - Image To-PDF makes PDF files from image documents - PDF to Image can render PDF records to image .... Free download of Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29

NetCrunch Suite 11.0.6 AdRem Software, Inc.    

... It can be a script (i.e, VBScript, PowerShell, Javascript) running on the NetCrunch Server or an application. Data can also be sent to NetCrunch from any remote system simply using REST API. With over 160 predefined Monitoring Packs for operating systems and SNMP manageable network devices, NetCrunch can identify, configure, .... Free download of NetCrunch Suite 11.0.6

The C# PDF Library 2021.1.29 IronPDF.com    

... use their existing skills of HTML CSS and JavaScript to generate print quality PDFs from within .Net ... can contain complex and were linked CSS and JavaScript and will be output at a how a ... screen print and overhead stylesheets and enable/disabling of JavaScript and Ajax. Paper sizes including standard and non-standard .... Free download of The C# PDF Library 2021.1.29

ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29 IronPDF ASPX to PDF Team    

... PDF file generation - HTML 5, ASPX, CSS, Javascript, JPG, TIFF, GIF, SVG document assets - Edit PDF documents with C#.Net to merge, split, delete pages from PDF files - Add Headers, Footers, Watermarks, stamp new html content to create new or existing PDFs - Read text and images with .... Free download of ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29

Flowrigami 1.0.1 Scand Ltd.    

Flowrigami is a free and open-source workflow editor, designed to visualize diverse workflows and configure them using graphic components. It works in two modes: View Mode and Edit Mode. A workflow consists of several nodes and connectors. Properties of nodes and connectors are defined by the user. View Mode has: Central .... Free download of Flowrigami 1.0.1

IDAutomation PDF417 Font Encoder Suite 21.02 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

... Basic, Excel, Access, .NET Standard, .NET Assembly, Java, Javascript, SSRS and more, depending on the license type purchased. The package supports UTF-8 encoding in Crystal, VBA, Excel, Access and SSRS, and is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit systems. Complies with ISO/IEC 15438, USS AIM PDF417 and FedEx PDF417 specifications. .... Free download of IDAutomation PDF417 Font Encoder Suite 21.02

C# HTML to PDF 2021.1.29 Jean Ashberg & The C# HTML to PDF Team    

... be rendered from HTML with full CSS3 and Javascript support with pixel-perfect embedded chromium rendering using the ... Generation from html files including assets, CSS and Javascript - Adding PDF File Headers And Footers (including C# and VB.Net support for HTML Headers and Footers) - HTML Templating using .Net Strings and .... Free download of C# HTML to PDF 2021.1.29

VB.Net PDF 2021.1.29 Veronica Sillar and the VB.Net PDF Team    

... Dot Net PDF Styling Using Images, CSS and Javascript we can render PDF documents in VB.Net easily. The use of an embedded version of the Chromium web browser into IronPDF ensures perfect standards compliant rendering. Source code can be downloaded from homepage 4. .Net PDF file Headers And Footers VB .... Free download of VB.Net PDF 2021.1.29

DbGate 3.9.1 Jan Prochazka    

... with many columns Query designer Advanced data filtering JavaScript data scripting Run queries, code completion Display data from referenced tables Create charts, supports for active charts - are refreshed when underlying source is changed .... Free download of DbGate 3.9.1

WebExtractor360 1.2 CC Software Pte Ltd    

... program can extract: - URLs (including encrypted in Javascript) - Pictures (JPEG, PNG, WMF, BMP, GIF) - Keywords from meta tags - Page titles - HTML tables - Phone numbers - Fax numbers - Email addresses. To expand the capabilities of the scraper, you can add your own regular expressions. .... Free download of WebExtractor360 1.2

OrgChart JS 7.6.13 BALKANGraph    

... for making neat flowcharts using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Using server-side components, developers can implement a specially crafted editing interface. To create unique appearance for your app, you can make use of a set of default skins and color palettes or make your own set. If your users work with .... Free download of OrgChart JS 7.6.13

MVC to PDF Converter 2020.12.3 MVC to PDF .Net Development Team    

... to PDF document reports with full support for Javascript, AJAX, JPG, SVG, PNG, GIF, Web Fonts and CSS. HTML Views can generate HTML strings to convert to PDF: homepage Key rendering features include HTML to PDF, URL to PDF, ASPX to PDF, Image to PDF, Add Headers & Footers, stamp .... Free download of MVC to PDF Converter 2020.12.3

ASP. NET PDF Generator 2020.12.3 ASP.NET PDF Development Team    

... full use of HTML5 and CSS3, and indeed JavaScript, in the generation of PDFs. Images, SVGs, and ... browser, Iron PDF can render full webpages, including JavaScript libraries and charting libraries, and render them into ... of memory which may be used to load JavaScript libraries, but generally Iron PDF is fully JavaScript, .... Free download of ASP. NET PDF Generator 2020.12.3

Install Package IronPdf 2020.12.3 Iron PDF Development Team    

... ASP .NET. Convert common web documents html, aspx, javascript, CSS, and image types JPEG, JPG, SVG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF to PDF document with the easy to use IronPDF C# .Net Library. Functional classes include HTML to PDF, ASPX to PDF, URL to PDF, PDF Print Options, PDF Document Setting, .... Free download of Install Package IronPdf 2020.12.3

Find and Replace In Multiple JSON Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

This software offers a solution to users who want to find and replace text in one or more JSON files. There is a feature in the software to find and replace multiple sets of text which will allow you to make many changes at once. By instantly finding and replacing text, .... Free download of Find and Replace In Multiple JSON Files Software 7.0

BragnDrop Editor 1.0.1 hamari.agency    

Modern websites are becoming more like Apps. This means they work offline, on any device (desktops, tablets and mobiles), and allow users to save them as an Icon to the home screen. Single Page Applications or SPA are built for the future. Both the frontend and Backend are separated from each .... Free download of BragnDrop Editor 1.0.1

ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control 1.0 Viscom Software    

For ASP.NET Developer to view popular image format ,TIFF and PDF documents in web pages. Navigate through TIFF, PDF document using Continuous scroll mode. Support Zoom, Print, Rotate the image. Uploads the Image files, TIFF, PDF document into the server and displays the contents in the client. Support view BMP, GIF, .... Free download of ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control 1.0

Embellisher eReader 3.1 EMRE Publishing, LLC    

Not all distribution channels that accept EPUB3 deliver actual EPUB3 files to consumers, and not all EPUB3 files can be read on different devices and software programs. Some content providers store EPUB3 files on their servers to enable online cloud based reading in browsers (Safari Books Online for example). Other (Amazon .... Free download of Embellisher eReader 3.1

Rapid PHP 2020 16.2 Blumentals Software    

... complete all-in-one software for coding PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web development languages with tools for ... debugger; * code intelligence for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Smarty; * PHP formatter; * bracket highlighting; ... * built-in multi-browser preview; * jQuery, React, Vue.js JavaScript framework support * Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Nette, .... Free download of Rapid PHP 2020 16.2

WeBuilder 2020 16.2 Blumentals Software    

... enable you to create and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Perl, Ruby, Python code faster and ... all popular web development languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, WML, XML, Perl, Ruby, SQL, ... * code intelligence for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript; * bracket highlighting; * code folding; * built-in .... Free download of WeBuilder 2020 16.2

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