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MOPlot 1.93 Sourceforge    

... by occupation numbers. · Normal vibrations, both as displacement vectors and in animated form. For complex molecules where the calculation of the displacements may become slow, a "loop" mode is available ... vectors. In addition, MOplot can: · Compute geometric parameters (bond lengths, angles, dihedrals) for any set .... Free download of MOPlot 1.93

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Calculatormatik 1.15.260 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS    

... Fraction Calculator Fraction Equation Solver Fuel Consumption Calculator Geometric Progression Calculator Greatest Common Factor Growth Rate Heat ... Converter Weight Converter Weight on Other Planets Wien's Displacement Law Zodiac Calc .... Free download of Calculatormatik 1.15.260

Displacement Map 1.0 ImageSkill Software    

Displacement Map is an amusing image distortion, Photoshop-compatible plug-in ... a user to get a view of the geometrically distorted image. The user is free to choose any displacement map which determines the shape of the image ... The plug-in is supplied with a set of displacement maps. It is very useful for artistic image .... Free download of Displacement Map 1.0

AutoFEM Buckling Analysis 1.7 AutoFEM Software LLP    

... has a critical load 109180 N. The relative displacement (buckling mode) is a shape of the equilibrium ... window Postprocessor after the calculation represent the relative displacement. Analysing these forms you can draw conclusions about the nature of displacement in situations of instability. Knowing the expected equilibrium .... Free download of AutoFEM Buckling Analysis 1.7

AutoFEM Static Analysis 1.7 AutoFEM Software LLP    

... allows one to: - take into account the geometric non-linearity; - determine the stress-strain state of temperature ... under the load a part may suffer significant displacement, one should conduct static analysis which takes into account large displacements. The non-linear problem-solver organizes the process of incremental ... static analysis are as follows: - field of displacements of the structure in nodes of finite-element mesh; .... Free download of AutoFEM Static Analysis 1.7

Pro Yacht Marcus Bole    

... the case of the translate and rotate operations, geometric arraying is now available. Furthermore, hull form transformations for B-Spline surfaces, sections and polygonal hull surface representations have been introduced. While the user interface has been upgraded to remove graphical issues that appeared in previous versions when running on Vista/Windows .... Free download of Pro Yacht

Engraver II for Photoshop 2.22 AlphaPlugins,LLC    

... images with thin lines that will form a geometric pattern. The thickness of lines will change depending ... stylized print. There is a wide choice of geometric patterns and types of lines for you images ... the desirable thickness of lines, spacing between them, displacement of the pattern, relief etc. simply adjust the .... Free download of Engraver II for Photoshop 2.22

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