Terragen 3.0 B3.0.20.0 Planetside Software    

... visualisations possible. You control the weather, landscape, rivers, lakes and oceans, suns, moons and stars. ... renderer optimised for large displacements and very large landscapes. Render entire planets, sweeping vistas, tiny rock gardens, ... can span an entire planet. Apply almost "infinite" fractal detail to terrain and other objects. Overhanging terrain .... Free download of Terragen 3.0 B3.0.20.0

Fractal Science Kit 1.23 Hilbert, LLC    

The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator is a Windows program to generate a mathematical object called a fractal. The term fractal was coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975 in his book Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension. In 1979, while studying ... mathematicians and computer programmers in the study of fractals and fractal geometry. Kleinian Group (Orbit Trap)Like .... Free download of Fractal Science Kit 1.23

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Mystica 5.7 Dawntec    

Mystica is a versatile image generator capable of creating custom images and movies for a variety of projects. Rather than designing standard still images, the program allows you to produce actual artwork. Also, a fly through 3D Viewer is included. .... Free download of Mystica 5.7

Fractal ViZion 3.056.021510 Mystic Fractal    

Fractal ViZion is a professional fractal application designed create true-color fractals and videos using built-in formulas, 3D fractal types and random rendering methods. Fractal ViZion was designed to make advanced fractal creation accessible to anyone who can use a ... and vcr. FEATURES: 19 channels of fractal types: · Julia1 · Julia 2 · Escher .... Free download of Fractal ViZion 3.056.021510

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