Vivaldi 2.3.1440.48 Vivaldi Technologies AS.     update

... offering you a new way of browsing the Internet. Despite being based on the Chromium engine, it offers a series of additional tools and components to serve your every need when visiting your favorite webpages. Vivaldi web browser lets you do things your way by adapting to you and .... Free download of Vivaldi 2.3.1440.48

Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2 YAMICSOFT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED     update

... type icons. Improve system security by tweaking system components, UAC and login settings; hide and restrict drives ... eliminating the tracks that you leave behind; optimize Internet connection speed, tweak Internet Explorer; Switch IP address easily on different networks. .... Free download of Windows 10 Manager 3.0.2

XAMPP 7.2.15-0 Apache Friends     update

... up with the latest version of the included components. Its developers are successful in their attempt to ... requires user intervention only to ask if the components should be installed as Windows services too. You don’t have to decide now, seeing how this is configurable from XAMPP’s control panel. This is .... Free download of XAMPP 7.2.15-0

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Red Button 5.1 Pothos     update

... PC. It will remove junk files and unnecessary components of Windows, free up hard disk space, erase your Internet activity tracks and digital fingerprints, protect your privacy, ... Incredibly tiny size - Unparalleled product for removing components of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 - .... Free download of Red Button 5.1

SUPERAntiSpyware Professional 8.0.1030     update

... other types of threats. * Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing, Task Manager and more ... unique Repair System! Spyware application often disable system components to prevent removal - SUPERAntiSpyware resets and restores these items in seconds! * Real-Time Blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software from installing .... Free download of SUPERAntiSpyware Professional 8.0.1030

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Balsamiq Mockups 3.999.521 Beta Balsamiq Studios, LLC     update

... you focus design conversations on functionality UI Components & Icons 75 built-in user interface components and 187 icons, plus a whole lot of community-generated components. Click-Through Prototypes Linking lets you generate click-through .... Free download of Balsamiq Mockups 3.999.521 Beta

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Clever Internet Suite 9.3 CleverComponents     update

Clever Internet Suite is the native Internet library for RAD Studio 10.3...10, XE..XE8, Delphi, C++Builder, ... and ActiveX. The suite includes more than 50 components for Internet development and its code is constantly being refined and improved. Using the Clever Internet Suite you can add instant SSL / TLS / SSH security to your Internet applications and implement many useful Internet-related features: - .... Free download of Clever Internet Suite 9.3

ETAC Code Generator 1-0.1-2-ena Victella     new

... to access and modify various properties of the components of a template file, such as the values ... (available via the Run ETAC Scripts package). No internet connection is required for operation. .... Free download of ETAC Code Generator 1-0.1-2-ena

LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.64.2134 Pacestar Software     update

... laying out, designing, and documenting a network, LAN, internet,vector or other communications system. Drop in components like computers, workstations, routers, and servers and connect them with lines and cables. Choose components from built in symbols and clip art or ... clip art formats. Use lines to connect your components and add dashes, curves, arrows or complex combinations .... Free download of LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.64.2134

.Net Control Suite for Delphi CrystalNet Technologies LTD     new

... Controls for Delphi. Includes over 30 essential .Net components which are available in Delphi like Input Controls, ... .Net VCL for Delphi which are reusable .Net components that encapsulate user interface (UI) functionality and are ... applications with the most versatile set of .Net components. .... Free download of .Net Control Suite for Delphi

.Net Component Suite for Delphi CrystalNet Technologies LTD     new

Most comprehensive Library of .Net components for Delphi. Includes over 30 essential .Net components which are available in Delphi like Active Directory components, Internet components, printing components, system components and many more for building powerful line-of-business Windows applications in Delphi. All the included components libraries are technically superior, with proven track record .... Free download of .Net Component Suite for Delphi

Win Toolkit Legolash2o     update

... Win Toolkit, it's let you integrate, Addons, Remove Components, Drivers, Gadgets, Language Packs, Edit Services, Silent Installs, ... This program let's you remove over 100 components which comes with Windows, some of them are Internet Explorer, IIS, Windows Media Player, Sample Pictures, Tablet PC components, etc... I am also planning on adding some .... Free download of Win Toolkit

.Net VCL for Delphi CrystalNet Technologies LTD     new

... comprehensive Library of .Net WinForms UI Controls and components for Delphi. Includes over 50 essential .Net UI controls and components which are available in Delphi like Active Directory components, Internet components, printing components, Xml components, Dialog components, UI controls, Grid controls, and many more for ... in Delphi. All the included UI Controls and Components libraries are technically superior, with proven track record .... Free download of .Net VCL for Delphi

ScriptCase 9.3.002 ScriptCase Team     update

... either on your Local Network or on the Internet and allows several developers to work simultaneously on ... filters on the forms. In addition to the components introduced in this new version you can use all the power of jQuery to enhance generated applications. CONTAINER Application: · Allows you to .... Free download of ScriptCase 9.3.002

RegRun Security Suite Pro Greatis Software     update

... / Virus / Worm / Spyware / Adware components and Rootkits. On other side RegRun is a ... one click. Advanced Startup Optimizer (Windows Core Components): · Advanced Startup Optimizer allows to remove useless ... ports and applications that allow access to the Internet. Clean Boot: · Using "Clean Boot," the .... Free download of RegRun Security Suite Pro

WinGate 9.2.0 B5975 Qbik     update

WinGate Proxy Server is a sophisticated integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the ... allows you to: Provide secure and managed Internet access for your entire network via a single or multiple shared internet connections Enforce advanced and flexible access-control and acceptable ... inappropriate content from entering your network Provide comprehensive internet and intranet email services. Protect your servers from .... Free download of WinGate 9.2.0 B5975

Licas 6.17.2 Kieran Greer     update

... capability to build distributed networks of autonomic service-based components. · Permanent and dynamic linking mechanisms to construct the network architecture. · Autonomic self-organisation through a dynamic (stigmergy) linking mechanism. · Password protection of the services, providing some level of security. · Remote communication capabilities through an XML-RPC message passing mechanism. .... Free download of Licas 6.17.2

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ChrisPC Win Experience Index 5.20 Chris P.C. srl     update

... PC you already own can help pinpoint slower components worth upgrading. .... Free download of ChrisPC Win Experience Index 5.20

Apache Tomcat 9.0.14 Apache Software Foundation     update

... developed under the Java Community Process. The main components of the server are the servlet container, the ... run them instead of running in the user’s Internet browser. This greatly improves the reliability of the application and the response time for the end user. While there are other alternatives to .... Free download of Apache Tomcat 9.0.14

Dr.Web for Android 12.3.1 Doctor Web     update

... software used by fraudsters to commit cybercrimes. Protection components: anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-theft, firewall, URL filter, Security Auditor. ... device remotely. URL-filter will restrict access to undesirable Internet sites. Lets you block access to non-recommended or potentially dangerous sites. Firewall - controls application network activity. Security Audit - troubleshoots the device to .... Free download of Dr.Web for Android 12.3.1

Invoice Manager for Excel 7.11 Uniform Software Ltd     update

... on Invoice Manager for Excel consists of three components - the front end Excel invoice templates, the ... SQL Server it could be hosted on the Internet too. Using Excel as the front-end gives you the flexibility required when design your own professional invoice formats. We've already published more than 400 .... Free download of Invoice Manager for Excel 7.11

AggreGate SDK 5.70.00 Tibbo Technology Inc.     update

... are spread over a local network or the Internet. It introduces new concepts in M2M ... other enterprise systems using open-source APIs. The core components are Java-based and may be deployed on most present-day hardware and operating systems. AggreGate is initially designed to be branded and redistributed by .... Free download of AggreGate SDK 5.70.00

uDig 2.0.0 Jody Garnett     update

... natively on Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux; Internet oriented, consuming standard (WMS, WFS, WCS) and de facto (GeoRSS, KML, tiles) geospatial web services; and, GIS ready, providing the framework on which complex analytical capabilities can be built, and gradually subsuming those capabilities into the main application. .... Free download of uDig 2.0.0

Deep Freeze Faronics     update

... Freeze via a unique Customization Code for all components Preset multiple passwords to be used on a ... Thawed Periods to perform Windows updates (through the Internet or WSUS) or run a custom batch file to update other software Automatically apply configuration changes to workstations Data Retention Options With .... Free download of Deep Freeze

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.2.2 Pablo Software Solutions     update

... Image maps. • Customize scrollbar colors for Microsoft Internet Explorer. • Navigation bars. • Tab Menus. • ... advanced layout possibilities. • Validation tools for form components: EditBox, Combobox and TextArea. • Rotation for shapes and images. • Ability to group/ungroup objects. • Image tools: Contrast, Brightness, Hue/Saturation, Flip, Rotate, Resample, .... Free download of WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.2.2

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