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Sababa Kindergarten Mathematics 1,9 Sababa    

... with the help of this fun and interactive kids math game app. Whether you are a parent who values the importance of learning math for kids or someone who is looking for a happy learning app to support your kid's ... of preschool and kindergarten learning activities and math games for kids, this app offers fun activities to .... Free download of Sababa Kindergarten Mathematics 1,9

Kodu Microsoft    

... is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The programming environment runs on the Xbox, ... rapid design iteration using only a game controller for input. The core of the Kodu project ... simultaneously. The Kodu language is designed specifically for game development and provides specialized primitives derived from .... Free download of Kodu

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Talking Babies for Android 5.5 Dexati LLC    

A fun app for kids with three different babies to choose from and ... of the world, Babies are innocent and entertaining for kids. You can use any Baby Names for the three babies of the app and is a great entertainer if you are into Baby Games. Chose your own baby and become a Baby .... Free download of Talking Babies for Android 5.5

DIRECTV for iPad 5.15.002 DIRECTV, Inc.    

... away with DIRECTV’s Free iPad App. DIRECTV’s App for the iPad lets you search, record and control ... your iPad anywhere in your home. Available for customers in the USA only. FEATURES - ... the show you are watching now and suggestions for similar shows. - Guide Favorites – List of .... Free download of DIRECTV for iPad 5.15.002

Level Up for Android 2.18.1 Ape Apps    

... learn, and you should be able to play for either a few minutes, or a few hours. ... it can get addicting. Like other role playing games, you travel and find different items and weapons ... see added, content or otherwise. This game is for you guys, so help me make it the .... Free download of Level Up for Android 2.18.1

Solbot Energy Rush For Android 1.0 Freakout Games    

... casual and one tap control system mobile game for all age groups. Play as a Color Switching ... Multiple fun power ups -> Challenging casual game for all age group -> Free and easy to play How to Play: -> Tap on left OR Tap on right to move robot -> .... Free download of Solbot Energy Rush For Android 1.0

Egyptian Treasure Hunt 1.0 Fidget Spinner Empire    

... guild, where friends can retrieve your stolen gems for you if you're not around. Players who indicate that they're over 13 on the opening screen can chat with guild members, while those who choose "1-12" as their age can't access chat. Play through over 90 levels to explore new lands .... Free download of Egyptian Treasure Hunt 1.0

Parental Control software review 1.1 pcacme.com    

... online (wilfing) or offline (using available programs, playing games). These monitoring programs provide you with indispensable assistance ... parents have possibility to blacklist the websites their kids are prohibited to watch. There are a lot ... to results of different studies, 11 years old kids are in the first flight of those who .... Free download of Parental Control software review 1.1

Windows Live Essentials 2012 16.4.3528 Microsoft    

So much for free in one simple download, including Photo Gallery, ... you're offline. Family Safety Help keep your kids safe online. Writer Create stunning blog posts ... your email message, and then type a name for your album. Type the email addresses of the ... click On or Off. Family Safety The kids are online and you're busy—Family Safety is there .... Free download of Windows Live Essentials 2012 16.4.3528

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Spelling Bee Ninja 1.1.x SpecialOne Studio    

... a little like practicing the game of football, for hours and hours a week, without a ball! ... of sense: To become a great football player, for instance, talent is not enough. You need good ... need...a ball! Spelling Bee Ninja is "the ball" for spelling bee players. A real spelling bee training .... Free download of Spelling Bee Ninja 1.1.x

The Hat Harmony Hollow Software    

... from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people or to choose individual ... optionally, a colorful beach bucket. This is great for selecting winners of raffles or sweepstakes or for parents or teachers to decide a random, arbitrary order for kids to do things such as play video .... Free download of The Hat

LUPC: Set time limits on Windows, games 5.07 M.A.    

... windows session or internet connection or programs (applications): Games, Internet, Seafight, Counter-Strike, Merlin... Once you have set ... then set maximum daily or weekly time limits for each person and you can easily specify which days of the week and hours of the day there are allowed access. Once the user's .... Free download of LUPC: Set time limits on Windows, games 5.07

Multiplayer Simon Says 1.1.1 Novel Games Limited    

... faked by the false commands? In this game for 2 to 3 players, your goal is to ... careful as different combinations of actions will appear, for example, the character in an image may be ... Also note that some commands will be tricky, for example the sentence may appear as "Sinom says .... Free download of Multiplayer Simon Says 1.1.1

Family Of Fish 3.1 Zebra-Media    

... and fun one wishes to experience through puzzle games, along with the ability to test the logical ... and several other kinds. Besides simply fulfilling target games, the game also offers a limit mode and ... first one, special bonus points are also awarded for quick timing. The game besides providing a way .... Free download of Family Of Fish 3.1

Archer vs Monster Bats 2.1 Zebra-Media    

... is more challenging than the previous. Get ready for an increase in monsters numbers in upcoming levels. ... there are some tricks to get support immediately. For Instance: - If you are unable to kill ... Wind button to drive all the invaders back for next ten seconds. - Power is offered to .... Free download of Archer vs Monster Bats 2.1

Click N Slide 2.02 NCBuy    

... choose from. Further details along with special copies for Webmasters can be found on the Click 'N Slide product page. Difficulty: All ages. Warning: Frustration is virtually assured at the most difficult settings! .... Free download of Click N Slide 2.02

HangARoo 2.052 NCBuy    

A classic game we all played as kids - Hang Man - has undergone a major ... you begging to kill him off. Suitability: Recommended for 12 and up. Key Feature Highlights: * Over 8,500 terms and phrases built in! * Phrases are now categorized within main categories, such as Geography .... Free download of HangARoo 2.052

Geometry Quiz 1.0.2 Novel Games Limited    

Longing for a refreshing mathematical challenge? Take the Geometry Quiz ... entered is wrong or if time is up for the current question, the correct answer will be shown, and you can click the OK button to continue the quiz. The current number of question and your score will be displayed .... Free download of Geometry Quiz 1.0.2

Pluto Space Quest 1.0 Gamekens Games    

... rocket game would be very impressive and challenging for both kids and adults. Be an astronaut and land on the Pluto by surpassing obstacles and collecting reward points. This rocket game will be exciting and .... Free download of Pluto Space Quest 1.0

Teddy Adventures 3D 2.0.1 Teddy Games    

... after level, fight with wily monsters (bloodless - for the kids) and win! Unleash the power of your video ... hand/eye coordination, and features vivid graphics. Good fun for all the family. .... Free download of Teddy Adventures 3D 2.0.1

LockWiz 2.00 Toolwiz Soft    

... your personal sensitive date. Once you set lock for individual APPs and encrypt multimedia files - nobody ... Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp, WeChat etc. Set controls for the games and APP store - prevent your kids from game addiction and random purchase. Encrypt almost .... Free download of LockWiz 2.00

Simon Says 1.2.0 Novel Games Limited    

... box at the upper part of the screen for a few seconds. After the command is removed, ... only the latest command needs to be executed, for example, if "Simon says sit down" and "Simon says stand up" are given, you only have to stand up. When you advance in the .... Free download of Simon Says 1.2.0

Desert Typing 1.0 Typing Games    

... is simple enough to be played by both kids and parents. The mission of the game is quite simple. You have to destroy the dark clouds which are polluting the atmosphere. Each cloud can contain a simple letter or a word of variable length. When typing the name of the .... Free download of Desert Typing 1.0

REFOG Time Sheriff 2.39 REFOG    

... you the possibility to make sure that your kids are using the PC correctly. Time Sheriff gives ... how long certain users can be logged in for. This means that you can make sure your ... are not spending too much time playing video games for example, allowing you to stop access to .... Free download of REFOG Time Sheriff 2.39

Kids maths games for girls and boys 1.0.0 Gnet Ventures    

Simple free kids maths games for girls and boys to learn and practice mathematics addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Mental calculation game for kids of ages 3 - 13 and teenegers. It .... Free download of Kids maths games for girls and boys 1.0.0

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