GPS Utility 5.31 GPS Utility Ltd.    

GPS Utility is an easy-to-use application that provides management and manipulation of GPS information. You can use it to transfer data to/from a GPS receiver and store the data in PC files ... waypoints, routes and tracks. You can plot your GPS information as a map and add map annotations in text or image form. GPS Utility can also be set to gather the .... Free download of GPS Utility 5.31

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GPS TrackMaker 13.9 Geo Studio Technology    

GPS TrackMakerĀ® is the most complete free program for GPS devices!Using the Real-Time Navigation routine you can go out with a GPS conected to a portable computer, knowing exactly what's your location on the map. Create and edit waypoints, ... insert scanned images of map. More than 160 GPS models recognized. Garmin, Magellan, Eagle and others .... Free download of GPS TrackMaker 13.9

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GPS Track Editor 1.09 Build 113 GPS Track Editor    

GPS Track Editor is a Windows application for editing GPS tracks. GPS track is an ordered sequence of points with ... coordinates obtained from a receiver are not precise. GPS errors are affected by a number of reasons ... can show some movement while standing still. GPS Track Editor can help you to clean up .... Free download of GPS Track Editor 1.09 Build 113

GPS Tracker Data Logger AGG Software    

GPS Tracker Data Logger acts as the server and ... collect data from an unlimited number of various GPS trackers simultaneously. The obtained data is processed, uniformed ... other applications can get data in real time. GPS Tracker Data Logger can convert data into other ... to existing systems or view data from heterogeneous GPS trackers with the help of integrated client software. .... Free download of GPS Tracker Data Logger

GPS Simulator 2.0 NMEAsoft    

GPS Simulator is software that generates a virtual GPS data. Easy routing, Selectable map, Support speed control, ... 10EA NMEA protocol messages, Support COMport, UDP, logfile(text) GPS simulator can be applications in drones, automotive, marine, aviation, agriculture and railway sectors. .... Free download of GPS Simulator 2.0

GPS Location Remover For Photos 1.4.0 EaseYou Software    

... most cameras and smart phones will add the GPS location information to your photos when you take pictures?If ... third-party sites will host your photos and their locations both!In this case, the third-party sites and their users can easily get the locations of you, your friends and family without your ... on the web, the kidnappers can use the GPS location info to track and find your children.So, .... Free download of GPS Location Remover For Photos 1.4.0

GPS to vCard 1.2.0 GmbH    

With this tool you can add GPS coordinates to vCards - electronic business cards - ... contained within the vCards and adds the exact GPS position on that basis to the vCard. This ... Media System - Skoda RNS Columbus Features of GPS to vCard at a glance: - Adding GPS coordinates to vCards. - Compatible with popular car .... Free download of GPS to vCard 1.2.0

GPS Generator PRO 4.2.2 Avangardo    

The GPS Generator PRO application is designed for providing assitance ... and testing navigation applications and equipment before purchasing. GPS Generator support different operating modes: file mode, manual (map) mode, path mode. The software emulates NMEA GPS sentences depending on settings and outputs data to ... port, Virtual COM port. It does not require GPS satellites. You simply once specify route and the .... Free download of GPS Generator PRO 4.2.2

Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0 Vutog    

The Vutog GPS Simulator provides a complete suite for all your GPS simulation needs and more. It is designed to assist in developing, testing and debugging GPS Applications, equipment working with the NMEA-0183 protoco and ... for testing navigation applications and equipments indoor when GPS Signal is not available for best productivity maximization. .... Free download of Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0

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MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB 2.2 MarshallSoft Computing    

MarshallSoft GPS Component Visual Basic and .NET toolkit to read and decode industry standard GPS NMEA 183 navigation sentences from the RS232 serial ... is fully thread safe. - The most current GPS data is always available on demand. - Includes ... functions such as mgcGreatCircle. - Can read any GPS NMEA 183 sentence, extracting each field - Can .... Free download of MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB 2.2

Virtual GPS 1.48 Zyl Soft    

Virtual GPS is a GPS simulator software. You can use it to simulate a GPS receiver unit connected to your system. It's ideal when you need GPS input, but you have no signal or for ... sentences, so it can be used with any GPS mapping software. You can use it using a .... Free download of Virtual GPS 1.48

Wialon GPS Tracking 1.0 Gurtam    

Wialon GPS Tracking is an application characterized by its ease ... notifications and controllable routes with check points. Wialon GPS tracking software helps fleet owners to monitor the ... is the ability to work with almost all GPS devices: personal GPS trackers, vehicle GPS trackers and AVLs (Automatic Vehicle Locators). There are 200 types of them today, including .... Free download of Wialon GPS Tracking 1.0

Capturix GPS SDK 6.11.94 Capturix Software Technologies    

The Capturix GPS SDK is a ActiveX OCX Control that provide Visual Basic Developers the interface between GPS receivers and their applications. This is a very ... Google Earth application. Data that can be retrieved: GPS Time,Version of the OCX, Longitude,Latitude, Altitude, Altitude in ... Earth Path recorder, Adjust computer clock using the GPS time. .... Free download of Capturix GPS SDK 6.11.94

GPI to GPs converter 1.3 B013000 Mc & RENOX technologies    

... Garmin POI Loader) to Google Earth (KMZ) or GPS compatible format (GPX) in a few steps. With GPI to GPs converter you are able to transform from GPI to GPs. Download your waypoints from your GPS or Palm PDAs and save it in .GPI ... Gpi2Gps. Then save the Google Earth (KMZ) or GPS Exchange Format (GPX, Garmin MapSource) file. .... Free download of GPI to GPs converter 1.3 B013000

Icons-Land Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set 2.0 Icons-Land    

... now it is much more comfortable to use local service applications, GPS tracking and GIS applications, and any kind of ... - various containers which can be used in GPS tracking applications for cargo and assets tracking; GIS .... Free download of Icons-Land Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set 2.0

Icons-Land GIS/GPS/MAP Vector Icons 2.0 Icons-Land    

... now it is much more comfortable to use local service applications, GPS tracking and GIS applications, and any kind of ... - various containers which can be used in GPS tracking applications for cargo and assets tracking; GIS .... Free download of Icons-Land GIS/GPS/MAP Vector Icons 2.0

OziExplorer 3.95.5t Des & Lorraine Newman    

... tracks on screen and upload these to your GPS. With OziExplorer running and your laptop connected to your GPS, your GPS position is plotted on the map providing real ... for most Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers for Uploading and Downloading Waypoints, Routes and ... on the map and upload these to your GPS (for supported GPS receivers). * Download Waypoints, Routes .... Free download of OziExplorer 3.95.5t

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Racechrono 1.45 RaceChrono    

RaceChrono is a GPS based lap timing software for S60 and Windows ... smart phones and uses position data from your GPS receiver to determine lap times and performance. ... and waterproof installation of your Mobile phone and GPS receiver is the trickiest task, as RaceChrono team members have found out. .... Free download of Racechrono 1.45

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DXsoft TrackLog 1.20 DXsoft    

GPS log-maker. Software create *.plt track file, *.rte route file and, optionally, NMEA-log file. .... Free download of DXsoft TrackLog 1.20

Fugawi Global Navigator Northport Systems Inc.    

... the ideal PC software tool for route planning, GPS programming, and real-time GPS navigation on land, sea and in the air. ... your mouse they can be uploaded into your GPS receiver or chartplotter for use in the field. ... on your adventures can be downloaded from your GPS onto the digital map(s) in Fugawi for analysis. .... Free download of Fugawi Global Navigator

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Gpx2rt2 1.30 DXsoft    

Set of programs to convert GPS-tracks of *.gpx, *.mps, *.plt or *.nmea format to route files *.rt2. Software creates two route files - forward route and backward one. .... Free download of Gpx2rt2 1.30

Gpx2bin 1.20 DXsoft    

A program to convert GPS-track of *.gpx, *.mps, *.plt or *.nmea format to Navitel Tracks.bin "blue line" file. .... Free download of Gpx2bin 1.20

EasyGPS 6.08 TopoGrafix     update

... your computer and your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS. EasyGPS is a program that generates and edits ... name, elevation, or distance. EasyGPS connects your GPS to the best mapping and information sites on ... of outdoor products, you'll be able to exchange GPS data with EasyGPS and ExpertGPS users all over .... Free download of EasyGPS 6.08

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Mapwel Build-11.0-2013 BALARAD, s.r.o.    

All-in-one software for creation of custom GPS maps compatible with Garmin GPS units. Mapwel supports routing, ESRI shapefiles, OpenStreetMap OSM, ... KMZ, cGPSmapper MP and GPX files. Mapwel custom GPS mapping capability and user icons editor are often ... electrical engineering, geology and geodesy. Creation of a GPS map involves georeference of raster images, drawing of .... Free download of Mapwel Build-11.0-2013

ZylGPSReceiver 3.76 Zyl Soft    

... a Delphi/CBuilder component that communicates with a serial GPS receiver. It returns latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading ... component you will be able to develop robust GPS Delphi or CBuilder applications. Be one of the ... be the base class of any kind of GPS receivers. This component contains and NMEA decoder engine .... Free download of ZylGPSReceiver 3.76

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