TRichView for Delphi 17.5.4 TRichView.Com     update

... styles, Unicode, background images, print preview, export to HTML and DocX, RTF import and export, live spell, data-aware versions and more... RichViewActions is a set of components and actions for creating user interface for word processor applications (free add-on). RichViewActions are translated to about 30 languages, and offer original high-quality .... Free download of TRichView for Delphi 17.5.4

TMS Logging    

... or more output handlers such as the Console, HTML, Text file, CSV file, TCP/IP, Browser, Windows Event ... log output validation - Extensive & extensible data formatting capabilities - Multi-thread enabled & thread-safe - Includes options for time & delta time measurements - Runtime configurable log level - Log configuration persistence .... Free download of TMS Logging


... toolbars are included to perform clipboard functions, undo/redo, formatting, paragraph alignment, inserting bullets, pictures, hyperlinks, special characters. - When used as part of the TMS Component Pack, a spell check engine is available and several UI components to perform spell check & auto-correct either while typing in the TAdvRichEditor or .... Free download of TAdvRichEditor

TAdvListView & TDBAdvListView    

... to CSV, XLS, streams, files * save to HTML, DOC, formatted ASCII, XML * clipboard enabled : ... * full ownerdraw or easy font & color formatting * several COMCTL32 v4.70+ features : hottracking, subitem ... items & owner draw headers including headers with HTML formatting, background * color selection * flat scrollbar .... Free download of TAdvListView & TDBAdvListView


A smooth auto scrolling credits label with HTML formatting capabilities. Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags.Included support for bevel borders, events for anchor ... images, mini scrollbar, various autosizing styles and a HTML property editor ... .... Free download of THTMLCredit


... caption, custom border color * Captions can have HTML formatting This product is also available in TMS Component Pack. .... Free download of TAdvOfficeButtons


TParamCheckList is a check listbox where the user can easily set several parameters through inplace clicking, like in the outlook rules wizard. Parameters can be set through a custom interface, through selection from a drop down listbox or through a popup menu. Built-in inplace editors include: normal edit control, spin edit .... Free download of TParamCheckList


* A listbox with HTML formatting capabilities * Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags * Standard, Office 2003, Office 2007 selection colors * HTML aware lookup and sorting and access of text without HTML tags * Supports the PictureContainer for adding GIF, ... Capability to have comment (non checkbox) items in HTMLCheckList .... Free download of THTMListbox

THTMLCombobox v2.1.0.0    

A combobox with HTML formatting capabilities. Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags . With HTML aware lookup and sorting. Combobox can be flat .... Free download of THTMLCombobox v2.1.0.0


... down from the bottom of the screen with HTML formatting capabilities.Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags. .... Free download of THTMLPopup


... style Checkbox and RadioButton control with multiline & HTML formatted caption capability. * THTMLCheckBox * THTMLRadioButton * THTMLRadioGroup * THTMLCheckGroup * THTMLButton * TDBHTMLCheckBox * TDBHTMLRadioGroup .... Free download of THTMLButtons


A DB-aware label with full mini-HTML formatting capabilities that can be linked to multiple DB fields with DB-aware design time HTML editor. Supports a subset of the HTML formatting tags. Included support for bevel borders + events .... Free download of TDBHTMLabel

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