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Boom Audio Player 1.0.36 Peter Pawlowski    

... Noteworthy features: * No installation or administrator rights required! Just download and run. * Gapless ... update. To submit your translations, join #boomaudio on irc.freenode.net. Noteworthy features currently missing: Internet radio playback is not supported. No easy way to integrate with Windows Explorer other than manually going .... Free download of Boom Audio Player 1.0.36

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psyBNC 2.4.5 psyBNC    

Improved script, fixed bugs! --- Setup an advanced IRC proxy server (Bouncer) on any Windows machine using ... false positive), Extract the executable, Run psyBNC2.3.2-1.exe as Administrator. To connect: in mIRC (/server YourIPHere 31337 temp) ... commands within the bouncer. Important commands: /QUOTE ADDSERVER irc.server.net:6667 /QUOTE BCONNECT irc.server.net:6667 replace irc.server.net by server name .... Free download of psyBNC 2.4.5

Chainsaw 6.7.4069.23799 Pmcc.    

Chainsaw is a Windows IRC bot meant to administrate a channel or simply as a replacement to mirc. Features * Secure servers connections supported via SSL. * Ability to generate channel statistics using pisg. * IPv6 network protocol and multi server support. * Sample plugins that allows users .... Free download of Chainsaw 6.7.4069.23799

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