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KLONK Map Measurement Image Measurement Corporation    

... the ground Polygon:the distance or area of a geometric shape on the ground On the map, click a starting point for your measurement. Depending on figure type click until you have drawn the figure that you want to measure. End the drawing .... Free download of KLONK Map Measurement

Jet Screenshot 3.1 ArcticLine Software    

... by showing a picture instead of making them figure out the message from hundreds of words in ... and then access various editing tools...text, lines and geometric figures to quickly mark up the screenshot. Jet Screenshot .... Free download of Jet Screenshot 3.1

Geometric Constructions 2.02 Dekov Software    

Encyclopedia of straightedge-and-compass geometric constructions for every student and every school. Geometric Constructions will provide users with: · Basic Construction · Segments · Angles · Circles and Arcs · Triangles · Polygons · Regular Polygons · Triangle Centers · Transformations · .... Free download of Geometric Constructions 2.02

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