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LogMeIn Free for Mac LogMeIn    

... - even if you're across town, across the country, or across the world. * Works with Windows PCs and Mac OS X * Two-minute set-up * 100% free Features: * Access from any Internet-connected web browser * Access to a Windows PC or Mac * Remote control .... Free download of LogMeIn Free for Mac

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IntraMessenger 1.31A THeUDS    

... SMF, TaskFreak, IP-Board...) Can display local time zone, country flag, and using language. Client compatible Windows and Linux (with Wine). File sharing/publishing and file exchanging. Can download setup, or just zip (no install) to direct use on USB key. MSI install available (for domain/ldap). Server screenshots : homepage homepage homepage .... Free download of IntraMessenger 1.31A

Ekiga for Linux 4.0.1 SiPHome    

... and various VoIP providers. It is officially deployed country wide. .... Free download of Ekiga for Linux 4.0.1

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Ekiga for Windows 4.0.1 SiPHome    

... and various VoIP providers. It is officially deployed country wide. .... Free download of Ekiga for Windows 4.0.1

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Tano 1.2.1 Tadej Novak    

... write your own plugin for your provider or country. You can also use schedule independent from playback. .... Free download of Tano 1.2.1

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IP Locator F5Debug    

... GeoLocation of the IP Addressing specifying to which Country the IP belongs too with the Country Code for further looking of the IP Address Analysis. This tool currently supports getting the Country details alone which will further be enhanced to .... Free download of IP Locator

IP Locate for Win8 UI Chia Wei Han    

... IP address or domain name information like the country that it comes from, the country code, latitude, longtitude and the GMT time of the country. Furthermore, it provides the user their own ip address. Features IP locate Get country code, latitude, longtitude and the GMT time of the country. Search details of an IP .... Free download of IP Locate for Win8 UI

Maps Pro for Win8 UI Version 12 Nicollet Fabien    

... 8 Search interface, using a street name, a country name or a postal code. Your location ... refine it Search for a street name, a country name or a postal code Find directions to and from addresses or any location, including your current location Choose between "Driving", "Cycling" and "Walking" .... Free download of Maps Pro for Win8 UI Version 12

Faceless Internet Connection for iPhone, iPad 1.0.1 Faceless.Me    

... even if they are not available in your country. Shortly, Faceless Internet Connection is a program that creates encrypted and secured tunnel from your device to any site you want to visit. Faceless Internet Connection is very useful for anyone that wants to surf and be anonymous, unblock VOIP .... Free download of Faceless Internet Connection for iPhone, iPad 1.0.1

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Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Client 4.3 Dynu Systems, Inc.    

... level domains all over the world regardless of country of origin. Your domain name's dynamic IP address ... alll top level domain names supported irrespective of country of origin Dynamic IP update Dynamic subdomain IP update Real time web based management tool with secure SSL access MX Record URL Forwarding Port .... Free download of Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Client 4.3

eMailTrackerPro 10.0a B4058 Visualware Inc.    

... A built-in location database tracks emails to a country or region of the world, WHOIS lookups provide abuse reporting information. eMailTrackerPro Advanced Edition includes an online mail checker which allows you to view all your emails on the server before delivery to your computer. This is an excellent safety .... Free download of eMailTrackerPro 10.0a B4058

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ST Proxy Switcher 3.0.53 Soft-Net    

... current state and response time, but also the country and the uptime. The interface is pretty user friendly and straightforward and it takes just a couple of minutes to get used to it. And in case you still find it difficult after a while, there's always the help .... Free download of ST Proxy Switcher 3.0.53

IP2Currency Exchange Rate Web Service 2.0 FraudLabs.com    

... perform an additional step of finding the visitor's country, as it will be automatically performed by our API server which will determine the country that the visitor originates from, and what is the commonly used currency, and the currency symbol. In other words, it provides you all the .... Free download of IP2Currency Exchange Rate Web Service 2.0

SoftFuse Whois 2.8 SoftFuse Development    

... SoftFuse Whois supports ALL new, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) top-level domains and constantly continues to increase the list of supported domains. If you wish to include a new domain's extension in its search, just contact us at homepage and we will it immediately (if it's technically possible). The .... Free download of SoftFuse Whois 2.8

Enterprise Remote Control 5.0 IntelliAdmin, LLC    

... you want to access. Sales lady across the country needs support from a coffee shop? No problem, the Enterprise server will negotiate the connection within seconds. Our super fast search will help you find computers quickly. Instead of having users look around for IP addresses, you can just start typing .... Free download of Enterprise Remote Control 5.0

Cookienator 2.6.41 Marton Anka    

... least petition to find out what exactly your country retains about you. On the other hand, the laws governing the gathering and use of personal data by corporations are spotty at best, especially when it's about supposedly anonymous information. If you don't think this profiling can be invasive just .... Free download of Cookienator 2.6.41

TCPEye 1.0 Build 0.190 Francesco Bucci    

... created, and the user that created it. Country Name + Flag In addition, TCPEye allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the process that opened the ports, and save the TCP/UDP ports information to HTML file , XML file, or to tab-delimited text file. TCPEye also automatically mark .... Free download of TCPEye 1.0 Build 0.190

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IPToLocation 1.0 WorkMoment    

... Address. It includes detailed information such as the Country, State, City, Metro, Zip or Postal Code, the latitude and the logitude of a given IP. It can be downloaded and can be installed as a any other windows gadgets and is very easy to use. It can also find out .... Free download of IPToLocation 1.0

ActiveSocket 4.2 ActiveXperts Software    

ActiveSocket is a Network Communication component for Windows. It features: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, ICMP Ping, IP-to-Country, MSN, NTP, RADIUS, RSH, SCP, SFTP, SNMP v1/v2c, SNMP Traps, SNMP MIB, SSH, TCP, Telnet, TFTP, UDP, Wake-On-LAN and more. Use it in your ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, CShare C# .NET, Visual Basic, .... Free download of ActiveSocket 4.2

IP Country Lookup Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

... resulting list of IP addresses with details of country, country code and continent can be saved as a text file. Using this software can be useful, for example, when trying to target geographical areas .... Free download of IP Country Lookup Software 7.0

BlueDrive 2010.6 BlueTex Technology    

... IP address (owner of the IP address, the country/state name, IP addresses range, contact information), scan for open ports on any server, access share folders hosted on Linux/Samba, Windows NT/XP/Vista, NAS Drives, or you want to create a logical drive that points to a local folder from your computer. .... Free download of BlueDrive 2010.6

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SEO Software - Link Manager 1.0 Website Promoters    

... provided by the software are configurable columns with country display of the web server, ip address display of the website, whether listed in one of the best directories i.e. DMOZ, site advisor rating and other such factors which determine SEO value of a website. .... Free download of SEO Software - Link Manager 1.0

IP-Country mapping Database 2010.02 Jgsoft Associates    

... are your Internet visitors coming from? IP Address Country mapping Database can help you identify visitor's geographical ... of an IP address. The IP Address to Country Code Database can be used for: 1>Real Time Geo-Locating ( Country ) 2>Redirect based on country 3>Automatically target advertising by country 4>Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through 5>Provide .... Free download of IP-Country mapping Database 2010.02

Anonymous Web Surfing 2.4 AVSoftware    

... for users that are not from a specific country. .... Free download of Anonymous Web Surfing 2.4

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