MacFLAC 2.1.2 Sourceforge    

... can be used to encode, decode, and generate fingerprints for FLAC files. Firstly, note that the binaries only work on Power PC Macs so as yet, there are no binaries for Intel Macs. MacFLAC makes it incredibly easy to convert to FLAC because you just have to drag and drop .... Free download of MacFLAC 2.1.2

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PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2 QSys Software, LLC    

... RAR, PAR, PAR2 Filters: • Bulk Spam, File FingerPrints (remove duplicate binary files), Authors/Sites, Extensions Movie Conversion: ... Author Search PowerPC Velocity Engine Accelerated: • File FingerPrints (search Duplicate downloads quicker), Movie Conversion .... Free download of PictureSnooper Personal Edition 1.2

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