PDF Protection 18.0 Aryson Technologies     new

... a safe and quick way to protect PDF files without requiring Acrobat. It has lot of interactive ... and supports single as well as multiple PDF files at a time. This tool is strongly compatible ... tool for protection of single or multiple PDF files from being copied, edited, printed and extracted. Uses .... Free download of PDF Protection 18.0

MEO File Encryption for Mac 2.16 NCH Software     new

... powerful data encryption application to encrypt or decrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Word, email and ... OS X. Encrypt or decrypt any type of files on Mac OS X with this efficient and ... sensitive data against un-authorized viewers. Know that your files are safe with this empowering data encryption software. .... Free download of MEO File Encryption for Mac 2.16

NextGen Widget Encrypt NEXTGEN WIDGET SOFTWARE     new

... that we should use encryption for our eMails, files and folders but, encryption in it's raw form is hard to understand and hard to use. .... Free download of NextGen Widget Encrypt

Hide Files 4.1 VOVSOFT     update

Secure your confidential files and folders. Hide Files is a folder-locker utility. You can encrypt and ... You can password protect any secret or embarrassing files. Hide your files and folders from prying eyes. Set your master password and lock your files. No one can access your files without your master password. Hide Files supports NTFS, .... Free download of Hide Files 4.1

HDD Safeguard 3.0 USB Safeguard, Soft.     update

... software that allows you to protect your private files with a password for the entire removable drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. It protects data with a password for the entire portable storage device (HDD hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, etc.) and not just for an virtual .... Free download of HDD Safeguard 3.0

BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.03.9 Jetico Inc. Oy     update

... easy to use for virtual drives and selected files or folders. BestCrypt encrypts files and folders on Windows, Mac OS X and ... of BCWipe a Jetico solution to permanently delete files, wipe free space and data remanence. To protect ... Container Encryption features: - Store and access encrypted files easily via virtual drives - Create and manage .... Free download of BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.03.9

BoxCryptor 2.28.797 Acomba UG     update

... cloud like your Dropbox folder. Access your encrypted files on all devices. We have BoxCryptor for Windows, ... Mac OS X and Linux. When saving files to the virtual harddisk, BoxCryptor encrypts them on-the-fly and stores the encrypted files. When reading files, BoxCryptor decrypts them in real-time so that they ... other unencrypted file. BoxCryptor works on individual files at a time and not on container files. .... Free download of BoxCryptor 2.28.797

EncryptStick 6.1.2W ENC Security BV     new

... to easily protect, secure and manage their sensitive files. Everyone has private information and files on a computer, laptop, flash drive, or some ... device that should have extra security. Whether these files are photos, videos, financial records, banking information or ... able to: - easily and securely backup your files to your computer, other devices, or the cloud; .... Free download of EncryptStick 6.1.2W

Privacy Drive Portable 3.12.5 Cybertron Software Co., Ltd.     update

... and encrypt all kind of pictures, videos, documents, files and folders, password protects sensitive information from unauthorized ... the virtual disk/encrypted volume and all your important files and documents will be instantly protected. There is no data stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password. .... Free download of Privacy Drive Portable 3.12.5

Privacy Drive 3.12.5 Cybertron Software Co., Ltd.     update

... and encrypt all kind of pictures, videos, documents, files and folders, password protects sensitive information from unauthorized ... the virtual disk/encrypted volume and all your important files and documents will be instantly protected. There is no data stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password. .... Free download of Privacy Drive 3.12.5

SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 2.2.1 SSuite Office Software     update

... complete portable security kit, as it also contains FileShredder and Picsel Security for complete privacy! No Java or DotNet required, Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time... .... Free download of SSuite Agnot StrongBox Security 2.2.1

SSuite Picsel Security SSuite Office Software     update

... any and all plain text messages or text files with just one click of a button. This application uses steganography, an unbreakable encryption method using only images as your key; no password necessary. Just load an original image, enter your message inside the text editor or load your plain text .... Free download of SSuite Picsel Security

get2Clouds® NOS Microsystems Ltd.     update

... work related documents organized. get2Clouds automatically encrypts your files before they are synced with the cloud. This ... transfer and storage of all your digital business files, even very large files and the compact desktop or mobile application uses .... Free download of get2Clouds®

Textcrypt 1.3 Francisco Javier Rojas Garrido     new

Program for encrypting text files with a time expensive method. The strength is configurable, so you can adapt the strength with the size of the text to achieve proper encryption times (big enough to discourage force brute attacks and little enough in order not to have to wait too much .... Free download of Textcrypt 1.3

Encrypt Care 2.2 Glorylogic     update

... allows user to encrypt or decrypt text and files in batch mode, generate, verify and export ckecksums. ... or copy to clipboard, generate hash for multiple files, verify checksums. .... Free download of Encrypt Care 2.2

IMProcessor 3.5 Bigboot Software     new

... the art of hiding secrets in seemingly harmless files to protect information. The point of steganography is ... because it hides your sensitive information within image files such as holiday picture. The hidden files can be of any type and the number of files hidden per image is not limited. The hidden .... Free download of IMProcessor 3.5

Soft Cleaner Safe 108.2.2018.1 Satheesh.S     update

Bit by bit encrypt and protect your personal files with password advanced features. Soft Cleaner Safe - License: Free Encryption with a password and irrecoverable with a duplicate password. User friendly GUI. Decryption maintains same file quality and data. Securely encrypt any file without password using Same PC option and .... Free download of Soft Cleaner Safe 108.2.2018.1

S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC 12R3F Paranoia Works     update

Securely encrypt your private and confidential files or whole folders. The encryption/decryption process is simply ... selected file(s) or folders(s) to the application window. Files are encrypted using strong encryption algorithms: AES (Rijndael) 256bit, RC6 256bit, Serpent 256bit, Blowfish 448bit, Twofish 256bit, GOST 256bit + (Threefish 1024bit and SHACAL-2 512bit for .... Free download of S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC 12R3F

Mimage 1.0.0 The Cogit Network     new

... portable Windows program that hides one or more files in an image file. The files can then be extracted. A password may also be used to encrypt the files with AES-256. Files can be hidden and extracted using the same program window. To hide files, a source image and files to hide are .... Free download of Mimage 1.0.0

Fast File Encryptor 6.0 WinTools Software Engineering     update

... is designed for fast processing of extremely large files. It can encrypt or decrypt files, contents of folders and contains a lot of ... following tools: Encrypt File, Encrypt Folder, Often Used Files, File Shredder, Folder Drive. .... Free download of Fast File Encryptor 6.0

Encoding Decoding Free 3.5.1 Elefant Software     update

... ease of use; Coding of any type of files; Integration in Windows Explorer for a more rapid; ... will not be able to decode the encrypted files once! .... Free download of Encoding Decoding Free 3.5.1

XOR Binary Data Uncrypter A.S.L     update

... unprotector by A.S.L. You can unprotect games data files crypted with xor byte. Extra added ROL , ... with external file crypto algorithm. Internal detector for files : zip , rar , 7z , exe ... mp3 , xml , mp4 , MS cab files. Analysed files with external detector. Work fast and .... Free download of XOR Binary Data Uncrypter

Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Software     new

... volume behaves as a standard windows drive. The files can be read, viewed, modified, as well as moved from one place to another. Hides any type of data on any media. Any kind of file - from word and excel documents to movies and pictures, can be encrypted. You can .... Free download of Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software

Secure IT Encryption Software Cypherix Software     new

... use, feature packed program that protects all your files and folders using 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption. It ... few computing resources and little time to encrypt files. The software provides full access control. No unauthorized access to encrypted data is possible under any circumstances, i.e. there are no 'back doors'. It .... Free download of Secure IT Encryption Software

BestCrypt 9.06.8 Jetico Inc     update

... be discovered? Jetico’s BestCryptTM software automatically encrypts your files so that nobody can read the data unless ... I enthusiastically recommend considering BestCrypt for your filesystem encryption needs, especially if you use both Linux ... the data through virtual drives. Encrypt sets of files into a single compressed and self-extracting archive (Read .... Free download of BestCrypt 9.06.8

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