DwinsHs Han-soft Corporation     update

DwinsHs is a Pascal script for Inno Setup that allows you to download files from the ... supported. You can use the script in your setup package to download addition components from Internet, or ... are supported. 2, It is written in 100% Inno Setup script, there isn't any DLL or EXE file .... Free download of DwinsHs

UninsHs Han-soft Corporation     update

This extension for Inno Setup allows you to easily add 'Repair/Modify/Remove' options to ... how to use UninsHs with your own application setups. Features : 1. Very small. 2. Easy to ... from control panel. 8. Both Unicode and ANSI Inno Setup are supported. .... Free download of UninsHs

Inno Setup 6.0.2 Jrsoftware     update

Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers ... not as complicated as you might be thinking!) Inno Setup is a tool that helps you to create windows installers. Scripts have an ".iss" (meaning Inno Setup Script) extension. The script controls every aspect .... Free download of Inno Setup 6.0.2

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Universal Extractor 1.6.1 rev 11 Jared Breland     update

... to extract files from installation packages, such as Inno Setup or Windows Installer packages, without pulling up a ... .gz, .tgz, .tar.gz IMG floppy disk image .img Inno Setup package .exe Installer VISE package .exe InstallShield Cabinet ... package .exe RoboForm package .exe RPM package .rpm SetupFactory package .exe SIS (SymbianOS) packages .sis StuffIt packages .... Free download of Universal Extractor 1.6.1 rev 11

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InnoExtractor Havy Alegria     update

InnoExtractor is a powerful application that helps you to unpack Inno Setup installers using InnoUnp technology. With InnoExtractor you can explore the internal structure and content ... a portable devices, without having to run the setup. Features: Simple and friendly GUI. Open ... miscellaneous options. Support older and latest versions of Inno Setup. Support older and latest versions of InnoUnp. .... Free download of InnoExtractor

Notepad3 3.18.311.928 Rizonesoft     update

... INI, REG, AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Bash, CMake, CoffeeScript, Inno Setup, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, NSIS, Ruby, Tcl, YAML, VHDL scripts and configuration files. Improved support for NFO and ANSI art. Auto indentation. Code folding. Bracket .... Free download of Notepad3 3.18.311.928

Inno Script Studio 2.3.0 Kymoto Solutions     update

Inno Script Studio is a new intuitive graphical interface ... generating and compiling scripts for the award winning Inno Setup compiler from Jordan Russell. Inno Script Studio provides help to simplify the creation ... Microsoft Windows installations by allowing the generation of Inno Setup scripts by use of the intuitive interface to reduce the need to manually edit the Inno Setup scripts. If you’ve created a freeware .... Free download of Inno Script Studio 2.3.0

INNOvation Studio Sym-Software    

INNOvation Studio has a modern ribbon based interface. You ... the theme and the quick access menu. With INNOvation Studio, you can edit the script directly or use the wizard screens to create your installer. INNOvation Studio allows you to navigate your script(s), forms simply and easily. INNOvation Studio has Code Browsing that allows you to .... Free download of INNOvation Studio

Inno Setup Unpacker 0.45 Beta QuickeneR    

Inno Setup is a popular program for making software installations. ... Manager that unpacks several types of installations, including Inno Setup (IS). But since it is not updated in ... was born. The advantages over InstallExplorer are: Innounp is open source and based on IS source. ... the compiled Innerfuse/RemObjects Pascal Script, if available. Inno Setup Unpacker can come in handy for users .... Free download of Inno Setup Unpacker 0.45 Beta

Kwerty Gmail Notifier 1.4 Kwerty    

... 'Kwerty Gmail Notifier' in jump list Now using Inno Setup for the installer .... Free download of Kwerty Gmail Notifier 1.4

Portable DriveGLEAM 1.12 Svein Engelsjgerd    

... Standalone, does not require a install but uses inno setup for your convenience. · Failure in DriveGLEAM can't "freeze" your drives. · Configurable start with os delay · Configurable poll rate .... Free download of Portable DriveGLEAM 1.12

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DriveGLEAM 1.12 Svein Engelsgjerd    

... Standalone, does not require a install but uses inno setup for your convenience. · Failure in DriveGLEAM can't "freeze" your drives. · Configurable start with os delay · Configurable poll rate · Does not .... Free download of DriveGLEAM 1.12

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build automation tool : r2build 2.1 Aurumation    

... Jam.. Support the following installer packaging tool: InstallShield, Inno setup, Nullsoft installer, InstallAware, AdvancedInstaller, Wise Installer Support the following automation test tool: NUnit, Rational Robot, Winrunner, QAWizard, test compelete.. Support help compiler Support Mail .... Free download of build automation tool : r2build 2.1

FCleaner FTweak Inc    

... Microsoft AntiSpyware, Ewido Anti-Malware (Log), Windows Defender, IZArc, Inno Setup ... .... Free download of FCleaner

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