Capture .NET Pro 13.5.6486.1 fish    

Capture .NET is a small multifunctional desktop tool. Tons of interesting and effective utilities for your PC system. Includes many helpful tools: Capture window/Capture region/Capture color/ruler/fontViewer/reveral password/privacy eraser... and much more. A standalone tool that does not require installation. .... Free download of Capture .NET Pro 13.5.6486.1

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WidsMob Retoucher 2.0.1046 WidsMob Technology Co., Ltd.    

... more, you can also enjoy the photos in fish eye view with WidsMob Retoucher. The program also provides lots of other parameters, which enables you to adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and tint according to your requirements. WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile photo retouching software to beautify your photos in .... Free download of WidsMob Retoucher 2.0.1046

Coloring Book 18: Forest Babies 1.00.61 Dataware    

... Butterfly, Chipmunk, Cougar, Coyote, Deer, Dormouse, Duck, Ferret, Fish, Fox, Frog, Gopher, Groundhog, Hawk, Hedgehog, Hummingbird, Kangaroo Mouse, Marmot, Mole, Moose, Muskox, Newt, Nightingdale, Opossum, Otter, Owl, Peccary, Pika, Platypus, Porcupine, Prairie Dog, Quail, Rabbit, Raccoon, Shrew, Skunk, Squirrel, Turkey, Wolf, Wolverine, and Woodpecker. Published by Dataware. .... Free download of Coloring Book 18: Forest Babies 1.00.61

Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff 1.00.61 Dataware    

... animals, train, wagon, babies, flowers, birds, cats, dogs, fish, animals, and more. Published by Dataware. .... Free download of Coloring Book 13: Kids Stuff 1.00.61

Coloring Book 6: Number Trains 4.22.61 Dataware    

... Castles, Lion, Snakes, Ostriches, Dragon Heads, Hippos, Earthworms, Fish, Bats, Flowers, Animals, Cat, Whale & Fish, Tanks, Bears, Rabbits, Cows, Snails, Caterpillars, Moon & Stars, Moles, Wolf, Elephants, Jester Masks, Giraffes, Hedgehogs, Pyramids, Clouds, Penguins, Balloons, Mushrooms, Rhinoceros, Snowmen, Airplanes, .... Free download of Coloring Book 6: Number Trains 4.22.61

Capture .NET 13.4.6421.3 fish    

Convert .NET Converts C# source code units to equivalent VB.NET code. Convert .NET is a a useful developer's utility that allows users to Convert C# to VB.NET. You can also utilize our regular expression tester and online dictionary. A standalone tool that does not require installation. FEATURES: · the .... Free download of Capture .NET 13.4.6421.3

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Stellarium for Linux 0.16.0 Stellarium    

... zoom * time control * multilingual interface * fisheye projection for planetarium domes * spheric mirror projection for your own low-cost dome * all new graphical interface and extensive keyboard control * telescope control .... Free download of Stellarium for Linux 0.16.0

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Stellarium 0.16.0 Stellarium    

... zoom * time control * multilingual interface * fisheye projection for planetarium domes * spheric mirror projection for your own low-cost dome * all new graphical interface and extensive keyboard control * telescope control visualisation * equatorial and azimuthal grids * star twinkling * shooting stars * eclipse .... Free download of Stellarium 0.16.0

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Aquarium Lab 2017.6 SeaApple Software    

... 21 different parameters. Keep a photo profile of fish and corals. Includes many different unit converters and calculators for aquarium volume and weight and power consumption. The program supports multiple fresh and salt-water aquariums simultaneously. Detailed reports are generated in html format. The user can track pH and Calcium, Temperature, .... Free download of Aquarium Lab 2017.6

Trigger Fish Aquarium 2.02 MAC N PC Software    

Trigger Fish Reef Aquarium features Clown Trigger fish, Indian Trigger fish, Niger Trigger fish, Picasso Trigger fish, Pink tail Trigger fish, Queen Trigger fish, Stone Trigger fish, Hawaii Trigger fish, Titan Trigger fish and other species of trigger fishes in a crystal clear tropical reef of the ... ocean wave. Why it is so named: Trigger fish? Trigger fishes are tropical reef fishes with laterally .... Free download of Trigger Fish Aquarium 2.02

River Catfish 2.01 MAC N PC Software    

... Instead of taken a still photo with a fish hook in its mouth and put it on our desktop as wallpaper or slide show. Now, with the River of Catfish animated wallpaper we can proudly display them right on our desktop with live motion. .... Free download of River Catfish 2.01

Guppies Deluxe Aquarium 2.02 MAC N PC Software    

... features assorted Guppies including Fancy Guppies, and Millions fish in a well- planted aquarium with crystal clear ... forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millions fish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish look exactly alike. Guppies are an all-time favorite .... Free download of Guppies Deluxe Aquarium 2.02

Clown Loach Aquarium 2.02 MAC N PC Software    

... use for their defense. It is the only fish have known to lie on its side when ... water lilies. No one can predicts how the fishes will behave in the wild, i.e. swims, eats, ... the maintenance-free and feeding-free mini river of magnificent fish with colorful plants exhibit right on your desktop. .... Free download of Clown Loach Aquarium 2.02

Dictionary .NET 8.7.6307.1 fish    

Dictionary .NET is a tiny, easy and smart multilingual dictionary translating from/to 59 languages using Google's services. Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese-simp, Chinese-trad, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Latvian, .... Free download of Dictionary .NET 8.7.6307.1

Database .NET 21.4.6309.1 fish    

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multi-database. The application has minimal impact on system resources, using a very low amount of CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and works smoothly, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. We .... Free download of Database .NET 21.4.6309.1

Winter Wonderland 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

Winter Wonderland animated wallpaper and screensavers brings serene atmosphere of a quiet winter night right into your living room. Sit back and relax on your couch looking out your window as snow falling out side and at the same time Santa will cruise by with sleigh. It will take you away .... Free download of Winter Wonderland 2.0

Undersea World Aquarium 2.03 MAC N PC Software    

... colorful coral, with real colorful tropical pragmatically animated fish including Yellow Tang, Black Tang, Yellow-Stripe Tang, gem Tang, Rock fish, Orange Clown, black Clown, Powder Blue Tang, Achilles ... Purple Tang, Queen Trigger, Octopus, Sea Horses, Lion fish, Star fish, Morey eel, Butterfly fish, Sea Turtle, hammer Head shark, Gold Angel, Black-Gray .... Free download of Undersea World Aquarium 2.03

Tiger Oscar Aquarium 2.01 MAC N PC Software    

... large rocks. The oscar is a species of fish from the cichlid family known under a variety ... are often found for sale as a food fish in the local markets. The fish has been introduced to other areas, including China, ... United States. It is considered a popular aquarium fish in the U.S., ocellatus is native to Peru, .... Free download of Tiger Oscar Aquarium 2.01

Soft Coral Sea 2.03 MAC N PC Software    

... Clown (Nemo), Black Clown, Hammer Head Shark, Rock Fish, Fire shrimp, Sea Crabs, Acan coral, Black-Tube Coral, ... tropical ocean coral reefs, in the wild angel fish inhabits coral reefs full of sea Anemone, Soft ... Sea Anemone. No one can predicts how the fishes will behave in the wild, i.e. swims, eats, .... Free download of Soft Coral Sea 2.03

Sea Turtle Aquarium 1.07 MAC N PC Software    

... Green Sea Turtles and babies with Marlin, Star Fish, Yellow-Butterflies fish, Naso Tang, Yellow Tang, Queen Angel, Atlantic-Blue Tang, ... mini tropical ocean to your home.ocean of magnificent fish. .... Free download of Sea Turtle Aquarium 1.07

Sea Dragons 2.01 MAC N PC Software    

... tree branch full of leaves. Sea Dragons are fish of mesmerizing and astonishing beauty...Their ornamentation helps camouflage them among sea grasses and kelp in the shallow coastal waters of Australia. With this animated wallpapers and screensaver now you will be able to enjoy the exotic beauty down under the tropical .... Free download of Sea Dragons 2.01

Virtual Aquarium Wallpaper 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

... a pricey and labor intensive maintenance salt water fish tank in your home. Or have your favorite under the tropical ocean scene screen savers which only runs when your computer is at idle state for a few minutes and you are not there to enjoy. Unlike screensavers, the animated wallpapers .... Free download of Virtual Aquarium Wallpaper 2.0

Pinnatus Batfish Aquarium 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

... Pinnatus Batfish is a very striking species. This fish is known for its solid black and brown ... round fins having brilliant orangeand red tipping. These fish are also referred to as the Dusky Batfish ... due to their coloration. Not only are these fish incredibly unique in their appearance, but they are .... Free download of Pinnatus Batfish Aquarium 2.0

Paradise Fish Aquarium 2.0 MAC N PC Software    

The Paradise Fish Aquarium animated wallpapers and screen savers features an assorted species of Paradise fishes: This small but very attractive beauty was instrumental in popularizing freshwater fish keeping beside Goldfish and many others. However, the Paradise Fish is still among the most glamorous specimens found ... the species is known by include Blue Paradise Fish, Paradise Gourami, Red and Blue Paradise Fish, Paradisefish, .... Free download of Paradise Fish Aquarium 2.0

New Zealand Waterfall 3.05 MAC N PC Software    

New Zealand Waterfall is an animated beautiful pristine waterfall of New Zealand, combined with relaxing ambient sounds of the wilderness including frog, birds, in addition to the soothing sounds of the waterfall cascading down. Let's enjoy the natural and relaxing sounds of the wild right in the comfort of your own .... Free download of New Zealand Waterfall 3.05

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