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ZENPLOT, the data visualization software dedicated to advanced graphics ZENPLOT allows you to create impactful visualizations by stacking different graphic layers (histograms, scatterplots, line charts, bar charts, heatmap / 2D surface, area chart, labels, annotations, axis, legend etc.). The data can ... shapes while navigating through a user-friendly interface. Each graphic is then exportable to vectorial or standard format. .... Free download of ZENPLOT 1.0

ModCom 14.1 Weeder Technologies    

... regulate temperature, pressure, flow rate, tank level, etc. Chart-Recorders can plot the data from any of the screen objects onto a graph. Log-to-File function can send the data from any of the screen objects to a file which can then be imported to a spreadsheet. Log-to-Web .... Free download of ModCom 14.1

NetTraffic 1.66.1 venea    

... information about the network's current state. Tables and charts display statistical information for a selected time period ... data meter, data sent, data received, data usage charts. Realtime, real time statistics, real time data rate chart, live link speed plot, live throughput graph. Network tray icon (network activity indicator), customizable networking. Free download of NetTraffic 1.66.1

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UIChart iOS component 1.4.9 RustemSoft    

... iOS apps with simple, intuitive, and visually compelling chart for complex statistical or financial analysis in different graph types that include Pie, Bar, Line, Cylinder, Area, and other chart types. You can use the UIChart control to show graphs of a small amount of data, or you can scale it to show charts of very large sets of data. Chart objects .... Free download of UIChart iOS component 1.4.9

GanttProject 2.8.11 GanttProject.org    

... opensource. What can it do? * Gantt chart. Create work breakdown structure, draw dependencies, define milestones. ... tasks, see their allocation on the Resource Load chart. * PERT chart. Generate PERT chart from Gantt chart. * Export. Save charts as PNG images, generate PDF and HTML reports. .... Free download of GanttProject 2.8.11

SpectraShop 5.0.34 Robin D. Myers    

... to individual specimens, SpectraShop has a very flexible chart definition and measurement feature. An impressive array of ... flash with i1 Pro Flexible autonaming feature Measure Graph Tool Emissive light, emissive monitor, reflective, transmissive graphs Rectangular graphs Arbitrary graphs (e.g. OECF) Define Graph Tool Create emissive monitor, reflective or transmissive .... Free download of SpectraShop 5.0.34

UCCDraw Diagram Component Source Code 25.01 ucancode software    

... ActiveX Component that enables you to build Visio-style charts from within your application. Figure 1:Allows you to create flow charts, vector drawings, raster images and more with the ... together and apply custom drawing effects to create charts similar to Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW. ... UCCDraw will be included in the XD++ MFC graphics product. Figure 3:In addition to extending the functionality .... Free download of UCCDraw Diagram Component Source Code 25.01

DigitizeIt for Linux 2.3.3 Bormisoft    

DigitizeIt is an application that digitizes scanned graphs and charts. Graphs can be loaded in nearly all common image ... defined and edited. Can handle tilted and distorted graphs. Features * can import almost all ... gif, png, tiff, jpeg, bmp * pasting of graphs via clipboard, * can capture screenshots * data .... Free download of DigitizeIt for Linux 2.3.3

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E-XD++ Diagrammer Professional 25.01 ucancode software    

... archiving, making it easy to save and restore graphical objects, visual layout, and application-related data. E-XD++ also provides support for composing and manipulating graphs (node & arc diagrams). The E-XD++ Class Library ... objects are easily subclassed for application-specific specialization. New graphical objects can be easily added to the existing ... placed in any window of an MFC application. Graphical components, such as button, editbox, listbox, tab, combobox, .... Free download of E-XD++ Diagrammer Professional 25.01

TeeChart Pro ActiveX 2020 Steema Software    

TeeChart ActiveX includes 60+ Chart types in 2D, 3D to visualize data. From the common Line, Bar, Area, Pie chart to the field-specific charts like Candle OHLC, Point and Figure, Volume, High-Low,BoxPlot,etc It provides a .... Free download of TeeChart Pro ActiveX 2020

SO-Sieve 1.1.7151.1 Soil Office Software Group    

... - Test data can be edited using either graph or input table. Hydrometer test - Random generation ... the determination of soil type according to plasticity chart. - User is warned when ASTM D4318 regulations are not satisfied. More information on our website ... .... Free download of SO-Sieve 1.1.7151.1

MindFusion.WinForms Pack 2019.R1 MindFusion LLC    

... combines MindFusion's popular .NET components for: diagramming, charting, scheduling, reporting, gauges. They are easy to integrate - with a few mouse clicks you add to your application functionality that would otherwise take months to develop. Thanks to the extensive documentation, various samples and tutorials, the time required to .... Free download of MindFusion.WinForms Pack 2019.R1

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TeeChart for .NET 2020 Steema Software    

It is a native c# Chart component that includes assemblies for ASP.NET, MVC, NET ... (UWP) and Xamarin Mobile. Features include: - 60+ Chart types: from the commonly used Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Gantt, Bubble, to those more a 'field-specific charts' such as Candles, Kagi, Renko, Darvas and Contour ... number of Points, RSI and Variance - 40+ Chart add-on tools including Annotation, ExtraLegend, ChartImage, SeriesRegion and .... Free download of TeeChart for .NET 2020

Profita 2.27 Vying Brain    

... or lowest PE, EPS etc. Price - Volume Graph of last 3 years. Complete price list of ... date. Company Fundamental information with Financial Reports and charts (MACD, RSI, CandleStick chart etc.) Sector and DSE General Index based Financial chart. Combined report, Weekly report, Market capital, trade, volume, value chart. Favourites Section is added. You can search and .... Free download of Profita 2.27

DigitizeIt for Mac OS X 2.3.3 Bormisoft    

DigitizeIt is an application that digitizes scanned graphs and charts. Graphs can be loaded in nearly all common image ... defined and edited. Can handle tilted and distorted graphs. Features * can import almost all ... gif, png, tiff, jpeg, bmp * pasting of graphs via clipboard, * can capture screenshots * data .... Free download of DigitizeIt for Mac OS X 2.3.3

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yEd Graph Editor 3.19.11 yWorks    

... easily import your own bitmaps (JPG, PNG), vector graphics (SVG), or shape stencils from Visio® VSX files into the palette to create custom element types. Clearly Displayed Data yEd also helps you annotate and position elements for maximum clarity: clearly label elements with icons, multi-line text, HTML, .... Free download of yEd Graph Editor 3.19.11

TeeChart Pro VCL / FMX 2019 Steema Software    

TeeChart VCL/FMX charting library provides entire featureset to create charts, maps and gauges in 2D, 3D for data visualization; 60+ chart styles and 50+ financial and statistical indicators. It supports Embarcadero Windows IDEs (RAD .... Free download of TeeChart Pro VCL / FMX 2019

GMDH Shell 5.16.1 Geos Research Group    

GMDH Streamline (formerly GMDH Shell) is an easy-to-use yet comprehensive application designed for predictive modeling and data mining. The software combines well proven machine learning technology and extended capabilities for effective use of multi-core, multiprocessor and clustered computers. GMDH Streamline (formerly GMDH Shell) makes processing of data much easier in .... Free download of GMDH Shell 5.16.1

LightningChart .NET 8.4 Arction Ltd    

... control for presenting masses of data in 2D graph view, 3D view and polar views. It is add-on library to Microsoft Visual Studio. LightningChart Ultimate's graph view is especially designed for professional high-speed data ... other real-time measurement and signal monitoring applications. The graph is optimized for high-speed sampled signal data handling .... Free download of LightningChart .NET 8.4

LightningChart JS 1.0.1 Arction Ltd    

... all industry standards in amount of data per chart. The graphing library provides intuitive touch screen interactivity with zooming, ... it easy and convenient to manage dozens of charts, legend boxes, buttons, check boxes and other UI ... resizing columns and rows very fast. XY CARTESIAN CHARTS: Series types: Line and point series, area series, .... Free download of LightningChart JS 1.0.1

TeeChart NET for Xamarin.Android 2019 Steema Software    

TeeChart Charting Library for Xamarin.Android offers full set of 60+ Chart styles in 2D and 3D, maps and gauges, ... and statistical indicators and a full set of Chart tools components for additional functionality. The TeeChart for Xamarin.Android license provides support for Android .... Free download of TeeChart NET for Xamarin.Android 2019

JavaScript Diagram 3.3.3 MindFusion LLC    

... flowcharts, workflow and process diagrams, organizational and relationship charts, network and hierarchy drawings, graphs and trees. The library includes more than 100 ... useful features coming out-of-the-box are Json serialization, automatic graph layout algorithms, automatic link routing. .... Free download of JavaScript Diagram 3.3.3

KaPiGraf 2.9 KaPiZone    

KaPiGraf shows your data as a chart easily and quickly. It also offers possibilities which ... X and Y. After clicking „The create graph“, the graph is automatically drawn. This graph can be used in many ways: moving, zooming, .... Free download of KaPiGraf 2.9

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Open Mind 5.0.1 Open Mind Software    

With Open Mind, even the most chaotic ideas can be represented. Open Mind offers you full control over where ideas should be and what connections should exist between them. Open Mind is deliberately intended to be able to create beautiful diagrams with minimal effort from you. Formatting your diagrams with Open .... Free download of Open Mind 5.0.1

csDrawGraph 3.1 Chestysoft    

... object / ASP component draws pie and bar charts and line graphs on the fly. Output can be streamed to ... style. Built in defaults allow the production of graphs with only a few lines of code. Show ... Generate the colours at random if prefered. Bar charts have a choice of orientation - vertical or .... Free download of csDrawGraph 3.1

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