MailConverterTools OST Viewer 20.0 MailConverterTools     new

... etc. it can also make the complete file analysis report of each conversation. Our tool provides three ... scanning the OST file. This log file contains information about the number of files viewed or corrupted and this log file is saved in the text format at the desired location.Log file always .... Free download of MailConverterTools OST Viewer 20.0

Raise Data Recovery 8.8 SysDev Laboratories LLC    

... data recovery methods and quickly recovers the lost information. Raise Data Recovery employs powerful analysis, search and recovery mechanisms similar to those used in professional product series. After the user starts the scanning operation, the utility analyzes the storage .... Free download of Raise Data Recovery 8.8

EasyBilling Invoicing Software for Mac 8.5.2 Evinco Solutions Limited    

... the customer list and item list and customer/item information can be easily loaded into document. The report function allows user to collect information by month, by customer or globally. User can ... can be exported into excel format for statistical analysis. .... Free download of EasyBilling Invoicing Software for Mac 8.5.2

NTv2Tools 3.02 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

... The program analyzes NTv2 files and outputs detailed information on the screen, in graphics files and in ... the NTv2 files is graphically displayed during the analysis. The program has a user-selectable multi language interface and comes with extensive online help. The program can be run on most common networks and .... Free download of NTv2Tools 3.02

Dynasoft TeleFactura Telecom ISP CDR 6.48 Dynasoft Ltd    

... * Session handling * Collection of all accounting information and usage statistics * Exporting of all accounting information into the billing or other systems * Management ... Advanced commission system for service resellers * QoS analysis * Full pre/post sales training and support * .... Free download of Dynasoft TeleFactura Telecom ISP CDR 6.48

Monitor245 1.0.0 Lab245 Softwares    

The monitor245 is designed for complete analysis and monitoring of your business, remotely monitor the ... design application, keep track of disk and memory information from your windows desktops and servers anywhere in the world, on your cell phone, smartwatch computer or any other device with internet access. .... Free download of Monitor245 1.0.0

OzGIS 14.7 OzGIS    

OzGIS is an extensive system for the analysis and display of geographically referenced data. About 150 ... . importing data from databases, spreadsheets and Geographic Information Systems (GISs) or downloaded from Census Bureaux or ... . processing data in preparation for display and analysis . display of data as several different types ... the maps. . Special support for site catchment analysis, location / allocation and territory assignment. The system .... Free download of OzGIS 14.7

mightymacros Dat Lite 1.1.7 mightymacros    

... to identify duplicate invoices. The tool uses invoice information from an ERP or accounting system and uploads that information into an MS SQL Server database for analysis. The solution compares all invoices against bills to .... Free download of mightymacros Dat Lite 1.1.7

JsonFlow Super Traffic Tool 3.0.0 tcpiplabs tech., Inc.    

... JsonFlow represents the highest level of cloud traffic analysis tool. 1) JsonFlow is suitable for VM, Docker, ... JsonFlow can analyze TCP/UDP/HTTP/SQL sessions and associated process information in real time, output 20 KPIs+10 latency and ... represents the highest level of cloud traffic capture, analysis, distribution, and backtracking. .... Free download of JsonFlow Super Traffic Tool 3.0.0

SEO PowerSuite 88.6 Link-Assistant.Com: SEO tools    

... you effectively manage your link building campaign, organize information about your backlinks, search for potential link partners, track link acquisition progress, and more. 4. Rank Tracker is a double-purpose SEO tool that tracks one's site rankings in over 400 local and international search engines (including Universal Search tracking) and suggests .... Free download of SEO PowerSuite 88.6

FFT Properties 6.2 Dew Research    

... computation during recording with history overview and frequency analysis. * Real-time high-resolution spectrogram in the recording and analysis modules. * 24-bit/96kHz and 24-bit/192kHz recording and playback ... format) files and wav file format. * Frequency analysis and ability to compare multiple averaged spectrums. * ... phase peak filtering. * Support for real time analysis of largest file sizes. .... Free download of FFT Properties 6.2

Shadow Analyzer 2.2.1 Dr. Baum Research e.K.    

... with various forms of the graphical and numerical information concerning your project. They allow you to specify the climatic parameters of your site for energy calculations. They display the calculated characteristics of the shading, energy losses, and the energy output of your system in several 'solar' windows for a particular .... Free download of Shadow Analyzer 2.2.1

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor LSoft Technologies Inc.    

... sectors. The system is based on the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.). This software monitors hard ... condition occurs. Disk Monitor also displays hard disk information, current S.M.A.R.T. attributes and the overall status of the hard disk's health. Advanced disk scan allows you to detect bad sectors on a disk .... Free download of Active@ Hard Disk Monitor

Web Log Explorer Lite 9.5 Exacttrend    

... filters provides the ability to carry out deep analysis of visitor activity. It gives you activity statistics, file access statistics, and information about referring pages, search engines, errors, visitor countries, referring sites , you will get complete information about search words and phrases and more. The ... filters provides an ability to carry out deep analysis of the visitors' activity. For example you can .... Free download of Web Log Explorer Lite 9.5

Comodo Firewall Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.    

... to attacks and total protection of your personal information. Comodo Firewall also features cloud based scanning and behavior analysis of unrecognized files - making Comodo Firewall unbeatable ... 'real' system. While sandboxed, the file undergoes behavior analysis on our cloud servers to test whether it .... Free download of Comodo Firewall

Portable GPU Caps Viewer Jerome Guinot    

GPU Caps Viewer is a free and highly-featured tool that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your graphics card/GPU including GPU type, amount of VRAM , OpenGL API support level, OpenGL API extensions database and general system configuration, as well as a GPU-Stress-Test functionality (GPU-Burner). Furthermore, this software will .... Free download of Portable GPU Caps Viewer

System Information Viewer 5.47 Ray Hinchliffe    

System Information Viewer is a small but powerful application that displays information regarding your computer's hardware and software. It basically ... window and a bunch of buttons. System Information Viewer offers detailed information about your system - Windows, machine, sensors, USB .... Free download of System Information Viewer 5.47

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Starus File Recovery 4.1 Starus Recovery    

... Starus File Recovery undeletes deleted files and recovers information lost after a disk accident. Supporting a variety ... the new file recovery tool can quickly restore information from hard disks, SSD and USB drives, flash ... used by anyone. With new and improved disk analysis algorithm, Starus File Recovery is currently the fastest .... Free download of Starus File Recovery 4.1

Blood Work Results Tool 4.1.9 SmrtX    

... explains complex patient's laboratory tests for tracking critical information required for making quick and prudent lab test analysis. Blood Work Results Tool can explain what every test means and what it checks for. The main goal of this software is to help .... Free download of Blood Work Results Tool 4.1.9

PAST for Mac OS X 4.02 Oyvind Hammer    

Past is free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, univariate and multivariate statistics, ecological analysis, time series and spatial analysis, morphometrics and stratigraphy. Past comes with a straightforward approach when it comes to data analysis: just import your data and then apply various manipulation techniques in order to extract relevant statistical information. To conclude, Past is a great tool to .... Free download of PAST for Mac OS X 4.02

ProxyInspector Enterprise edition 3.9.2647 ADVSoft    

... Company presents a perfect solution for Internet usage analysis and reporting - ProxyInspector 3.x, which ensures effective ... a wasteful distraction for your employees. ProxyInspector retrieves information from log files of such popular proxy servers as Qbik WinGate, Ositis WinProxy, Kerio WinRoute Firewall, Squid, EServ or Microsoft ISA Server 2000/2004/2006, and .... Free download of ProxyInspector Enterprise edition 3.9.2647

TOR For Windows 9.0.9 The Tor Project, Inc    

... privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. * Tor prevents people from learning your ... applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. ... common form of Internet surveillance known as "traffic analysis." Traffic analysis can be used to infer who .... Free download of TOR For Windows 9.0.9

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Qualyzer 1.2.1 McGill University    

Qualyzer is a handy, easy to use application designed to support researchers conducting qualitative inquiries by helping them manage participants, transcripts, and memos. .... Free download of Qualyzer 1.2.1

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Blood Test Results Tool 4.1.9 SmrtX    

... explains complex patient's laboratory tests for tracking crucial information required for making quick and prudent lab test analysis. Blood Test Results Tool helps with understanding and ... status, making Blood Test Results Tool a valuable analysis tool. Blood Test Results Tool can help you ... them. You can generate and review lab results analysis report that will include interpretations of critical results .... Free download of Blood Test Results Tool 4.1.9

TamoGraph Site Survey 6.0 B236 TamoSoft    

... time-consuming and very complex tasks, such as ongoing analysis and reporting of signal strength, noise and interference, ... Simple and fast data collection · Comprehensive WLAN analysis with easy-to-understand visualization of signal level, interference, access ... etc. · Automatic access point location · Detailed information about every access point: channel, maximum data rate, .... Free download of TamoGraph Site Survey 6.0 B236

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