Google Picasa for Mac OS X Google     update

... to download, and Picasa Web Albums provides 1 gigabyte of free storage -- that's enough space for 4,000 wallpaper-size photos. Sharing made simple Publish your favorite photos online with one click. Create stunning online photo albums to share with friends and family, or public albums for the world .... Free download of Google Picasa for Mac OS X

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SpeedFan 4.52 Almico    

... to no SCSI access if the Intel Storage Driver is found. ITE IT8620E (used on several Gigabyte boards) support has been greatly enhanced (now SpeedFan can control up to 5 fans and report voltages too). PWM4 and PWM5 on ITE IT8620E .... Free download of SpeedFan 4.52

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BIOS Agent Plus 2.2015.7.14    

... BIOS ID String Hardware Report Memory Data Device Drivers Motherboard ID Manufacturer Chipset Checks your PC for old device drivers and recommends updates. Provides instant access to your detailed BIOS and driver report. BIOS Update Benefits: Windows ... Major Manufacturers: Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, Toshiba, Asus, Gigabyte and more... .... Free download of BIOS Agent Plus 2.2015.7.14

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