SteamGridDB Manager 0.2.6 1 HP Games     new

Import games from Origin, Uplay, Epic Games Launcher, Blizzard, into your Steam library with ... of images. You can choose grids for Steam games, games imported using SteamGridDB Manager, and manually added non-Steam games. Currently Supported Launchers: - Origin - Uplay - Epic Games Launcher - Blizzard - .... Free download of SteamGridDB Manager 0.2.6

QLPrism 4.40 syncore     new

... Live + Prism." This is a web application-style launcher for Quake Live. Rather than loading up your web browser, you can simply double click the QLPrism icon on your desktop to directly launch Quake Live. This package essentially combines Quake Live and a modified version of Mozilla Lab's Prism, which .... Free download of QLPrism 4.40

Photon GameManager 4.15 Photon-Software     update

Photon is an advanced game launcher and the product of many years hard work by Thomas Preece. It focuses on making your game collection look amazing and is designed to automate the process of downloading game art, game info, official patches, cheats, manuals and walkthroughs. It ... and to get the most out of your games. Photon has 3 main parts. The first .... Free download of Photon GameManager 4.15

Alien Strike 1.97     update

3d action game, vehicular combat. Our planet Earth was attacked by ... and bases - laser guns, plasma guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and the most powerful of them - superweapon launcher. .... Free download of Alien Strike 1.97

Counter-Strike 2D Unreal Software     update

... 2D is a two-dimensional conversion of the popular game Counter-Strike by Valve®. You control your character from ... to see through walls and thereby encourages tactical gameplay. However Counter-Strike 2D has to offer much ... There are loads of new maps, weapons and game modes! Capture the Flag, Domination, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, .... Free download of Counter-Strike 2D

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Razer Cortex Razer (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd.     update

RAZER CORTEX: GAME BOOSTER With Razer Cortex: Game Booster, unlock your systems full potential with a ... SYSTEM BOOSTER Razer Cortex doesn't merely boost your games, it boosts your entire system. The new Razer ... gaming, it's also perfect for daily use. RAZER GAME DEALS Get more bang for your buck with the Razer Game Deals price comparison engine and giveaways. With the .... Free download of Razer Cortex

Counter Strike Global Offensive Launcher 1.35 Cs Developers     new

Launcher Counter Strike Global Offensive can update/download the game and install maps, wallpapers, configs etc. You can select game language, create avatar or select it from gallery, ... Russian but you can use any language in game. To install the game press 'update' button and wait until finish. Click ... install maps or other stuff. Program can autodetect game updates and inform you immediately. We use official .... Free download of Counter Strike Global Offensive Launcher 1.35

Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.176 Inteset Systems, LLC    

Lock down Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Inteset's inexpensive Secure Lockdown v2 - Multi Application Edition is ideal for kiosks, trade shows, library and school labs, hotels, hospitals, Internet cafes, gaming centers, museums, and correctional facilities. Give access to only the apps you need. Secure Lockdown removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted key .... Free download of Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.176

Razer Cortex Razer    

FOCUS ONLY ON THE GAME Razer Cortex brings enhanced gaming performance, recording and streaming gameplay, and the ability to find the best gaming deals to a single screen with all your games just a click away. RAZER CORTEX: BOOST Unlock ... for price drops on all the top digital game stores and never let another gaming deal pass .... Free download of Razer Cortex

JongPuzzle 3.85 SoftAKGames    

... is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire game for Windows. It is a fun puzzle game like mah jongg, that tests your mind. Its ... to remove all of the tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed only in pairs ... mouse to play. Move it to aim your launcher, and click to launch your tiles. The game .... Free download of JongPuzzle 3.85

Bouncing Balls Battle 1.0.3 Novel Games Limited    

... experience the endless fun of this extraordinarily indulging game! Same as the solo version, your goal in ... before he gets in your way. When the game starts, multiple color balls piled up in rows ... area. A color ball is put into the launcher at the bottom of the area, and the .... Free download of Bouncing Balls Battle 1.0.3

Ultra Game Launcher 2.7 GilEli    

Ultra Game Launcher is not just about optimizing game preformance, it also focuses on you - the gamer! as a gamer, you must be familiar with the feeling of ... time every (configurable) period of time, etc. Ultra Game Launcher helps to deal with 3 problems: *The game is running in low performances. *It seems impossible .... Free download of Ultra Game Launcher 2.7

PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0 itigic    

PaperPlane Smart Launch is a free launcher program aka. shortcut manager which enables you to ... file, visit a website URL, play your favorite game, or open any shortcut etc, in one place. ... you want to organize the apps, files, URLs, games yourself, simply disable this feature and drag the ... - Launch your most accessed apps, files, URLs, games, and more - Organize your apps, files, URLs, .... Free download of PaperPlane Smart Launch 1.0

Marble Lines Battle 1.0.2 Novel Games Limited    

... of the title of numero uno! In this game, your goal is to shoot and form groups ... destroy them and clear the lines. When the game starts, a line of color marbles will be ... of the maze you will be given a launcher, in which a marble will be placed inside .... Free download of Marble Lines Battle 1.0.2

Math Lines 1.4.3 Novel Games Limited    

... the golden trophy shall be yours! In the game of Math Lines, your target is to remove ... so as to clear the line. When the game starts, a line of marbles marked with numbers ... of the maze you will be given a launcher, in which a marble will be placed inside .... Free download of Math Lines 1.4.3

DayZ Commander LiquidOptical    

... beta are released. Commander will intelligently locate your game directory and install the updates with a single click. Commander starts up in mere moments, allowing you to join your favorite server within seconds. Performance is always being evaluated and improved. Favorite server functionality that doesn't suck. A seperate .... Free download of DayZ Commander

Bricks Sniper 1.0.0 Novel Games Limited    

... bricks as you can! Your goal in this game is to shoot the bricks so that 3 ... color can be linked and destroyed. When the game starts, a few bricks of different colors will appear in the play area. A color brick will be placed in the shooter under the .... Free download of Bricks Sniper 1.0.0

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies Rebellion    

... four deadly zombie archetypes in thirty levels of game play. Choose from seven special upgrades to give ... Lawgiver or try the Spitgun, Scattergun or Hi-Ex Launcher. Immerse yourself in a future world where the ... combat advantage Three episodes and thirty levels of game play, with high replayability Star and Commendation system .... Free download of Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

QTracker 4.92 Ronald E. Mercer    

If you've ever played a multiplayer game on your PC, the in-game server browser has ... one program you can manage all of the games you play, whether they're on the Internet or your LAN, without ever having to load a game. Find your friends, find new servers, watch games in progress, administer servers, and tons more. .... Free download of QTracker 4.92

Singularity FPS 1.0 Cm4msaa7 Games    

An indie game with one developer, Singularity FPS is a game by a gamer, for gamers. Frustrated with the same old stuff coming out ... only difference being better graphics, this is a game that is truly different. For example, to capture ... Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle alt fires as a grenade launcher. Shotgun has a Super Spread Shotgun alternate fire. .... Free download of Singularity FPS 1.0

Exolon. Episode II: New Wave 1.1 ZX Games    

... do you have a rifle and a missile launcher for? Would be a shame not to use it. Blob, blob. blob? - No, burst, burst, burst! It's Exolon Episode II: New Wave. This is no tearjerk kind of nostalgia - this time it comes with a full swing right at .... Free download of Exolon. Episode II: New Wave 1.1

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