TNTatlas 2020 B20200422 MicroImages, Inc.    

... lets you publish and distribute your maps and geospatial data — from a single geodata file to ... GeoTIFF, JP2, PNG, MrSID, DXF, and DWG. Geospatial information plays a growing part in the way ... of blueprints or a custom printed atlas or catalog. You have held a paper atlas and browsed .... Free download of TNTatlas 2020 B20200422

GeoNetwork 3.0.0 Open Source Geospatial Foundation    

GeoNetwork is a catalog application to manage spatially referenced resources. It provides ... an easy to use web interface to search geospatial data across multiple catalogs, combine distributed map services in the embedded map viewer, publish geospatial data using the online metadata editing tools and ... desktop utilities and schedule metadata harvesting from other catalogs. Main features Immediate search access to .... Free download of GeoNetwork 3.0.0

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