SoftMaker Office 2018.970 BinaryNow, Inc.     update

... on up to five (5) computers in their household for mere $59.95 one-time fee. Any organization can save on deployment costs and use SoftMaker Office Professional. Pricing for Professional Edition starts at $79.95 per user, and volume discounts are available with an affordable corporate licensing. .... Free download of SoftMaker Office 2018.970

Photovoltaic System 4.72 Dynamic Applications     update

... sales parameters as you want, for example, your household consumption over time. Photovoltaic System's integrated Result Graph will show you the development of all selected Target parameters from year 0 to year 40, immediately. To allow for a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Invest (RoI) calculations, a .... Free download of Photovoltaic System 4.72

A VIP Simple To Do List 2.9.64 VIP Quality Software     update

... deadlines and tracking tasks + managing meetings, events, household projects, repairs, etc. .... Free download of A VIP Simple To Do List 2.9.64

Wujie 19.02 UltraReach Internet Corp     update

... Wujie – meaning borderless – has become a household name among Chinese Internet users. UltraSurf is one of the “three swordsmen,” thanks partly to its user friendliness and user support in Chinese. UltraSurf is a robust anti-censorship system evolved from the lasting battle between GFW and UltraReach. Since infancy, .... Free download of Wujie 19.02

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Checklist Templates 2.45 VIP Quality Software     update

... problems and troubles that may occur any time. Household Checklists includes action plans that will help you to buy the house of your dream, build the best garage, make chores pleasant and easy. Family Checklists are designed to help you take care of your family members because family is the .... Free download of Checklist Templates 2.45

Daily Cash flow Statement spreadsheet 03 Software Stuffs     new

... Home Budget Expenses & Bill Tracker, Personal / Household Expense Tracker or Cheque book Register It is a task-oriented Excel spreadsheet that already has the necessary and appropriate formulas programmed in and professional-looking formats laid out for you You choose the starting year, you enter your initial amount of your .... Free download of Daily Cash flow Statement spreadsheet 03

All Household Checklists 1.17 VIP Quality Software     update

... at a loss when you start managing your household. Of course, your parents can give you valuable ... new technology that can be applied in the household. New ideas, new approaches, new devices... all of ... 'from father to son'. Here is where All Household Checklists App can help. All Household Checklists App .... Free download of All Household Checklists 1.17

KDE 5.16.2 KDE development     update

... computing professionals and scientists alike. The Internet, a household name traces its heritage to UNIX. In spite of such ubiquitous creations from the UNIX community, average computer users still expect it to be difficult to use and often stay away. This fact is particularly unfortunate since a number of implementations .... Free download of KDE 5.16.2

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Stereo Movie Maker 1.30a Masuji SUTO     update

... Adjustment' for better image quality. · Use a household mirror to encourage the general public to enjoy stereo movies without freeviewing or anaglyph glasses · Rotate left/right images from twin-camera rigs in any configuration. · View in windowed or fullscreen mode on a single or dual monitors and use keyboard .... Free download of Stereo Movie Maker 1.30a

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Matching Game 3 1.00.61 Dataware    

... you more cards to flip - plants, animals, household items, and fantasy characters! Flip any two cards to see if they match. If they do, watch them disappear. Make all the cards disappear to complete a level. Complete 10 levels to win the game! Matching game has two levels of .... Free download of Matching Game 3 1.00.61

Windows Live Essentials 2012 16.4.3528 Microsoft    

... PC. When installed on multiple PCs in the household, Family Safety enforces the same settings and combines reports from all PCs into one. Monitor activities easily Use activity reports to easily review your kids' online activities so you can teach them to use the Internet responsibly. Parents who want .... Free download of Windows Live Essentials 2012 16.4.3528

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Nemo The Clown Aquarium 2.0 MAC N PC Sfotware    

... fun to watch. Even before Nemo became a household name they were extremely popular. Many marine enthusiasts enter the hobby simply because of their attraction to these colorful beauties. The Clown fish are commonly known as Anemone fish though in the aquarium hobby they are more popularly called Clown fish. .... Free download of Nemo The Clown Aquarium 2.0

Finding Nemo Aquarium 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

... fun to watch. Even before Nemo became a household name they were extremely popular. Many marine enthusiasts enter the hobby simply because of their attraction to these colorful beauties. The Clown fish are commonly known as Anemone fish though in the aquarium hobby they are more popularly called Clown fish. .... Free download of Finding Nemo Aquarium 2.0

Intelliremote Melloware    

... or Bitwise BC4/BCX1 * Control of your X10/Zwave household devices if you own either a CM15/19 USB X10 controller or ZWave ControlThink USB ThinkStick .... Free download of Intelliremote

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myhomefiling 4.1.7 Xpress Document Solutions Limited    

... bombardment of paper, but where can the average household store all of this and find it when they need it? myhomefiling is the answer! by using myhomefiling with your computer and your scanner (you know, that thing you thought you might use one day but sits around gathering dust) you've .... Free download of myhomefiling 4.1.7

SharedExpenseTracker 2.7 AppMagic    

... among couples, roommates and others who share a household. This colorful and easy to use application lets you enter receipts and share their responsibility among multiple individuals--splitting an expense equally, charging it to one person, or using a custom percentage. Shared Expense Tracker maintains a running total of "who owes .... Free download of SharedExpenseTracker 2.7

Money on Thread 1.6.5 Sorinel Cristescu (SCC)    

... simple application for personal finance, house budget, or household budget. You add, delete modify the transactions that you usually have (salary, mortgage, rent, bank rate, car rate, credit cards due payments) on the "thread", and thus you can have a quick view when you might have some short cash, or .... Free download of Money on Thread 1.6.5

Everything I Own! 4.0.4 Mycroft Computing    

In the event of theft or disaster, Everything I Own could be the most important program on your computer. Keep track of every item in your home or collection. List purchase price, replacement cost, warranties, locations, types of items, condition of items, where it was purchased, and more. You can add .... Free download of Everything I Own! 4.0.4

HomeManage Home Inventory Software 2015 Liberty Street Software    

Quickly Inventory your home or small business with a digital camera and our HomeManage home inventory software. Invaluable for insurance purposes in the case of theft or loss due to natural disaster. HomeManage makes it easy to create an inventory using images from your digital camera. Use our Estate Planning features .... Free download of HomeManage Home Inventory Software 2015

AVG Family Safety 2012.715 Grisoft    

... maturity, and adjust them over time as your household’s use of the Internet and understanding of Internet threats increases. Keep an eye on content Take steps to protect your children from inappropriate material by enabling 58 categories of protection spanning over 60 million websites. Know what your children .... Free download of AVG Family Safety 2012.715

Docket 1.4 Surprise Software    

... printable to do lists including grocery shopping lists, household chore task lists, or project lists for work. Whatever you use it for you will be amazed at how simple it is to use. Open Docket and start typing. With other software you have to try to figure out how to .... Free download of Docket 1.4

MyHome_Net 4.0.0 LevSoft    

... can add pictures of your items, rooms and household as you go along. When you are done you can print a report either directly, by Microsoft Word, by Microsoft Excel, write a PDF-file or write an HTML-file for the internet. .... Free download of MyHome_Net 4.0.0

Refog Personal Monitor 8.1.9 ReFog Software    

REFOG Personal Monitor is designed to deal with extended families, but it fits small families just as easy. Allowing you to monitor your children activities remotely over the Internet, REFOG Personal Monitor does not even require your close presence in order to be alerted about suspicious activities of either your children .... Free download of Refog Personal Monitor 8.1.9

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Sage UBS Accounting Software 2015 PC Mart Sdn Bhd (374159-W)    

The market leading accounting software in Malaysia,Brunei, Singapore and other ASEAN countries with over 500,000 users Here at Sage UBS, our objective is to offer business solutions that make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes resulting in lower operational costs and reduced risk,leading to a more protable .... Free download of Sage UBS Accounting Software 2015

Energy Costs Calculator 1.3.4 GmbH    

Do you often wonder which household appliances use so much power? You don't know ... installation, the program includes an extensive database of household appliances. Of course, you can add your own items to the list. You will easily find out which appliances are responsible for your high bills. The program .... Free download of Energy Costs Calculator 1.3.4

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