Ultra File Opener 5.6.3 CompuClever Systems Inc.    

... documents, and data files. Equipped with the groovy Hex Decoding technology, UFO is capable of opening files of any type! Don't stop at just looking at your images or documents! Print, convert, and share them using Ultra File Opener. You can create beautiful prints using templates directly from Ultra File .... Free download of Ultra File Opener 5.6.3

Total Commander 64-bit 9.0 Ghisler Software GmbH    

Total Commander 64-bit (former Wincmd) is an Explorer replacement for Windows. Total Commander handles archives like subdirectories. It supports ZIP/ARJ/LHA/RAR/UC2/TAR/GZ/CAB/ACE archives, and has an internal ZIP-compatible packer. The search function allows to search for files inside archives, even for text. A command line helps starting programs with parameters, and .... Free download of Total Commander 64-bit 9.0

jalada Textual 4.5.1 jalada GmbH    

jalada introduced Textual 4. Your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files. Textual is completely new from the ground up and combines all well-liked features with lots of great new functionalities to every part of Textual. In addition to being the most powerful text editor for Mac, .... Free download of jalada Textual 4.5.1

ESBProgCalc Pro 2.2.0 ESB Consultancy    

ESBProgCalc Pro is a Programmers Calculator that supports full precedence, large range of operations (and, or, xor, not, nand, nor, xnor, shl, shr, rol, ror, neg, mod, etc), Paper Trail, Clipboard Support, History of results, Integrated Help, Expression Editing, and much more. The Calculator also has an expression editor that allows .... Free download of ESBProgCalc Pro 2.2.0

Directory Opus 12.1 G P Software    

Limited and frustrated by Windows Explorer for file management? This major new version 10 of the very popular Directory Opus brings even more power to your desktop for your complete file management solution and replacement for Windows. Now with support for Windows 10. The familiar interface means even the novice can .... Free download of Directory Opus 12.1

Synalyze It! Pro 1.16 Synalysis    

... some key features of Synalyze It! Pro: * Hex Editor & Viewer * Definition of a "grammar" ... in this Pro version) * Change Font in hex view (only in this Pro version) * Printing * Histogram view * Checksum / hash value panel (only in this Pro version) * Go .... Free download of Synalyze It! Pro 1.16

Hexinator 1.8 Synalysis    

Hexinator is a fast free hex editor that allows to edit files of unlimited ... to be even more powerful. Features: * Powerful hex editor - edit files of unlimited size * Universal Parsing Engine - decode complex file formats easily * Incremental search - find text, numbers or masks in .... Free download of Hexinator 1.8

SQLite Expert Personal 4.1 Coral Creek Software    

... Visualize and modify BLOB fields using the integrated Hex editor. Other features * Full Unicode support. * Support for attached databases. .... Free download of SQLite Expert Personal 4.1

SQLite Expert Professional 4.1 Coral Creek Software    

... Visualize and modify BLOB fields using the integrated Hex editor. Other features * Full Unicode support. * Support for attached databases. * Support for encrypted databases. * Lua and Pascal scripting support. .... Free download of SQLite Expert Professional 4.1

Comm Operator Serial Port Tool    

... data Send receive and view data in Text, Hex and Decimal format Send data repeatedly with specified ... data list Create send data list from Text, Hex and Decimal files directly Copy and paste data between different lists Drag and drop to open send data list directly Detect all available COM .... Free download of Comm Operator

Colasoft Packet Builder 2.0 Colasoft LLC    

... provides you very powerful editing feature, besides common HEX editing raw data, it featuring a Decoding Editor which allows you edit specific protocol field value much easier. In addition to building packets, Colasoft Packet Builder also supports saving packets to packet files and sending packets to network. Colasoft Packet Builder .... Free download of Colasoft Packet Builder 2.0

Nomad.NET Eugene Sichkar    

... text search rules (including regular expressions), search in hex, duplicates search and so on... For novices there is a simplified search that is not so scary at first sight.[screenshot] * Powerful filtering system, based on the same core as search. You can use dedicated advanced filter dialog, or use simple .... Free download of Nomad.NET

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IO Ninja Programmable Terminal/Sniffer 3.6.0 Tibbo Technology    

... escape sequences (n, xFF, u2661 etc) * Modern hex editor with support for all UTF encodings * ... clean single-sheet log * Display binary data as hex-view or plain text, merge incoming packets together, etc * Multiple modes of binary data copy (copy-as-text, copy-as-hex, copy-as-C-array, save-as-file etc) IO Ninja features Session .... Free download of IO Ninja Programmable Terminal/Sniffer 3.6.0

Just Color Picker 4.6 Anny    

... graphic designers and digital artists. Features HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, CMYK and Delphi colour code formats; ... notes for each picked colour; conversion of HTML, HEX and RGB colour codes into the corresponding colours; Red-Green-Blue (RGB), Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (CMY) and Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB) colour wheels with marked triads and complementary colours; harmonious .... Free download of Just Color Picker 4.6

ColorDropper 1.0.8 The Cogit Network    

... under the cursor. Both the RGB and the hex code are shown, along with the cursor's position. The program continues to poll for the active color. Polling can be stopped and started with the menu options. The 'Top' setting keeps the program's window on top of other windows. A screen .... Free download of ColorDropper 1.0.8

Precise Calculator 2.6 Petr Lastovicka    

... exp, log, sinh, pi, mod, abs, round, random, hex, fact, permut, gcd, degtorad, polynom, integral, invert, sort, sum, var, foreach, ... .... Free download of Precise Calculator 2.6

EasyRecovery Enterprise Kroll Ontrack Inc.    

... enhanced set of recovery tools, including: Mail Recovery, Hex Viewer, SMART, Bad Block/Block Usage Diagnostics, Imaging tools, Copy Disk and Refresh Disk. .... Free download of EasyRecovery Enterprise

Geshe Beacon Serial and Network Tester 1.8 Geshe Infomation Technology Co., Ltd.    

... Support receiving and displaying data in text or hex mode; 1.2 Support COM interface and automatically search ... test data. 2 Direct Excitation Functions 2.1 Support hex, string and file format data transfer; 2.2 Support cyclic excitation; 3 Protocol Excitation Functions 3.1 Support excitation simulation of master device and slave device; .... Free download of Geshe Beacon Serial and Network Tester 1.8

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery MacOS 5.18.5 SysDev Laboratories LLC    

... local disk. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery embraces embedded Hex-Viewer tool that allows to view raw binary data on a disk or separate disk partition and alter including overwrite data on the storage. For added convenience UFS Explorer Professional Recovery manages simultaneous performance of multitasking operations. As a comprehensive multi-functional application .... Free download of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery MacOS 5.18.5

MMColor 1.6.3 Comm-Unity Networking Systems    

... color dynamically using FileMaker's calculation engine. * Convert hex color values to decimals for use with FileMaker's "TextColor" function. * No limit on what colors you can create. * Use the system color picker to grab colors. * Modify specific components of a color including: red, blue, green, hue, saturation, .... Free download of MMColor 1.6.3

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Miraplacid Data Viewer 3.0 Miraplacid    

... tree. Viewer highlighted selected tree item in the hex viewer panel. A byte selected in a hex viewer can be looked up in the tree. Viewer has rich search and navigation functionality, and can save selected chunk of data to a .... Free download of Miraplacid Data Viewer 3.0

Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.0.5 Adobe Systems    

... the Color panel. And now, copy and paste hex values into other applications more quickly. Type panel improvements Use arrow keys to change fonts in context for selected text. Glyphs for caps, superscripts, and more can now be accessed in one place — from the Character panel. Control .... Free download of Adobe Illustrator CS6 16.0.5

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CrococryptLib 1.4 Hissen IT    

... Easy encoding into binary (less storage space), Base64, Hex, JSON, files or arbitrary stream objects. Choose any format also for databases. * Through the compact format all keys and encryption values can be stored in a single column, field, or property. No further management overhead. * Every value is stored .... Free download of CrococryptLib 1.4

Colorism 2.0 Xisoftware    

Colorism again, a new version of Colorism was released with new features. Colorism 2.0 makes dealing with colors easier.In this new version of Colorism you can enjoy the new, simple and easy to use interface. In Colorism 2.0 you can use Color Generator and generate colors with different methods,you can use .... Free download of Colorism 2.0

Makhaon DICOM Dump 3.1 Makhaon Software    

... file Can expand SQ tags after load Support hex view of file Support store DICOM tags tree into a text file Support save pixel data as a binary or bitmap file Support copy pixel data to a clipboard Support viewing loaded file or its first frame Support display of corner .... Free download of Makhaon DICOM Dump 3.1

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