BestSync Portable x64 2019 ( RiseFly Software     update

Synchronize files between PCs by utilizing USB drive. Synchronize a folder with a ZIP file, support AES cryptographic algorithm to protect the zip file with password. Synchronize Outlook (mail, contact, etc) and Windows Mail between ... files ready for deletion or overwriting during the synchronization process; it is possible to specify a time .... Free download of BestSync Portable x64 2019 (

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Synchromat x64 19.1.5 Botkind, Inc.     update

Synchromat x64 synchronizes your documents, contacts, photos, MP3 library, e-mail, software archives and any other data files. Synchromat x64 synchronizes files among all your computers, and their local, ... powerful and reliable utility. Unlike other synchronization applications, Synchromat performs true 2-way synchronization using a file metadata technique. The collected .... Free download of Synchromat x64 19.1.5

WatchFTP x64 GdP Software     update

WatchFTP x64 is a Windows program that monitors an FTP ... and automatically downloads these to a local Windows folder. It can also run a batch script, or send email notification of the download. Some of WatchFTP's powerful features Can run unattended as a Windows Service (Runs unattended, while .... Free download of WatchFTP x64

Media Player Classic - HomeCinema - 64 bit Mpc-hc     update

Media Player Classic Home Cinema for Windows x64 is a free audio and video player for Windows x64. MPC Homecinema for x64 bit OS is now available in 64 bits ... Microsoft decoder * H.264 : working with ffdshow X64 Experimental * Xvid : working with ffdshow X64 Experimental * MKV : use internal Matroska filter .... Free download of Media Player Classic - HomeCinema - 64 bit

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Media Player Classic - HomeCinema - 32 bit Mpc-hc     update

... Added Catalan, Dutch and Japanese translations * VSFilter x64 is available * Added internal VP8 Decoder * ... Ticket #46, add number to AudioDevice list * Sync Renderer dialogs * Real Video decoder in MPCVideoDecoder ... mode * Automatically play next files in a folder * Implemented 'Quick add favorite' shortcut (default: Shift .... Free download of Media Player Classic - HomeCinema - 32 bit

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DriveHQ FileManager 64-bit 6.0.1060 Drive Headquarters Inc     update

FileManager x64 makes remote storage as easy as your local ... online storage, it lets you transfer, access, share, sync, collaborate and publish files online with unprecedented easiness ... and Drop to download and upload files / folders in batch; Resume broken downloads/uploads from the point of interruption; Easy sharing folders to non-member users by using a share notification .... Free download of DriveHQ FileManager 64-bit 6.0.1060

Gabatto2share 64-bit 2.6.2 Inspire International Inc.     update

Gabatto2share x64(Gabatto to share) synchronizes folders between any local folder on your PC and remote one on a server. The built-in bidirectional sync algorithm ensures document integrity in the shared computing environment by simultaneous and multiple users. Gabatto2share x64 comes with features required for enterprise computing such .... Free download of Gabatto2share 64-bit 2.6.2

O&O AutoBackup x64 6.0 B80 O&O Software GmbH    

O&O AutoBackup 5 x64 will backup your files automatically and keep them fully in sync. Backup your photos and videos onto an external HDD or USB in no time! O&O AutoBackup x64 copies the original files and syncs any future changes to them. The backup process ... disk is connected to the computer O&O AutoBackup x64 checks whether there have been changes to the .... Free download of O&O AutoBackup x64 6.0 B80

CryptSync 64-bit Stefan Küng    

CryptSync x64 is a small utility that synchronizes two folders while encrypting the contents in one folder. That means one of the two folders has all files unencrypted (the files you work with) and the other folder has all the files encrypted. The synchronization works both ways: a change in one folder .... Free download of CryptSync 64-bit

BitTorrent Sync x64 2.0.128 BitTorrent    

BitTorrent Sync x64 allows you to sync files between all of your devices for free. BitTorrent Sync x64 keeps your folders up-to-date on multiple computers or handheld devices. The ... and stylish interface, it enables you to manage synced folders in an elegant manner. Sync and Share Sync unlimited files between your .... Free download of BitTorrent Sync x64 2.0.128

DriveHQ FileManager x64 (with Cloud File Server and FTP Hosting service) 6.0.948    

... FileManager is the best Cloud File Storage, Sharing, Folder Sync and FTP software for Business since 2003. It ... there is no learning curve; - Can share folders to different users and set different permissions; folders shared to you are automatically added to your DriveHQShare virtual folder; - Enterprise folder synchronization: supports multiple sync tasks, .... Free download of DriveHQ FileManager x64 (with Cloud File Server and FTP Hosting service) 6.0.948

Syncdocs Portable x64 5.55 Doc Freedom    

Syncdocs Portable x64 is a handy application that allows you to synchronize your documents between your computer and your Google account. Syncdocs lets you “Go Google” by migrating all your files to Google’s cloud. Simply select a folder on your PC, like “My Documents”, and Syncdocs makes a copy of it online and across .... Free download of Syncdocs Portable x64 5.55

BestSync Portable 2010 x64 5.4.34 RiseFly Software    

BestSync ® 2010 is a professional folder/file synchronization utility, for sync/backup files between your local folders and Network Drives, FTP servers, Removable Media (such ... versions. Supports Incremental and full backups. Supports Real-time synchronization to backup files immediately after the files are ... volume with encryption feature. 2. FTP Sync: Synchronize files with a FTP server, download/upload changed .... Free download of BestSync Portable 2010 x64 5.4.34

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