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MassWebSite Premium 1.01 MassWebSite Premium    

... form. Generate an about us page. Automatic sitemaps generator. Light code for fast load time. Media support – images, movies and other media files. Integrate with Schema.org. Build in spin text engine. Support for integration .... Free download of MassWebSite Premium 1.01

Generate Barcode Images in C# 2020.12.2 Francesca Miller & Generate Barcode Team    

... Library reads and generate most Barcode and QR codes. These include code 39/93/128, UPC An/E, EAN 8/13, ITF, RSS 14/Expanded, ... * Read single or multiple Barcodes and QR Codes from pictures or PDFs. * Image processing for ... Style Barcodes and include comment content. * QR Code Writing permits inclusion of logos, colors, and progressed .... Free download of Generate Barcode Images in C# 2020.12.2

EnWeb HTML Editor 1.0 Iason Software    

... an easy to use yet powerful HTML source code editor for Windows. Features include additional built-in custom ... work of dozens of HTML and CSS statements, code generator dialogs, include library files directly within your programs, .... Free download of EnWeb HTML Editor 1.0

C# HTML to PDF 2020.10.3.3 Jean Ashberg & The C# HTML to PDF Team    

... embedded chromium rendering using the IronPDF C# pdf generator. C# PDF Library - The source code relies upon IronPDF which is a popular Library ... CSS and HTML5 For a detailed overview with code samples please visit homepage Going Forwards developers may ... if they were arrays of pages using .Net code - Extract text strings and images from any .... Free download of C# HTML to PDF 2020.10.3.3

ASPX to PDF 2020.10.3.3 Jacob Müller & The ASPX to PDF Team    

... .Net platform. The project uses ASPX + C# code (although VB.Net is just as compatible) to render ... (ASPX to PDF) static class in the ASPX code-behind Page_Load event to change all of the HTML ... little as 2 lines of C# or VB.Net code. As such we use asp.net print to PDF .... Free download of ASPX to PDF 2020.10.3.3

ASP. NET PDF Generator 2020.10.3.3 ASP.NET PDF Development Team    

... into PDFs using only a single line of code. We simply generate a standard ASHX page, MVC View, or static HTML page, or even HTML as a string, and use Iron PDFs HTML to PDF conversion functions to render that HTML as a fully functional PDF, which may include forms .... Free download of ASP. NET PDF Generator 2020.10.3.3

Free 2D Barcode Generator Han-soft Corporation    

... prints most popular 2D barcode symbologies including Aztec Code, Aztec Runes, Data Matrix(ECC 0-140, ECC 200), QR Code, PDF417, Micro QR Code, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, Code 16K, RSS family(RSS-14 Standard, RSS-14 Truncated, RSS-14 Stacked, .... Free download of Free 2D Barcode Generator

Free 1D Barcode Generator Han-soft Corporation    

... linear, clocked and postal barcode symbologies including Codabar, Code11, Code25 family, Code32, Code39, Code93, EAN-2, EAN-5, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-128, EAN-128, MSI, ITF, DPI, DPL, Flattermarken, Pharmacode, Postnet, .... Free download of Free 1D Barcode Generator

C# PDF 2020.10.3.3 C# PDF Document Team    

C# PDF Document for IronPDF gives code samples and additional guidelines on the most effective ... supported by a C# webkit 'Html to PDF' generator / renderer. Support at: homepage IronPDF is a ... There is no new API to learn, most coders are generating PDFs in minutes using the Visual Studio .... Free download of C# PDF 2020.10.3.3

The .Net PDF Library 2020.10.3.3 Iron .NET PDF Developers    

... It is not open-source in itself; however, source code for all of our tutorials and many of ... in the ASP.NET environment by providing a PDF generator which can turn existing Windows Forms, MVC Views, ... can be achieved in a single line of code. Iron PDF is perfect for use in a .... Free download of The .Net PDF Library 2020.10.3.3

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.37 Vladonai Software    

... hidden from prying eyes! Only enter an access code for your storage file, and AllMyNotes Organizer will ... to access your data without knowing your access code :) The concept of this app is pretty ... File Attachments, Access Restriction by Password, built-in Password Generator Utility, Icons, Tasks, Free-form data tree structure, Automated .... Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.37

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Data Matrix Native Access Barcode 19.09 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

... barcodes in Microsoft Access with the Native Barcode Generator, without the installation of additional fonts or other ... static data. Once installed, the Data Matrix Barcode Generator remains embedded in the database, even when distributed. Additional Native Barcode Generators include support for the following symbologies: Code 3 of 9, Code 128, Code 93, MSI, .... Free download of Data Matrix Native Access Barcode 19.09

Data Matrix Excel Barcode Generator 19.09 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

The Native Data Matrix Barcode Generator for Microsoft Excel provides barcoding capability to Microsoft ... other components. The Native Data Matrix Barcode Excel Generator is compatible for both Microsoft Windows and Mac ... on Mac with VBA support. Additional Native Barcode Generators include support for the following symbologies: Code 128, Code 3 of 9, Code 93, MSI, .... Free download of Data Matrix Excel Barcode Generator 19.09

Just Color Picker 5.5 Anny    

... HSB/HSV, HSL, HWB, CMY, CMYK and Delphi colour code formats; averaged colour sampling for handling colour noise; ... colour; conversion of HTML, HEX and RGB colour codes into the corresponding colours; Red-Green-Blue (RGB), Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (CMY) and Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB) colour wheels; harmonious colour scheme generator for creating good combination of colours; RGB, HSV .... Free download of Just Color Picker 5.5

The C# PDF Library 2020.9.0 IronPDF.com    

... application can print an ASPX webpage to PDF. Code and design remains the same as if we output to HTML - either 'in the browser' or as a direct download. homepage IronPdf also benefits from excellent PDF printing options including control over DPI resolution for high-quality print jobs. You can .... Free download of The C# PDF Library 2020.9.0

WebSite Auditor Professional 4.47.6 Link-Assistant.Com: SEO tools    

... and italic text; -The quality of the page's code; -The page's images and alt texts; -The page's ... one place; -An XML Sitemap editor; -A robots.txt generator; -A reporting module; -A Domain Strength table where you can see key SEO metrics regarding your domain; -Other useful features. Need to know all .... Free download of WebSite Auditor Professional 4.47.6

C# QR Code Generator 2020.6.0.0 Jennifer Wright & Iron Barcode / QR Team    

... Barcode is an example of a high-quality QR code library for C# and .NET. It is available ... name Barcode (homepage Iron Barcode can read QR codes from native System.Drawing.Image and Bitmap objects in addition ... homepage IronBarcode provides unique functionality for styling QR codes in .NET. Using a fluent API, we can .... Free download of C# QR Code Generator 2020.6.0.0

.NET Barcode Library 2020.6.0.0 .NET Barcode Library Team    

... tags. Likewise, it works very well with QR codes and other 3D standardized bar codes. IronBarcode has extended support for QR codes, not only in reading and correcting them, but ... optimizing the coloring, styling, and pixilation of QR codes and even allows us to add logos to QR codes so that they can be used in print .... Free download of .NET Barcode Library 2020.6.0.0

The C# Barcode Library 2020.5.0 IronBarcode Coders    

... allowing software developers to read and write QR codes and barcodes in .NET Core, Standard, or Framework ... include the two-dimensional matrix formats such as QR codes, Aztec, and Beta Matrix. QR codes can be styled, colored, and even have logos ... barcodes. Modern linear formats that are supported include Code 93, Code 128, and PDF417. These barcode formats .... Free download of The C# Barcode Library 2020.5.0

IDAutomation QR Code Image Generator 20.03 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

... ability to save the settings of the Image Generator into an XML file and create barcodes from ... functional demo. For more information about the QR Code Image Generator and to download a demo of the package, .... Free download of IDAutomation QR Code Image Generator 20.03

dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.0.304 Devart    

... SQL coding (code completion, formatting, MySQL prompt, and code snippets bring convenience and effectiveness to your SQL code writing). -Schema/Data Comparison and Sync. -Data Generator - supports all MySQL data types, includes a large number of meaningful generators with customizable settings, and allows generating data via ... Backup. -Database Administration. -MySQL Debugger - offers step-by-step code execution, breakpoints, watches, a call stack, a variables .... Free download of dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.0.304

Native Linear Generator for Filemaker 19.06 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

The FileMaker Pro Barcode Generator is a set of custom functions that may ... an already installed system font. Supported symbologies include Code 128 (Sets A, B, C, and Auto), Code 39, Code 39 Mod 43, USPS IMb, UPC-A, EAN-13, Interleaved ... Updates for 2019 release include: Added the Native Generator Custom Functions as an additional product to the .... Free download of Native Linear Generator for Filemaker 19.06

LabelJoy Labeljoy    

... Labeljoy enables you to print Barcodes and QR Code, Texts, Images, Cliparts and other graphic elements, and ... txt, wk1-2-3, Sql Server, MySql, Oracle. QR CODE GENERATOR included in Labeljoy. You can generate, export and ... easily. BARCODE management, you can generate Upc, Code 39, Ean13, Ean8, Ean128, ITF14, UPC, Code 93, .... Free download of LabelJoy

ASPMaker 2018.0.5 e.World Technology Ltd.    

ASPMaker is a powerful ASP code generator that can generate a full set of ASP ... applications that best suits your needs. The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize. ASPMaker can save you tons of time .... Free download of ASPMaker 2018.0.5

The Enigma Protector 6.70 The Enigma Protector Developers Team    

... others to reconstruct or reproduce the registration key generator for your software. Various methods of code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization will help protect your application from hacking, modifying, disassembling, illegal retrieval of unique functions and data, etc. .... Free download of The Enigma Protector 6.70

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