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Thunder Page 1.9.2 Wade Instruments and Service, Inc.    

... later for analysis) can consist of words and phrases previously contrived and compiled into a Keyword List, they could be words and phrases you've imported from another text document or they could be words and phrases contained within the open text itself. More ... put, the program is designed to find and highlight chosen words from any text document. The fact .... Free download of Thunder Page 1.9.2

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OneNote for Android 16.0.12527.2022 Microsoft    

... without opening the app • Bold, italicize, underline, highlight, increase indent, decrease indent - format your notes ... you’ve captured by just typing a keyword or phrase. Sync your work notes stored on SharePoint Online sites with your phone. Here are some more ideas on how to use OneNote: • .... Free download of OneNote for Android 16.0.12527.2022

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WebSite-Watcher 2010 20.3 Aignesberger Software GmbH    

... two versions of websites to your harddisk and highlight all changes in the text. Supports IE/Firefox/Opera Browser-Integration, ... generated content or sites with extensive advertising). Highlight changes: · Highlight changes in pages that have been modified. No ... for in seconds. Filtered content will not be highlighted, so you will not waste your time to .... Free download of WebSite-Watcher 2010 20.3

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VeryUtils PDF Highlighter Command Line 2.3 VeryUtils.com Inc.    

VeryUtils PDF Highlighter Command Line is a command line application which can be used to highlight more keywords in PDF pages. PDF Highlighter Command Line can be used as a server-side application that highlight keywords in PDF documents "on the fly", you ... call it from your service side application to highlighting search terms. VeryUtils PDF Highlighter simplifies the PDF .... Free download of VeryUtils PDF Highlighter Command Line 2.3

Bing Desktop 1.3.478.0 Microsoft    

... need to start doing is even easier. Simply highlight a word or phrase and preview search results without leaving the document or webpage you are reading. Or, without first launching a browser, start a search by simply .... Free download of Bing Desktop 1.3.478.0

VeryPDF PDF Highlighter Command Line 2.0 VeryPDF.com Inc.    

VeryPDF PDF Highlighter software lets you search and highlight keywords in PDF files easily. This software provides ... editing PDF. For example, you can easily add highlights, strikethroughs, underlines hyperlinks and notes to any keywords in the PDF document. VeryPDF PDF Highlighter ensures that same terms are assigned the same color. The highlighter automatically assigns colors to different terms, making the .... Free download of VeryPDF PDF Highlighter Command Line 2.0

SpdPDF Reader Beijing Jingteng Shidai Technology Co.,    

... out of pages, find an exact word or phrase using a search function that shows results in ... You can add text anywhere on the pages, highlight text selections and so on. .... Free download of SpdPDF Reader

Kamus 2.04 Kamus    

... word, 35.000 Indonesian-English word and more than 64.000 phrase; 20 nice skins, Clipboard monitoring; Automatic translations, Compact ... Find Auto remove non alpha character such as Highlight result for Indonesian Find exact word, contain text and Phrase. Adding new word and phrase More that 41.000 English-Indonesian word, 35.000 Indonesian-English word and more that 64.000 phrase. 20 nice skins with optimization .... Free download of Kamus 2.04

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Adobe Reader XI 11.0.10 Adobe Systems    

... commenting tools. So you can add sticky notes, highlight text, and use lines, shapes, stamps, and a ... within the browser. Search for words and phrases Search one or more PDF files at the ... to find every instance of a word or phrase — whether it's contained in page content, annotations, .... Free download of Adobe Reader XI 11.0.10

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Textanz 3.1.4 Cro-Code    

... with a list or dictionary of the words, phrases, and grammar forms, and their frequency of use ... for excessive use or repetition of words or phrases within any document. Textanz provides a vital editing ... search engine ranking for specific search words and phrases Want a great tool to help analyze or .... Free download of Textanz 3.1.4

iMiser Research Assistant 3.3 AdviceSoft LLC    

... local txt, html, rtf, doc, and pdf files. Highlight important Web page text in yellow or blue. ... keywords by double clicking the word. Add a phrase to keywords by right clicking it. Add a saved Web page or word processor document to Favorites with a single click or add it .... Free download of iMiser Research Assistant 3.3

Hilitext 1.5 Fanix Software    

... easier and faster. Powered with an innovative text highlighting technology, Hilitext automatically scans your screen and highlights every instance of your keywords in all open ... information more quickly and easily. It continues to highlight all instances of your target terms automatically as ... forums, newsgroups and chat rooms. Continuous real-time highlighting as you surf Hilitext stays in your system .... Free download of Hilitext 1.5

Apture Highlights 2.0.0 Apture, Inc.    

Apture Highlights is a Firefox add-on designed to combine the ... Twitter to perform amazing searches. Just highlight a phrase on any site to reveal the web’s best content without ever leaving the page. .... Free download of Apture Highlights 2.0.0

eMarking Assistant 1.74 eGrading Solutions    

... to use function keys or toolbar buttons to highlight performance standards, record, increase or decrease marks, and ... provides other features such: search for the selected phrase using Google web, book, or scholar search; highlighted all occurrences of the selected phrase, reuse the selected phrase as a comment or return the current document .... Free download of eMarking Assistant 1.74

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