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Entity Developer 6.11 Devart     update

... is a powerful ORM designer for ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to ... allows you to create and edit NHibernate, Entity Framework (including Entity Framework Core), LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to ... *Multiple ORM Support: Entity Developer supports NHibernate, Entity Framework (including Entity Framework Core), LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, .... Free download of Entity Developer 6.11

Net Core PDF Generator 2021.3.1 .Net Core PDF Generator    

... provides PDF rendering and manipulation functionality for .Net framework, as well as .Net can standard and .Net ... not just .Net core, it integrates with .Net framework, and anything written in .Net standard will work in any up to date version of .Net. IronPDF and all of its PDF functionality or .... Free download of Net Core PDF Generator 2021.3.1

Generate PDF in C# 2021.3.1 Generate PDF in C#    

... Any type of .Net project which supports .Net framework 4.0, .Net core 2.0 or class libraries supporting .Net standard 2.0 and above can be used to generate PDFs in C# or VB .Net using IronPDF. We support Azior, Docker, Linux, Mac and Windows targets. Can I link my custom CSS .... Free download of Generate PDF in C# 2021.3.1

CSharp PDF Reports 2021.3.1 CSharp PDF Reports    

... with C# .Net applications. Crystal Reports is a framework for generating reports. In .Net, it's become incredibly ... create an XML report is using whichever report framework you already use. It should have an XML export functionality. If it does not, I suggest moving to a reporting platform that supports XML .... Free download of CSharp PDF Reports 2021.3.1

C# PDF Parser 2021.3.1 C# PDF Parser    

... VB .Net and any other .Net core or framework application. What different ways can you view the ... can be used in. Any type of .Net framework or core or standard application. These include Linux, ... functions. IronPDF supports every project type, which .Net framework and core support. Design PDF support core standard .... Free download of C# PDF Parser 2021.3.1

C# Read Excel File 2021.1 Christian Findlay and C# Read Excel Team    

IronXL (Excel) is a C# VB .NET class library with functionality for reading, generating, and updating Excel spreadsheets. Iron Excel can be used for a host of applications, including accounting and finance systems, content management, and data import. Iron Excel is different from Office Interop not only that it requires very .... Free download of C# Read Excel File 2021.1

OCR in .Net 2020.12.2 IronOCR .NET OCR Team    

Iron OCR has been specifically designed for use in .NET applications, including console applications, Windows Form Applications, WPF, and web applications such as Windows Forms and MVC. It is built on top of the Tesseract platform, but adds additional functionality, making Tesseract more usable in the real world. homepage and homepage .... Free download of OCR in .Net 2020.12.2

ASP.NET Maker 2021.0.3 e.World Technology Limited    

ASP.NET Maker is a powerful automation tool that can quickly generate an ASP.NET Core 5 MVC web application in C# from a Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite or Microsoft Access database. ASP.NET Maker can also create summary reports, crosstab reports and dashboards with JavaScript (HTML5) charts (column, bar, line, .... Free download of ASP.NET Maker 2021.0.3

Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29 iTextSharp Alternative    

... (homepage can be used inside ASP.NET Core and Framework ventures for MVC, Web, Console and Desktop Applications ... thus disentangling complex PDF tasks. Requires either .Net Framework 4.0 or above on Windows, or .Net Core 2.x and 3 on Windows, MacOS or Linux. Good with cloud facilitating administrations including Microsoft Azure. .... Free download of Alternative to itextsharp 2021.1.29

SameTools EDB to PST Converter 1.0 SameTools EDB to PST Converter    

... of whether MS Outlook isn't introduced on your framework, you can change over single letter drop just as numerous post boxes, it assists with saving you part of time separated from this, it gives 30 days unconditional promise which makes this took totally hazard free. .... Free download of SameTools EDB to PST Converter 1.0

Vue Injector 3.3.1 Scand Ltd.    

... design pattern that is not included in Vue.js framework by default Provides convenient mechanism of data transfer Allows creating both a service and a service factory Allows requesting the service instead of creating it, providing the ability to depend on interfaces rather than concrete types Provides the ability to implement .... Free download of Vue Injector 3.3.1

The C# Barcode Library 2020.12.2 IronBarcode Coders    

... codes and barcodes in .NET Core, Standard, or Framework applications. It is available from homepage It is ... development team. Iron Barcode is available for .NET Framework 4.0 and higher with Microsoft Azure support. Iron ... HTML. Supports .NET Core 2.0 & 3.0, .net framework and .NET standard on Windows, MacOS, and Linux .... Free download of The C# Barcode Library 2020.12.2

The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2 C# Excel Library Team    

... Excel XSLX, XLS, & CSV Spreadsheets in .NET Framework and .NET Core applications and websites. It is ... or above, .Net Standard as well as .Net Framework 4.5 or above. Installation on Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, Xamarin, Mobile, Mono or cloud based services such as Azure and AWS. The C# Excel .... Free download of The C# Excel Library 2020.12.2

ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29 IronPDF ASPX to PDF Team    

... languages to build applications using the Microsoft .Net Framework version 4 or later. IronPDF be used by .Net developers to create software applications such as MVC Web applications, Windows Server applications, Console apps, Desktop Applications, ASP .Net Web Form websites, Razor Views, or WPF Applications. Iron PDF differs from .Net .... Free download of ASPX to PDF Converter 2021.1.29

WbBrowse 3.0 WbSrch    

... on Blink and was built using the Qt framework. It uses the same rendering engine as Chrome and web pages will render in a similar fashion. It features print support, file downloads, private browsing, bookmark management, web history, and source code view. It also supports modern HTML5 site elements such .... Free download of WbBrowse 3.0

MailConverterTools PDF Lock Remover 3.0 MailConverterTools    

... you complete access to the file. The security framework is enabled in a PDF file to avoid any modification in the content, which includes printing, editing, commenting, document assembling, etc. The user can decrypt the multiple files in a single step. You can select as many PDF files as you .... Free download of MailConverterTools PDF Lock Remover 3.0

C# HTML to PDF 2021.1.29 Jean Ashberg & The C# HTML to PDF Team    

... PDF development and editing for the Microsoft .Net Framework homepage C# HTML to PDF Compatibility - This ... other IL compatible .Net language supporting Microsoft .Net Framework version 4 or later to create: - console applications - ASP.Net Web Forms websites - MVC Web applications - Razor Views - Windows Forms .... Free download of C# HTML to PDF 2021.1.29

SameTools PST Extractor Tool 1.0 SameTools PST Extractor Tool    

... that everybody has MS Outlook introduced on their frameworks. In the event that you don't have Outlook ... Outlook information PST document, Outlook establishment on the framework is obligatory. In any case, numerous clients need to Extract Outlook messages from PST document without Outlook. For instance, advanced scientific agents may run .... Free download of SameTools PST Extractor Tool 1.0

MVC to PDF Converter 2020.12.3 MVC to PDF .Net Development Team    

... Web Services, Console and Desktop Applications. Requires .Net Framework 4.0 or above on Windows including Microsoft Azure Cloud. Receive Product Support From Our Development Team. Regardless of whether its a product, licensing or installation question, the Iron Software PDF Team are on hand to help with your inquiries. Connect and .... Free download of MVC to PDF Converter 2020.12.3

C# QR Code Generator 2020.12 Jennifer Wright & Iron Barcode / QR Team    

Iron Barcode is an example of a high-quality QR code library for C# and .NET. It is available on NuGet Package Manager under the name Barcode (homepage Iron Barcode can read QR codes from native System.Drawing.Image and Bitmap objects in addition to any modern image formats, scans, photographs, and PDF documents .... Free download of C# QR Code Generator 2020.12

The .Net PDF Library 2020.12.3 Iron .NET PDF Developers    

... including SVG graphics. homepage fully supports all .NET Framework languages, including VB.NET and C#. This works equally in server applications, desktop applications, console applications, and in websites such as MVC and Windows Forms. Iron PDF is a commercial library. It is not open-source in itself; however, source code for all .... Free download of The .Net PDF Library 2020.12.3

Install Package IronPdf 2020.12.3 Iron PDF Development Team    

... web forms and MVC. Supported on Windows .Net Framework 4.0 or above. Cloud hosting supported including Azure and Amazon Web Services. Commercial Licenses available for server deployments. Whether you have a questions regarding the product, license or our business, out team are can be depended on for support and to .... Free download of Install Package IronPdf 2020.12.3

Aryson PST File Converter 20.9 Aryson Technologies    

... The software-based on the latest Graphical User Interface framework, therefore, it is easy to export PST file emails into different email clients or file formats for non-technical users. Let's try a demo version of Aryson PST File Converter software to export up to 50 emails per folder for free. This .... Free download of Aryson PST File Converter 20.9

ApPHP MVC Framework 1 ApPHP CodeMarket    

ApPHP MVC Framework. ApPHP MVC Framework is a web application framework that is designed to provide modern and rapid ... web applications faster and safer. Choosing ApPHP MVC Framework allows you to release your applications earlier, host .... Free download of ApPHP MVC Framework 1

BragnDrop Editor 1.0.1 hamari.agency    

... using components from some of the most popular frameworks on the web. We have integrated Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 and Semantic UI 2 frameworks into the editor. Our plan is to add The Ionic framework into the Editor, so that you will be .... Free download of BragnDrop Editor 1.0.1

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