InstallMate Builder 9.89.0 B7166 Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd     update

InstallMate Builder was designed to create stand-alone software installers for Microsoft Windows platforms, with a small distribution ... straight forward and clean user interface, and smart install and uninstall behavior. Requires no scripting; includes an ... checking to suit novices and experts alike. InstallMate 9 is an extensively rewritten and updated successor .... Free download of InstallMate Builder 9.89.0 B7166

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DoneEx Installer Maker 1.0.1 DoneEx LLC     new

DoneEx Installer Maker is a wizard application that requests the parameters of the installer the user wishes to create in an interactive manner and creates EXE installation packages for Windows from the collected data. This ... to anyone and everyone who needs it. The Installer Maker generates an NSIS script and compiles it .... Free download of DoneEx Installer Maker 1.0.1

Paquet Builder 2019.0.0.0 G.D.G. Software SAS     update

... between a 7z Self-Extracting archive maker and an installer generator. Thanks to its exhaustive feature set, create flexible and compact installers for professional file and software delivery. Package up ... visually construct simple or sophisticated multilanguage distribution and installation packages; generate updates and patches; wrap multimedia presentations or several Windows Installer MSI setups into single .exe files ready for .... Free download of Paquet Builder 2019.0.0.0

Install Creator 2.0 build 44 Clickteam     update

Makes creating installers for your games and apps quick and easy ... your time developing your creations not building the installers. Download the fully functional freeware version of Install Creator and create your first installation in less than one minute! Then you decide which way is better! What makes Install Creator different from other Installers? Small footprint .... Free download of Install Creator 2.0 build 44

TInstaller Wizard 2.1.0 Tanel     new

T-Installer Wizard is a lightweight portable application with one screen to create installation files. It does not require any coding, everything ... are two type of application; ones that require installation and ones that are portable. If an application ... to use Windows Registry, the application becomes non-portable. Installation process creates the directory structure, puts files in .... Free download of TInstaller Wizard 2.1.0

SamLogic Visual Installer 11.0.15 SamLogic    

SamLogic Visual Installer is an easy-to-use installation tool that can create a setup wizard, ready for deployment, in minutes. Via the setup wizard your end-user can install your program files, documents, pictures etc. in his/her ... DVD, USB flash drive, and the Internet. Visual Installer has built-in support for Visual Studio, .NET Framework, .... Free download of SamLogic Visual Installer 11.0.15

SetupBuilder 10.0.5452 Lindersoft, Inc.    

... It's difficult to prepare an application correctly for installation on every possible system configuration and provide deployment ... setup developers who want complete control over their installations. In addition to all functions found in SetupBuilder ... Edition flagship provides advanced features such as Web Installation and Web Update (live update) for creating dynamic .... Free download of SetupBuilder 10.0.5452

InstallAware Express MSI Installer X6 InstallAware Software    

... Bit and 32 Bit Systems with the Same Installer Detect and support ia64 and x64 systems including Itanium, AMD64, and EM64T. Only InstallAware MSI builder allows you to ship a single ... bit customers. Exclusive! First to Support Windows 10 InstallAware X6 is the only installer with built-in Aero Glass setup themes that fully .... Free download of InstallAware Express MSI Installer X6

InstallAware Developer Setup Builder X6 InstallAware Software    

Exclusive! Simplified MSI Development with InstallAware Setup Builder InstallAware's powerful MSIcode simplifies setup development by transparently managing all of your Windows Installer conditions, installation sequences and parameters using a concise and human-readable ... requiring programming skills. MSIcode builds a standard Windows Installer database package that fully supports advertising, install-on-demand, elevated privilege installation, and resiliency. Exclusive! Mirrored Code .... Free download of InstallAware Developer Setup Builder X6

InstallAware Studio Admin Install Builder X6 InstallAware Software    

... Run Nested MSI Setups and Capture Progress with InstallAware Install Builder Deploy any MSI setup seamlessly within your InstallAware Wizard - even capture progress from the nested MSI. Install any feature set that the MSI offers, fully ... Exclusive! Multi-Instance Support on All Windows Platforms with InstallAware Setup Builder Allow users to install multiple copies .... Free download of InstallAware Studio Admin Install Builder X6

InstallAware Free Installer X6 InstallAware Software    

InstallAware's new Free Installer runs inside Visual Studio and creates setups automatically, ... them in your setup. This special edition of InstallAware is freeware! You will be able to set basic project properties for your InstallAware setup directly inside the Visual Studio environment. You ... also be able to reuse projects created by InstallAware's Free Edition outside of Visual Studio, by loading .... Free download of InstallAware Free Installer X6

Windows Post-Install 8.7.2 kelsenellenelvian    

Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed ... to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed ... and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications. WPI is a simple to use automation program for the choice and installation of multiple programs, tweaks and scripts. No longer .... Free download of Windows Post-Install 8.7.2

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Actual Installer Free 6.5 Softeza Development    

Freeware tool for creating software installers for Windows applications. Actual Installer Free packages application files and creates a single ... for distribution. With an intuitive interface, creating an installer takes just a few minutes. The produced setup ... The program supports all the basic features of installers: multi-language installation, license agreements, ReadMe, customizing Setup Wizard .... Free download of Actual Installer Free 6.5

Setup Builder Starter 10 Lindersoft, Inc.    

... It's difficult to prepare an application correctly for installation on every possible system configuration and provide deployment ... SetupBuilder editions are based on the same award-winning installation technology; these editions are designed to accommodate every ... software authors. Professional Edition is an easy-to-use, script-based installation tool that quickly builds basic and reliable installs .... Free download of Setup Builder Starter 10

Setup Builder 6.07.006 GPP Software    

... effective solution for creating comprehensive, professional looking application installation procedures in a cost effective manner. Fully automated with optional components. Handles all the usual setup tool features and much more! Supports ODBC, OLE, VB5, VB6, sound and software licensing protection. Multi-lingual. Single file self-extracting executables for web distribution. If you .... Free download of Setup Builder 6.07.006

Paquet Builder G.D.G. Software SARL    

... visually construct simple or sophisticated multilanguage distribution and installation packages; generate updates and patches; wrap multimedia presentations or several Windows Installer MSI setups into single .exe files ready for ... A to Z; - create standard or Windows wizard-styled packages and change any detail of your setup's ... paths, ask end users for which components to install, add conditions to file extraction; - add custom .... Free download of Paquet Builder

InstallAware Application Virtualization 5.0 InstallAware Software    

InstallAware Application Virtualization creates virtualized applications which run inside ... powered by a virtual file system and registry. InstallAware Virtualization is the result of collaborative effort between InstallAware and Softanics, Inc. Unlike VMware ThinApp and Microsoft App-V, InstallAware Virtualization packages do not pre-extract anything on the ... a USB drive, or a physical hard disk. InstallAware Virtualization is also based on an agentless architecture, .... Free download of InstallAware Application Virtualization 5.0

Autorun MAX Indigo Rose Software    

... business cards, launch powerpoint presentations, open PDF documents, install software and more. You don't have to be ... makes it a breeze with the handy Publishing Wizard. With just a few clicks you can generate ... external CD burning software! The Autorun MAX Publishing Wizard is clearly laid out and very easy to .... Free download of Autorun MAX

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