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MPXPLAY 1.64 PDSoft    

... to a directory and follow the instructions in README.WIN file. More special functions (not full list): - commander-like desktop with two sides and multiply tabs - playlist load and save, drive and directory scan, direct playing from directories - playlist editing functions (sort, tag-filter, list/dir compare) - commander functions .... Free download of MPXPLAY 1.64

eMule Plus 1.2e eMule Plus    

... eMule compatible client created to improve the original GUI and to bring you the best experience ever. ... (SV)} [Aw3] CHANGE: revised software updated instructions in readme.txt {Efix} [Aw3] CHANGE: better Italian translation for "Clear" ... received and veryfied data [Aw3] BUGFIX: don't apply GUI "Prompt on exit" for "exit" CLI command {Vladimir .... Free download of eMule Plus 1.2e

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TekSIP Route Server 1.4.0 Yasin KAPLAN    

... at Support section. and don't forget to read Readme file comes with the distribution. Click here for ... Please see technical details about NAT traversal in Readme.txt You can select IP address to be listened ... busy...). Active SIP session can be terminated via GUI. TekSIP has a Presence Server (SIP/SIMPLE based). .... Free download of TekSIP Route Server 1.4.0

DiffPDF 2.1.3 RubyPdf Technologies    

... out. PDF files can be loaded from the GUI (by pressing the File #1 and File #2 ... Qt 4 applications and is explained in the README. Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu users don’t have to build it manually, they can simply install the binary diffpdf package using their prefered package management .... Free download of DiffPDF 2.1.3

XmlInfo 1.03 1droid.com.au    

... that collaborate with one another to streamline the readme information from the developer into customer documentation, test ... basic collations (reports) from the existing xml formatted readme files. XMLInfo Addin is an addin for Visual ... registry entries are removed. XMLInfo Application is the GUI application of the XMLInfo framework. It provides the .... Free download of XmlInfo 1.03

Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper Tool 1.0.1 Secure Hunter Anti-Malware    

NetstatWrapper Tool Readme File NetstatWrapper Tool: NetstatWrapper is a small windows GUI tool that can be use to run netstat command using UI. With this small tool you can run some of the netstat command line tool and see the result in .... Free download of Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper Tool 1.0.1

TekSIP 3.3.2 Yasin KAPLAN    

... Please see technical details about NAT traversal in Readme.txt You can select IP address to be listened ... busy...). Active SIP session can be terminated via GUI. TekSIP also supports UPnP IGD specification. If installed behind UPnP supported Internet gateway device (ADSL router e.g.), TekSIP automatically detects if it is .... Free download of TekSIP 3.3.2

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YAReG 1.0 Andreas Kurz    

YAReG - Yet Another R(eiser)FStool GUI YAReG (written by Andreas Kunz) is a ... It's free to download and use! :-) README! - Requirements, Notes & Known Problems: YAReG's usage should be self-explanatory to anybody able to create a ReiserFS partition. However, there are certain things you should .... Free download of YAReG 1.0

JCGO 1.10 IvMaiSoft LLC    

JCGO (pronounced as "j-c-go") is a software product which translates (converts) programs written in Java into platform-independent C code, which could, further, be compiled (by third-party tools) into highly-optimized native code for the target platform and deployed. JCGO is a powerful solution that enables your desktop, server-side and embedded/mobile/wireless Java applications .... Free download of JCGO 1.10

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