AMGtime Software AMG Employee Management     update

... levels. AMGtime provides multiple data capture solutions, from fingerprint to facial recognition readers, Schlage hand-punches, and iOS/Android-compatible mobile apps. As a manager, AMGtime gives you broad options on how to track overtime, configure rounding rules, customize attendance reports, and more. The program integrates seamlessly with 120+ payroll providers also has .... Free download of AMGtime Software

NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows 5.0 Neurotechnology     update

... an automatic ready-to-use time tracking system with biometric fingerprint and face identification. May be used from employee ... in XLS, PDF or CSV. Webcams and 90+ fingerprint reader models from 40+ manufacturers support. + Ready-to-use attendance control automation system. + Fingerprint, face and iris biometrics protect against errors or ... Android supported. + Webcams, all major models of fingerprint scanners and iris scanners supported. .... Free download of NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows 5.0

USB Redirector TS Edition 2.10 Incentives Pro     update

... - USB Signature Pads, USB Footpedals, some USB Fingerprint Readers, some USB Smart Card Readers, USB Keyboards, USB Mouses, USB Touchpads, etc; .... Free download of USB Redirector TS Edition 2.10

AntiOS 1.1.1 Vektor T13 Technologies LLC.     update

... spoof your Windows ID, telemetry data and browser fingerprints. Its made to protect your identity in the Internet. With AntiOS you can bypass antifraud and security systemsof the mos popular internet services. It will completely hide your personal PC data and unique IDs. .... Free download of AntiOS 1.1.1

ID Flow Premier 8.3.49 Jolly Technologies     update

... Capture signature using a signature pad · Capture fingerprint using a fingerprint scanner · Capture biometrics using a supported scanner · Save captured data to record or save as files Barcode, Magnetic Stripe and Chip .... Free download of ID Flow Premier 8.3.49

iMyFone LockWiper Android 2.0.0 iMyFone Technology Co., Ltd.     new

... of screen locks: pattern, PIN, password, face & fingerprint lock 3. 99% Android device models are well supported 4. Instantly remove screen lock set either by Android settings or by third-party lock apps 5. Supports Android versions ranging from Android 2.3 to 9.0 .... Free download of iMyFone LockWiper Android 2.0.0

USB HID Logger 1.8.2 B429 AGG Software     update

... laboratory, measurement or medical tools, barcode, RFID or fingerprint scanners, UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies). It is not always that software supplied with these devices offers the necessary features. This program is intended to supplement or completely replace the "native" software. Getting started is easy. USB HID Logger is ready! .... Free download of USB HID Logger 1.8.2 B429

LastPass Password Manager for Android 4.8.3632 Joe Siegrist     update

... Sign in using your LastPass master password or fingerprint - Autofill passwords in Chrome or Opera to ... Lock – Finger print lock secures passwords - Fingerprint password activation – Scan your fingerprint and unlock your vault - Fingerprint password identification to autofill passwords Data manager .... Free download of LastPass Password Manager for Android 4.8.3632

BatchSync V12 12.0.24 Maxlevel, Inc.     update

... with password and public key authentication and host fingerprint validation. - Full support for FTP/S transfers with rules for server certificate validation. Every month Batchsync transfers billions files on thousands computers in 110+ countries. Its been running over 12 years in production, 24/365, non-stop. .... Free download of BatchSync V12 12.0.24

AudioExpert Ulrich Decker Software     update

... no way of an identification by 100%. A fingerprint searching function over an online-service like MusicBrainz is planned for future releases. * Auto-recognition of mistyping or different spelling For example, AudioExpert recognizes that "Marilyn Manson" and "Marylin Manson" is one and the same artist. The identification unfortunately is not .... Free download of AudioExpert

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Sticky Password Free Lamantine Software     update

... just one swipe of a finger. We support fingerprint authentication on iOS and Android phones and tablets that are equipped with fingerprint scanners. This includes Touch ID on iPhones and ... offers more in terms of biometric support of fingerprint scanning than Sticky Password. .... Free download of Sticky Password Free

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Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac 3.4.3 Leawo Software Co.,LTd     update

... duplicates in iTunes or music folders. Advanced Acoustic Fingerprint technology to detect and delete song duplicates. Add music information including artist, album, album artwork, song name, year and genre to complete music files. Manually fix music files to complete music tags. Allow users to determine which kind of music files .... Free download of Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac 3.4.3

Tenorshare 4uKey-Android Screen Unlocker Tenorshare Co., Ltd.     new

... the unknown passcode, including pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint so that enables you to access your Android ... without passcode;access to your Samsung device even your fingerprint is not accepted; want to remove the passcode but dont know how, tenorshare Android Unlocker will heip you.Tenorshare Android Unlocker is now compatible with .... Free download of Tenorshare 4uKey-Android Screen Unlocker

Hi Security Hawk Internet Co., Limited     update

... phone. Protecting your privacy with PIN, pattern or fingerprint. Junk clean phone memory releases Intelligently analysis and remove junk files to free up more space and improve the performance of your device, such as residual files, cache temp files. Clean junk to create a faster, lighter and smoother user experience. .... Free download of Hi Security

Virus Cleaner Hawk Internet Co., Limited     update

... your phone. Lock your private apps by using fingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep your secret safe ... and interesting. Brand new App Lock's themes updated. Fingerprint unlocking is technologically supported specific devices and Android 6.0. Efficient WiFi Speed Test and Security Virus Cleaner protects your online security. Test speed, detect .... Free download of Virus Cleaner

Veridis Biometric SDK 5.0 Veridis Biometrics     new

Veridis Biometric SDK FREE is the only tool, available today in the market, that allows the integration of biometric technology to your application, with support for biometric readers from different manufactures, saving the biometric data in open formats, ISO 19794-2 and ANSI 378-2004, with no costs and no license routines. Advantages: .... Free download of Veridis Biometric SDK 5.0

Huella Dactilar SDK 1.0.61228.0 BAYOMETRIC     new

An alternative to the tedious and complicated fingerprint SDK provided by scanner manufacturers. Huella Dactilar SDK allows you to integrate fingerprint recognition technology in various types of applications with ... and intuitive interface allows developers to seamlessly integrate fingerprint identification into any workflow application. Designed to work ... method is easy to use and guarantees the fingerprint registration of the best quality. Huella Dactilar SDK .... Free download of Huella Dactilar SDK 1.0.61228.0

RoboForm2Go 7.9.28 Siber Systems Inc.     update

... does not work, such as SAP. · Use fingerprint reader to enter Master Password, no need to type it. There will be no RoboForm2Go version 8. This is because browsers are increasingly restricting the attachment of such extensions, and as a result, version 7 will be the final version .... Free download of RoboForm2Go 7.9.28

Tagman 2017.3u Abelssoft    

... every song in your collection and generates a fingerprint. This data is compared with the fingerprints stored in a big database in the internet. If Tagman finds a match, the missing information is added to the file. Modern media players .... Free download of Tagman 2017.3u

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) 3.12 Evgeny Lachinov    

... from (by song title, album, artist and fingerprint). Software supports DMR (Digital Media Renderer) devices control, you can use the feature "Play to" to single device and multiple devices. Software supports scripts to load the data from internet database of movies (IMDb, TheMovieDB, included). Software supports Digital Video .... Free download of Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) 3.12

Sticky Password Free Lamantine Software    

... just one swipe of a finger. We support fingerprint authentication on iOS and Android phones and tablets that are equipped with fingerprint scanners. This includes Touch ID on iPhones and ... offers more in terms of biometric support of fingerprint scanning than Sticky Password. .... Free download of Sticky Password Free

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Marco Biométrico de Windows Bayometric    

Fingerprint recognition is the most deployed and one of ... PC user authentication techniques. In order to use fingerprint recognition technology in Windows, Marco Biométrico de Windows ... 7 and later versions. This framework supports a fingerprint capture device through a new set of components ... it allows users to manage device settings, troubleshoot fingerprint devices and manage device drivers, log on to .... Free download of Marco Biométrico de Windows

File Checksum Tool 1.41 KRyLack Software    

... A Hash (Checksum) is a sort of digital fingerprint, uniquely identifying each file. These are common hashes that are used to verify the integrity and authenticity of files. The software allows you to verify the Hash to ensure the file integrity is correct with the matching file or create new .... Free download of File Checksum Tool 1.41

Mediapurge 5.84 Peter Lorenz    

... using modern audio comparison (MAFP - Mediapurge Acoustic Fingerprint). The audio comparison can run simultaneously on multiple processor cores to get it run as quick as possible. Mediapurge "hear into" your mediafiles and decide whether it's the same song or not. Automatic cleanup functions - Automatic search for duplicates (also .... Free download of Mediapurge 5.84

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for PowerBas 6.0.1 MarshallSoft Computing    

... medical devices, USB serial devices, scales, GPS navigation, fingerprint scanners, printer servers, etc. Features of WSC4PB include: - Supports 256 ports. Can control multiple ports simultaneously. - Fully thread safe, port re-entrant, modem control, serial line status and control, and ANSI emulation. - Uses the standard Windows API to communicate .... Free download of Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for PowerBas 6.0.1

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