AVRpal.net 4.0.0 Hasanur Rashid     update

... popular avrdude Command Line utility for AVR microcontroller Programming. It has got many features with a ... bytes can be read or written now Zadig genetic USB driver installer is now included and can ... users NOW COMES with Arduino Hex Loader...an useful tool for those who wish to use arduino with .... Free download of AVRpal.net 4.0.0

GPdotNET 3.0 Beta 2 Bahrudin Hrnjica    

GPdotNET is artificial intelligence tool for applying Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm in modeling and optimization of various engineering ... It is .NET (Mono) application written in C# programming language which can run on both Windows and Linux OS. This tool started in 2006 within postgraduate project for modeling ... need to have at least basic knowledge about Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm. Since version 2, GPdotNET .... Free download of GPdotNET 3.0 Beta 2

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