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Orifice Design Calculator Webbusterz Engineering Software    

Size a gas/liquid orifice plate using ISO5167 (2003) International standard and Crane's ... the mass flow rate require for a certain orifice size and plot a profile chart of various mass flow rates vs orifice size. The software can be used to size orifice plates / square edge orifices. Generate a Ms .... Free download of Orifice Design Calculator

Relief valve sizing calculator 1.1.0 Webbusterz Engineering Software    

... Sizing conventional and pilot operated relief valves for gas or vapour relief. 3. Sizing conventional and pilot ... Required effective discharge area, Actual discharge area, Equivalent Orifice diameter of device, Installed Relief rate and Designation. More calculated variables are displayed depending on selected service and input parameters. 11. For vessel fire .... Free download of Relief valve sizing calculator 1.1.0

PipeDrop 1.2.6 GP Engineering Software    

... drops for single lines, a pump network, and orifice plates: Single Line Pressure Drop Calculations: ... Instant data sheet print-out of calculation results. Orifice Plate Calculations: * Interactively solve the liquid/gas orifice equations (ISO 5167-1 standard) for either flow rate, differential pressure, or orifice diameter. * Meter tap arrangements supported include flange, .... Free download of PipeDrop 1.2.6

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