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Windows Backup Viewer 2.0 rBits    

To view Windows backup files, try windows backup viewer. The software is 100% free and provides exact result after completion the process. The program is completely virus free. It provides additional function to search as well ... preview the backup from Windows data files. This viewer program also views the deleted files and folders. .... Free download of Windows Backup Viewer 2.0

VHDX File Viewer 3.2 rBits    

VHDK File Viewer is the tremendous solution, to open damage/corrupted files. ... number of files with exact information. It supports VHDX files those are created with Microsoft Hyper-V. VHDX File Opener is free to use, any user can easily open vhdx file, without any problem. Its graphical user interface ... user works comfortably with this tool. VHDK File Viewer highly compatible with all versions of Windows Operating .... Free download of VHDX File Viewer 3.2

VHDX Viewer 3.2 rBits    

Microsoft Hyper-V VHDX file Viewer utility to quickly view VHDX files from corrupted and damaged virtual drives. Supports VHD and VHDX virtual drive format with NTFS and FAT file systems. VHDX Viewer mount and explore contents of VHDX files in a few simple clicks without any ... message during the preview of corrupted and damaged VHDX files. Designed with intelligent algorithms which allows to .... Free download of VHDX Viewer 3.2

Hyper V Data Recovery 2.1 VHD File    

... Hyper-V data recovery tool and try it for FREE. If you find it useful for your data recovery need and decide to recover your files then you must buy a license. .... Free download of Hyper V Data Recovery 2.1

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