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ASUS SmartDoctor 5.57 Asus    

... help users make the most of their ASUS graphics cards. It monitors the Fan RPM, AGP Power Level, GPU and ... better performance and convenience. With its comprehensive hardware monitoring functions it provides you with the best graphics card investment protection and best performance when overclocking. .... Free download of ASUS SmartDoctor 5.57

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3DMark 2.11.6866 Futuremark    

... most ambitious and technical benchmark ever, featuring real-time graphics rendered with detail and complexity far beyond what ... resolution used in Fire Strike. A 4K monitor is not required, but your graphics card must have at least 3GB of memory to ... 3DMark Sky Diver to benchmark systems with mainstream graphics cards, mobile GPUs, or integrated graphics. It is .... Free download of 3DMark 2.11.6866

ASUS GPU Tweak 2 Asus    

... as the ASUS homegrown application software for overclocking graphics card adapters. ASUS GPU Tweak features a pretty neat ... exclusive GPU Tweak utility - allowing you to monitor and optimize settings for ultimate performance on any graphics cards. The settings can vary largely depending on the model and manufacturer of the video card. Adjustment of the GPU core voltage turned out .... Free download of ASUS GPU Tweak 2

MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 B15745 MSI Co. LTD.    

... is an incredible handy overclock utility for MSI graphics cards. Afterburner is powered by our own Rivatuner engine, ... extra's. AfterBurner will support both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, Voltage regulation on the GPU, overclocking on core, ... information .. and a really wicked graphical (configurable) monitor. So with combined forces MSI will bring .... Free download of MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 B15745

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OCCT Perestroika 5.5.7 OCCT    

... Linpack) and two other tests designerd for the graphics card and power supply. The CPU and the memory usage are constantly monitored and the values are displayed in a dynamic ... but it also offers support from third party monitoring software, such as AIDA64, provided that you have ... ... ) · CPU and Motherboard detection · Monitoring support through 3rd party application ( i.e. MBM5, .... Free download of OCCT Perestroika 5.5.7

SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.5.0 Sapphire Technology Limited    

... to get the optimum performance from compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards in any application by allowing them to monitor, tune and save different settings of key parameters for the card. TriXX not only monitors basic parameters such as fan speed and GPU ... will allow TriXX to support future releases of graphics cards and GPU families as well as enhancements .... Free download of SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.5.0

MonitorTest 4.0 PassMark Software    

Investigate the quality and performance of computer monitors and LCD flat panel screens using a series ... test patterns displayed at various resolutions. Supporting multiple monitors testing simultaneously, and support for all display types ... etc). Looped testing allows to continually test your monitors and scripted testing provides users with different test patterns with different resolutions and test length. MonitorTest Version 4.0 includes new features: - Changed MonitorTest .... Free download of MonitorTest 4.0

Slickscreen Slickscreen    

... spent good money on that 42" flat panel monitor, or that 17" gaming laptop, how about some new software that leverages that investment? Slickscreen is designed for web browsing in a high resolution environment! Unlike traditional programs, where content get hidden or clipped, Slickscreen is based on a non-overlapping .... Free download of Slickscreen

gfxCardStatus 2.3 Cody Krieger    

... menu bar application that keeps track of which graphics card your 2010 MacBook Pro is using at any ... "i" and "n" icons that signify Intel HD Graphics, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics, respectively Automatically updates when the GPU switches, in .... Free download of gfxCardStatus 2.3

PowerStrip 3.90 EnTech Taiwan    

... programmable hardware support to a wide range of graphics cards - from the venerable Matrox Millennium I to recent AMD Radeon graphics. It is the only program of its type to support multiple graphics cards from multiple chipset vendors, simultaneously, under every Windows ... icon management, a system idle thread, Windows resource monitoring, an anti-burn-in orbiting option, physical memory optimization, an .... Free download of PowerStrip 3.90

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