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Wellness 4.7 Zentrum Publishing    

Wellness Software is a vast compilation of known alternative medicine ... and Herbal (540+ herbs) Databases. Also explore Wellness Software's many charts, text files, and mini-databanks on: Homeopathy ... the Immune System, Parasites, Infections, Phytochemicals, Rejuvenation, Tonics, Color Therapy, basic First Aid, Fever, Nutrition (Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals) and Diagnostic Aids. There's also a colorful Foot Reflexology chart! Most sections require registration to .... Free download of Wellness 4.7

Natural Healing 6.8 Zentrum Publishing    

Natural Healing Software features a large Afflictions database (300+ entries) with ... access to all listings, plus numerous Charts (Color Therapy, basic First Aid, Food and Body pH, Nutrient ... Disease Development causes and theories. Registration also includes free program upgrades plus unlimited program support! For educational use only. .... Free download of Natural Healing 6.8

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