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Digital Physiognomy 1.79 UNIPHIZ Lab    

Digital Physiognomy is an entertaining psychological profiling software application that determines person's character and traits based on facial features. Like any other psychological profiling software, Digital Physiognomy provides a generic portrait of a person and tells what person's inclinations, preferences, likes and dislikes may be. The program was created for pure .... Free download of Digital Physiognomy 1.79

BabyMaker 1.7 Luxand Development    

... own face in the end! The science of fortune telling is brought to perfection with BabyMaker. Make a baby with anyone! Entertain your friends by 'marrying' them to each other, or have fun using .... Free download of BabyMaker 1.7

Fortune-Telling by «The Book of Changes» 4.00 Sharo Ltd.    

Attention!!! A retro! This 'ancient' program suggests most interesting guessing with a technique of ancient Chinese hexagrams ("the Book of Changes" - I-Ching). There is the explanation corresponds each combination of hexagrams. This guessing get a special urgency in our vague time of changes... .... Free download of Fortune-Telling by «The Book of Changes» 4.00

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