Word Doctor 1.0 B8 David Benjamin Bowes    

... fast using dictation (Speech to Text), or the Ink-Blot test to inspire creativity. Analyze what you already ... (Document) Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs compatible Split-Screen capable Ink-Blot slideshow inspires creative writing Identifies Weak Writing construction ... Imagery within document Checks writing style Identifies Word Usage (ie: frequency) Calculates Document Statistics Readability & Grade .... Free download of Word Doctor 1.0 B8

Spiceworks Desktop 7.5.00101 Spiceworks    

... your anti-virus updates, printers with low toner and ink levels, and offline servers. · Receive email alerts ... one-click, see software installed on your machines, disk usage across the network, trouble tickets you've created in the past month, and much more. · Create the custom reports you need with a simple .... Free download of Spiceworks Desktop 7.5.00101

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