MAGIX Photo Manager 17 MAGIX Entertainment    

... Are you looking for photos of winter or flowers? No problem! Image content such as color and shape are analyzed in detail. Choose an example image and let the program find similar photos from your collection. In the free version you can choose up to 10 images. .... Free download of MAGIX Photo Manager 17

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Flying Camomiles Screensaver 2.0    

We have a new screensaver for all romantic people! Flying Camomiles Screensaver will be a worthy decoration of your desktop. Cute Camomiles will be circling and flying in front of you until you get bored. The quality of the screen saver will also please you. But this screensaver is easy to .... Free download of Flying Camomiles Screensaver 2.0

Coloring Book 5: Alphabet Train 4.22.61 Dataware    

... Bubbles, Bird, Clown, Clock, Duck, Dinosaurs, Elf, Egg, Flowers, Frog, Goat, Ghost, Hippopotamus, Horse, Iron Armor, Insect, Jackal, Jewels, Kangaroo, King, Ladybugs, Lizard, Monster, Mouse, Newt, Night, Owl, Octopus, Pig, Penguin, Quill, Queen, Rainbow, Rhinoceros, Saxophone, Scorpion, Turtle, Toothbrush, Umbrella, Unicorn, Vegetables, Violin, Witch, Wings, X-ray/Yak/Zebra, Xylophone/Yawn/Zipper, and Caboose. Published .... Free download of Coloring Book 5: Alphabet Train 4.22.61

Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff 1.00.61 Dataware    

... rattles, rocking horse, stuffed animals, train, wagon, babies, flowers, birds, cats, dogs, fish, animals, and more. Published by Dataware. .... Free download of Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff 1.00.61

Coloring Book 4: Plants 4.22.61 Dataware    

Coloring book software with a large variety of plants to color! It has the same easy to use interface as the previous coloring books which makes it easy to use even for young children. Download a free trial version of the Plant Coloring Book that you can use indefinitely! The 50 .... Free download of Coloring Book 4: Plants 4.22.61

Coloring Book 6.00.61 Dataware    

... Christmas, Clock, Collies, Design, Laptop, Dogs, Duck, Egg, Flowers, Football, Frog, Gum, Jack-o-lantern, Ladybug, Cat, Mailboxes, Map, Numbers, Paint, Parrots, Pig, Plane, Pterodactyl, Pumpkin, Sharks, Snow, Spider, Star, Truck, Tic-tac-toe, Tools, Tree, Triceratops, Umbrella, Whale, and Yard. Published by Dataware. .... Free download of Coloring Book 6.00.61

Coloring Book 6: Number Trains 4.22.61 Dataware    

... Snakes, Ostriches, Dragon Heads, Hippos, Earthworms, Fish, Bats, Flowers, Animals, Cat, Whale & Fish, Tanks, Bears, Rabbits, Cows, Snails, Caterpillars, Moon & Stars, Moles, Wolf, Elephants, Jester Masks, Giraffes, Hedgehogs, Pyramids, Clouds, Penguins, Balloons, Mushrooms, Rhinoceros, Snowmen, Airplanes, Trees, Pigs, Ghosts, Blocks, Clothes, Ladybugs, and Sheep. Published by Dataware. .... Free download of Coloring Book 6: Number Trains 4.22.61

Phota Flowers Screensaver 4.1    

... screensaver display can be accompanied by music. The flowers can optionally be exhibited in 3D Galleries, automatically strolling through each Gallery, pausing to admire each picture. .... Free download of Phota Flowers Screensaver 4.1

VECTOR.SALE Stock 2017.06.19 VECTOR.SALE    

... chrysanthemum, fir, pine, hibiscus, lilly, magnolia, peony, poinsettia flowers and succulent plants. Pricing starts from $5 per each image and goes down as low as $0.26 per vector file using paid subscription. .... Free download of VECTOR.SALE Stock 2017.06.19

Flowers Popper for Android 1.02 SoftAKGames    

Flowers Popper for Android, its newest color-match, grid-based game, ... 1-player game requires that an increasing number of flowers to be placed into field to level up. The greater the number of flowers removed at one time, the higher the value for each of them. Flowers Popper tracks the player's best scores. With eye-catching .... Free download of Flowers Popper for Android 1.02

Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.10.1 Extreme Internet Software    

... download from more than 20 categories: Cars, Nature, Flowers, Anime, Girls, Sports, 3D, Movies and so on. Simply select all the categories you like in the screensaver settings and enjoy new wallpapers day after day! And you can set any picture that is currently displayed by the screensaver as your .... Free download of Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.10.1

GrowFX 1.9.9 Service P Exlevel    

... lets you create broadleaf trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers and many other vegetational compositions. Its unique model building tools will help you create creeping plants, entwining scene objects, and shearing plants of any shape. Plants may bend around different objects. GrowFX is fully compatible with 3D Studio MAX. All parameters .... Free download of GrowFX 1.9.9 Service P

PicsArt for Windows UWP PicsArt    

... * Check out our Spring stickers - trees, flowers and a lot more! * 1000s of editing features that are fun and easy to use * Remix images with friends. It’s cool! * Make any #FreeToEdit image your own. Do it, we dare you. ? * Do cool things like: .... Free download of PicsArt for Windows UWP

Spring Charm Screensaver 2.0    

Feel the beauty of spring and summer with our free Spring Charm Screensaver! Introducing our new bright and stylish screensaver for your desktop PC. You will find yourself in a tulips flowerbed with butterflies flying over it. You should install free spring screensaver if you want summer. Transfer to a bright .... Free download of Spring Charm Screensaver 2.0

Misty Waterfall 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

... butterflies is never far away from water and flowers flying around with the intention to bring pristine nature into your living room for entertainment and help you relax. You do not have to travel far in order to enjoy the serene scene and sounds of waterfall, and what natures has .... Free download of Misty Waterfall 2.0

Flower Horn Aquarium 1.03 MAC N PC Software    

... Horn is the black horizontal markings that resemble flowers. Some of these markings resemble Chinese characters and this fetch a high price. As legend has it. It is believe that Flower Horn brings prosperity, luck and longevity. Because of the unique appearance of Flower Horn is the main reason that .... Free download of Flower Horn Aquarium 1.03

Two Valentines Screensaver 2.0    

... the world give each other chocolates, bouquets of flowers, stuffed toys, greeting cards in the form of hearts. Two Valentines screensaver is a real gift, which you can present to your heart half. Such screensaver present will surprise and delight your soul mate. It's so cute! Our screensaver is absolutely .... Free download of Two Valentines Screensaver 2.0

Kids Frames 2.0    

... frames to choose from. Versatile, colorful, cartoon characters, flowers and many others. Run the widget, press the open button, select a photo of your child. And a photo of your child is automatically inserted in the photo frame. Select a photo frame that you like it. Flip through a photo .... Free download of Kids Frames 2.0

IcePattern for AfterEffects Mac 1.0 AlphaPlugins    

... can create many interesting effects, such as ice flowers and frozen plants which grow on winter windows. ... create complex multi-layer compositions made up of frost flowers, animate their parameters so that your ice-pictures look as alive! IcePattern consists of three modules: IcePattern Geometry IcePattern Floral IcePattern Single .... Free download of IcePattern for AfterEffects Mac 1.0

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IcePattern for AfterEffects Windows 1.0 AlphaPlugins    

... can create many interesting effects, such as ice flowers and frozen plants which grow on winter windows. ... create complex multi-layer compositions made up of frost flowers, animate their parameters so that your ice-pictures look as alive! IcePattern consists of three modules: IcePattern Geometry IcePattern Floral IcePattern Single .... Free download of IcePattern for AfterEffects Windows 1.0

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Holiday Rose Screensaver 1.0    

... is a clock with Roman numerals framed by flowers and falling snow. Very gentle and elegant screen design will allow you to decorate your desktop PC. This screensaver will emphasize your exquisite taste and surprise others! Free rose screensaver is easy to install. Just a couple of seconds and it .... Free download of Holiday Rose Screensaver 1.0

Butterflies World Screensaver 3.0    

... thickets of fragrant lilies in Butterflies World screensaver. Flowers and greenery animated in this screensaver and butterflies like living transplanted from flower to flower. Charming saver! Download and enjoy it absolutely free... .... Free download of Butterflies World Screensaver 3.0

Flowers Garden Screensaver 3.0    

Do you like colorful flowers? If so, this is your screensaver. Enjoy 12 high quality images of red, yellow, and blue flowers appearing on your screen. This screensaver is free! Download your own flowers garden! Please enjoy more SaversPlanet screensavers from different categories: 3D, Nature, .... Free download of Flowers Garden Screensaver 3.0

Spring Flourish Free Screensaver 2.0.2    

... in blossom. Many of them have unusually beautiful flowers, not so big in size, but rich in colors and amount. Install this screensaver to feel the mood of new spring and expectation of warm sunny days! .... Free download of Spring Flourish Free Screensaver 2.0.2

Nice Flowers Free Screensaver 2.0.2    

The Nice Flowers Free screensaver will show you the most wonderful items that mother-nature can show to people - flowers. People really like flowers and they are the very important part of the human culture. Women are especially delighted with flowers and like to keep them at home and ... a chance to see the views of individual flowers, groups of them and flower fields. Some of .... Free download of Nice Flowers Free Screensaver 2.0.2

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