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Split PST Software 17.0 Converter Tools     update

Split PST File Freeware is a creative tool to split large-size PST files into small fragments. This tool has an advanced recovery algorithm to split oversized Outlook PST files into small parts in just a few clicks. ... with three splitting options i.e. split Outlook PST files by date, split PST file by size, and .... Free download of Split PST Software 17.0

TuneFab Apple Music Converter 2.18.0 TuneFab Software Inc     update

... Apple Music are encrypted with DRM (Digital Rights Management), which limits you to only play Apple Music ... PC. Therefore, even if you transfer the source file, you cannot listen to the DRM-protected Apple Music ... lets you convert Apple Music to common audio file formats including MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, .... Free download of TuneFab Apple Music Converter 2.18.0

AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.41 Vladonai Software     update

... eyes! Simply assign a password for your data file, and the app will encrypt it with a ... records, Rich-Text editor, Tables, Scanner support, Alarms, Images, File Attachments, Access Restriction by Password, built-in Password Generator Utility, Icons, Tasks, Free-form data organization, Auto- Backups, Themes, available in many Languages, free Import and .... Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Portable 3.41

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AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 3.41 Vladonai Software    

... eyes, locked by password, in a single, encoded file, and records may be saved into a adjustable ... in tons of papers, stickers, and random text files? Behold, there is a great answer! An ultimate outliner for managing data! It's a perfect mixture of instruments for capturing diaries, notes, thoughts, letters, .... Free download of AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 3.41

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Handy Backup Server Network 8.2.3 Novosoft Handy Backup    

... It lets you automatically back up and recover files, folders, emails (via IMAP protocol) and other important ... network computers. Besides "common" workstation data such as files, projects and personal emails, , it also lets ... A user controls all actions from a single management panel with a comprehensible, easy-to-use GUI, allowing assigning .... Free download of Handy Backup Server Network 8.2.3

Fling FTP Uploader Software 5.03 NCH Software    

... software to help you automate uploading or transferring files. It is typically used to maintain a web ... automate backup of folders. The software supports both file transfer protocol (ftp) and network file transfer. Fling File Transfer Software allows you setup one or more ... other folder on your computer and when any file is added or changed Fling will upload the .... Free download of Fling FTP Uploader Software 5.03

BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.05.1 Jetico Inc. Oy    

... easy to use for virtual drives and selected files or folders. BestCrypt encrypts files and folders on Windows, Mac OS X and ... By featuring deniable encryption and dynamic containers Jetico's file encryption is the best TrueCrypt alternative. BestCrypt Container ... of BCWipe a Jetico solution to permanently delete files, wipe free space and data remanence. To protect .... Free download of BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.05.1

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.0.2 SoftPerfect    

... Retrieves any system information via WMI, remote registry, file system and service manager, currently logged-on users, configured user accounts, uptime, etc. Scans for listening TCP ports, some UDP and SNMP services. Supports remote SSH, PowerShell and VBScript command execution, Wake-On-LAN, remote shutdown and sending network messages. Launches external third party .... Free download of SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.0.2

Tag That Photo 3.0 Tag That Photo Inc.    

... to search by date, person's name, keyword tags, file name, file type or a combination. Concerned about the number ... space. For importing, you've probably discovered many photo management apps are unable to import existing tags. Tag .... Free download of Tag That Photo 3.0

CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK EaseFilter Inc.    

... storage. When users and applications access the stub files in the local storage, it is completely transparent, ... automatically restore the data back to the stub file from the remote storage server. The network attached storage is scalable, tiered storage products provide users with an infinite online data space. .... Free download of CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK

ProVide Västgöta-Data AB    

ProVide enables collaboration by enabling secure access to files & folders directly on your servers. ProVide replaces free or paid ad-hoc file management and project workplace solutions. It can also supplement ... easy to manage, and secure access to project files and information using a familiar web interface. The key advantage is that files are shared or managed from the source rather .... Free download of ProVide

Aml Pages 9.91b2831 G&G Software    

... entire document to a directory tree or XML file. These are just a small part of the features available through the application. As far as configuration properties are concerned, you can set the app to automatically run at system startup, establish a custom date and time format, select the compression .... Free download of Aml Pages 9.91b2831

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Happytime Onvif Rtsp Server 1.8 Happytimesoft    

... merges the duplicate code to make the target file smaller. The ONVIF service is fully compatible with ... Media Service 2, OSD Setting, Image Setting, PTZ Management, PTZ Motion Control, Recording control, Recording search, Recording ... service support the transmission of audio and video files in a variety of formats, supports video transfer .... Free download of Happytime Onvif Rtsp Server 1.8

SQL DataTool 1.1.0 SQL DataTool    

... effective and productive. With our experience with database management and data analytics, we develop software that help ... main MS SQL server tools (e.g. SQL server management studio). However, it does not completely fits our ... to you in a text or comma separated file format, chances are that you run into issues. .... Free download of SQL DataTool 1.1.0

Active@ Data Studio Active Data Studio Tools    

... your data, perform data recovery operations, securely delete files, back up data, create disk images and more. ... separately. Additional features include a network configurator, a file manager, CD/DVD burner and a disk defragmenter among other useful tools. Get the entire set of utilities for a generous price at homepage . .... Free download of Active@ Data Studio

Express Scribe Pro Edition 10.08 NCH Software    

Express Scribe Professional Edition assists in transcribing audio files. Express Scribe Transcription Player Pro helps typists by ... including variable speed playback, multi-channel control, playing video, file management, and more. Express Scribe supports common audio formats ... using other software * Automatically receives and loads files by FTP, email, Express Delegate or a computer .... Free download of Express Scribe Pro Edition 10.08

Express Scribe Transcription Free 10.08 NCH Software    

... Scribe Free Transcription Software assists to transcribe audio files. Express Scribe Transcription Player Free helps typists by ... including variable speed playback, multi-channel control, playing video, file management, and more. Express Scribe Free supports common audio ... using other software * Automatically receives and loads files by FTP, email, Express Delegate or a computer .... Free download of Express Scribe Transcription Free 10.08

CSharp PDF Reports 2021.3.1 CSharp PDF Reports    

... VB .Net projects. Any report including Crystal Reports, management reports, database reports, any type of report you ... to PDF pointing at the existing report HTML file. You can render snapshots as reports using IronPDF. Any HTML snapshot can be rendered as a PDF and because PDFs can be rendered programmatically, .... Free download of CSharp PDF Reports 2021.3.1

sellEbit 2019/07/26 The Clever Company    

... a database on your computer. When an transaction file for a sale is processed by sellEbit, an acknowledgement and receipt are mailed to the customer and the sale is placed in a list which is used by the merchant to track the order as it is filled. The Email details .... Free download of sellEbit 2019/07/26

Duplicate Media Finder 8.001 KDO-RG    

Duplicate Media Finder (DMF) locates and deletes identical files and similar media (PHOTOS, MUSIC or MOVIES, ...). By deleting redundant files, you will free up space on your hard ... DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, ...). DMF displays the file contents directly as THUMBNAILS! Duplicate Media Finder is ... advanced functions (Automatic/manual selection, Symbolic or hard links management, Renaming/moving, Search criteria, Exporting, Sort, ...). .... Free download of Duplicate Media Finder 8.001

GHC Timetables EN 19.2.50 Penalara GHC    

... into the result. GHC has a new online file platform, a Web App and a Mobile App. ... exchanges data (data import and export) with academic management applications, both public and private, in order to facilitate the management of your academic institution and achieve work and .... Free download of GHC Timetables EN 19.2.50

C# Read Excel File 2021.1 Christian Findlay and C# Read Excel Team    

... of applications, including accounting and finance systems, content management, and data import. Iron Excel is different from ... .NET project, including C# projects which read Excel files, create Excel files, and export or import data from Excel. This ... NuGet package contains a dll to read excel file with C#. The documentation comes with a set .... Free download of C# Read Excel File 2021.1

Multimedia Xpert 2.2 Atlas Informatik    

... audio tracks of a video into an audio file - Extraction of subtitle streams of a video into separate files - Adding of streams to a video or audio file - Shifting the audio and subtitle streams in ... subtitles or images into a video - Subtitle file editor - Changing the speed, size (resolution), bitrate, .... Free download of Multimedia Xpert 2.2

Copernic Desktop Search 7.1.3 Copernic    

... their studies, time wasted in document creation and management activities costs the organization $ 9,071 per information worker per week. That's a lot in a year when you can install a tool, such as Copernic Desktop Search, for the price of $ 49.95 USD per license. Highly recommended CDS has .... Free download of Copernic Desktop Search 7.1.3

Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack 5.8.6 B Labs    

... critical business and enterprise needs, such as centralized management, the Active Directory (LDAP) support, message and file transfer logging and can be easily deployed over ... IM server stores and delivers offline messages and files, users never lose information they are supposed to ... for scheduled and planned user notifications including the File Distribution system that offers a managed distributing documents .... Free download of Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack 5.8.6

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