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GlassWire Firewall 2.3.321 GlassWire    

GlassWire's free firewall software helps protect your privacy & security by ... detected you can block the potential threat with GlassWire's built in firewall management tool. GlassWire visualizes all your network activity on an easy ... is communicating with over the Internet.Go to the Firewall tab to see what applications have accessed the .... Free download of GlassWire Firewall 2.3.321

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor 2.0.324r GlassWire    

... you to go over your carrier data limits. GlassWire makes it easy to keep track of your ... using your data. Go back in time with GlassWires graph to see what apps wasted your data earlier in the week or month. GlassWires data alerts help keep you under your data ... carrier data limit to avoid costly overage fees. GlassWire reveals unusual network activity from unknown apps or .... Free download of GlassWire Data Usage Monitor 2.0.324r

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