EVGA Precision XOC 6.2.7 EVGA Corporation    

The next generation of overclocking software has arrived with EVGA Precision X. This ... you to fine tune your graphics card, including GPU Clock speed, Memory Clock speed, Fan speed, voltage ... only one choice when it comes to GeForce overclocking software; EVGA Precision X. The future is ... you to fine tune your graphics card, including GPU Clock Offsets, Memory Clock Offsets, Fan Speed, voltage .... Free download of EVGA Precision XOC 6.2.7

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ASUS SmartDoctor 5.57 Asus    

... It monitors the Fan RPM, AGP Power Level, GPU and RAM temperature, and has a slide bar for easy manual overclocking. Furthermore, the embedded HyperDrive and SmartCooling technology can ... graphics card investment protection and best performance when overclocking. .... Free download of ASUS SmartDoctor 5.57

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ASUS GPU Tweak 2 Asus    

... and never back down from a challenge. ASUS GPU Tweak was introduced back in the summer of 2011 as the ASUS homegrown application software for overclocking graphics card adapters. ASUS GPU Tweak features a pretty neat interface, although it ... find yourself immersed into its depth as the overclocking process gets underway. This experience is .... Free download of ASUS GPU Tweak 2

MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 B15745 MSI Co. LTD.    

... and NVIDIA graphics cards, Voltage regulation on the GPU, overclocking on core, shader and memory domains, GPU load levels (ATI), fan speed adjustment, device information ... end-result (we feel) is a great looking user-friendly overclocking experience, with on-the-fly advanced user options .. including ... same functionality for hardware manufactured by both leading GPU vendors and makes migration process really easy. Just .... Free download of MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 B15745

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NVIDIA Inspector Orbmu2k    

... information related to your NVIDIA graphics card and overclocking. In addition to the graphics card information this application provides you with overclocking options. NVIDIA Inspector Download - NVIDIA Inspector is ... cards. The tool is basically an nVIDIA only OverClocking application, you can set your clocks and fan ... graphics cards and offers information on tools for GPU and memory clock speed, GPU operating voltage and .... Free download of NVIDIA Inspector

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SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.5.0 Sapphire Technology Limited    

... monitors basic parameters such as fan speed and GPU temperature but also GPU load, voltages and memory performance. The user can ... the application – for example maximizing performance by overclocking for gaming, or reducing operating speeds and fan ... to support future releases of graphics cards and GPU families as well as enhancements to the tool. .... Free download of SAPPHIRE TriXX 6.5.0

AgaueEye 0.67 XOptiray    

... your CPU/GPU/MB/HDD/RAM state in desktop or overclock your GPU, AgaueEye also support in-game overlay for popular games, so you can monitor the hardware state in games(over 3000 games supported now), then inspect the performance. support popular graphics engines (DirectX 8,9,10,11,12 and OpenGL) What's AgaueEye? AgaueEye is a hardware monitor with .... Free download of AgaueEye 0.67

NVIDIA System Tools 6.08 NVIDIA Corporation    

... Panel * GeForce GPUs – Enables GPU overclocking * nForce MCPs – Enables ... application * GeForce GPUs – Enables GPU temperature monitoring * nForce MCPs – .... Free download of NVIDIA System Tools 6.08

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ATI Tray Tools Ray Adams    

... change Theater mode together with TV Out * Overclocking with templates including FAN Control * Automatic overclocking when application required 3D mode * Temperature monitoring ... with ability to find maximum stable clocks for GPU and Memory. * Game profiles with desktop shortcut ... for HYDRAVISION applications * Monitoring Graphs. (GPU/Env temperature. GPU/Mem speed, Main CPU Usage). * A lot of .... Free download of ATI Tray Tools

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